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Happy Birthday to 🇬🇭 Thomas Partey, the Messi Stopper ™️.


Højbjerg, Skipp, Eriksen, Bissouma, Bentancur would cost us as much as Partey alone for Arsenal.


Bissouma is literally an Arsenal fan. There is 0 good reason why we didn’t go for him. £25m, prem proven, arsenal fan, better than all our mids bar Partey..

Our future generation this Mahama, #BlackStars, Scam, Partey, Wakaso, Russia, Ati Zigi.

💭 Arsenal XI with the signings of Zinchenko, Tielemans, Raphinha & Jesus: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Ramsdale 🇯🇵 Tomiyasu 🇫🇷 Saliba 🇧🇷 Gabriel 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tierney 🇬🇭 Partey 🇧🇻 Odegaard 🇧🇪 Tielemans 🇧🇷 Raphinha 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Saka 🇧🇷 Jesus.

Partey Photo,Partey Photo by TFS - Top Football Show,TFS - Top Football Show on twitter tweets Partey Photo

Prions pour que Partey ne soit pas blessé une minute la saison prochaine 🙏😭.

Partey Photo,Partey Photo by Seba la D🉐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,Seba la D🉐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on twitter tweets Partey Photo

If you want Arsenal to buy a backup to Partey when we have Sambi and just renewed Elneny’s contract, then what was the point renewing Mo’s contract then? We are not Manchester City will sign a player for 25M to stay on the bench when we have other pressing positions to fill..

Bissouma vs Partey. One costed 25m and other one 50m. One is 25 year old and other is 29. Similarities and differences below but in the role which they play to their respective teams Bissouma is miles better as CDM..

Partey Photo,Partey Photo by Ankit Kapoor,Ankit Kapoor on twitter tweets Partey Photo

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We need both of them, you see how weak the squad looks without partey.

No signing on Özil’s level in recent times. Closest was Auba’s signing followed by Partey..

We really needed Bissouma. The day Partey got injured is when we lost the Top 4 race..

@_gyesi @maayowah Aswear coz the partey and tierney injury is also a major factor on why we missed top 4.

@_gyesi Both,tbh we need both of them,yes tielemans is an upgrade for xhaka no doubt but we need a competition for partey,considering bissouma is just 25m both of them 50$ isn’t a bad business,the downgrade is so so much once partey gets injured and I’m sure partey won’t play all games.

Eddie Nketiah and Thomas Partey in this kit for the 2022 WC 😍.

@Arm_Of_Bucky We need a Partey profile. Youri will slot in the LCM position just fine.

@goonerlippo Different players I think. Fact we gave Partey that is similar to Bissouma, it makes sense that we go for Tielemans.

Bissouma is too similar to partey hence the reason we don’t need him .. and need a more progressive number 8 ..we currently want to sign Gabriel Jesus who is similar to Eddie if not a bit better but similar .. I don’t get it.

I dont wanna hear contract extensions, monitoring, watching, tracking, keeping tabs on, or anything that isnt “have completed the signing of….”. We need squad depth and just missed out on someone better than our midfield bar partey. Its so fuckin annoying.

There’s options better than bissouma ofc. I just want a partey depth signing is all. Don’t care if it’s specifically bissouma or not. Just give me someone who can bridge the gap better than lokonga (who I rate just needs time). Tbh Europa minutes for lokonga May mould him.

@Newton_Muthomi @ItsKubasu People forget that most of the world class lone DMs weren’t shit when they were Lokonga’s age;Casemiro at 25 was on loan at Porto;Fabinho was a RB at that time too-they usually peak late in their 30’s,I’m all for a Partey backup but it should not be Bissouma 👍🏻.

I’m told he’s one of the best players in Chile. I admired his BUUM BUUM style of play though….😀😀 Gary Medel #BlackStars | Wakaso | Afena Gyan | Partey | Manaf Nurudeen | Jordan Ayew | Kudus | Otto Addo.

Partey Photo,Partey Photo by Nancy Brew,Nancy Brew on twitter tweets Partey Photo

I know we aren’t really linked with Frenkie de jong as much as someone like man u but i want him so bad. A midfield three of FDJ, Ode, and Partey is actually incredible…would be really expensive given most of our fund should be spent elsewhere.

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Reveals Her Favorite S@x Position (Video) - Eii #BBNaija Marwako Addo D Blue Ivy Connection Penalties Koulibaly Christiano Ronaldo Otto Addo Lenglet Partey Chelsea Raphinha Araujo Pique Egypt Costa Rica Ndombele Wakaso.

@Jumaallymwiguru Sasa Brother Partey Hawez kuwa full fit msimu mzima, Sambi mchezaji wa kawaida sio wa kucheza Arsenal, Mudi ana Up n Down Unasemaje Haumuhitaji Bissouma?.

Twitter vs Arteta (Midfield 3 battle) Bissouma Buendia Guendouzi Vs Tielemans. Ødegaard Partey.

@GoonerSwarny We need someone who can keep the ball. Partey can do that- barring him no one is made for monday night football away from home..

@Jumaallymwiguru Bissouma alikua muhimu hao wengine quality bado sana. Inabidi tuwe na depth yenye ubora sio uwingi tu wa wachezaji. Partey na Bissouma ingekua combo nzuri sana.

@OlisaOsega We can’t even sign another Africa midfielder for now after what happened when partey left for AFCON.

What would Bissouma be for us? A back up to Partey. What is Bissouma to Spurs? An upgrade on Hojbjerg Stop getting irate over us not getting a backup. We need to focus on strengthening the 1st team. Get mad if we miss out on a striker or Tielemans. Not Bissouma lol.

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