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Maharashtra | Marathi actress Ketaki Chitale was granted bail from Thane Court. She was arrested on May 15 for allegedly sharing a derogatory post on Facebook against NCP chief Sharad Pawar..

BREAKING: Actor Ketaki Chitale granted bail by Thane court. She has spent 40 days in jail after her arrest for a Facebook post attacking Sharad Pawar. Our story last week:.


Former Mumbai CP Param Bir Singh also stated that he had informed CM Uddhav Thackeray, DCM Ajit Pawar, NCP chief Sharad Pawar & a few others about the misdeeds of former Maharashtra HM Anil Deshmukh, which they all seemed to be aware of already..

Post ‘against’ Sharad Pawar: Actor Ketaki Chitale granted bail, prosecution apologies for not following norms while arresting her.

Ketaki Chitale said, I did not speak about Sharad Pawar. I was unlawfully picked picked up from my house without any prior notice, without any statement. I was molested by the NCP workers during the police custody.

The way Ricky Ponting and entire Australian squad insulted then BCCI president Sharad Pawar while receiving the trophy , i want same like that to happen for every corrupted leaders in India ..

@Joydas Uddhav Thackeray is not only disappointing CM but he was also not a visionary Leader. By doing alliance with NCP+Cong he had finished his core votes and lost almost all his party members. Only one person gained in last years was Sharad Pawar..

#MaharashtraPoliticalCrisis This is not the end. Game has just started. Next move would be from Ajit Pawar..

Maharashtra Political Crisis LIVE Updates: उद्धव ठाकरे को एक और झटका, सूरत पहुंचे दो और विधायक Maharashtra Political Crisis LIVE Updates Uddhav Thackeray NCP Congress Shiv Sena Eknath Shinde Devendra Fadnavis BJP Sharad Pawar.

[🧸🍼] yw nw pwnwo cowyw turwbiws ni hwrwonawes pwwque mw dw mwwdo ofewdwr a awguiwb y hawerlw pawar uw mwal rwto, ¿qwé pwsa ? ¿tw gwwta estw cwpy? ¿tew gwto yowp? ¿quiwrws quw nws bwsewos? (つω`。).

लेकिन कोई सूरत या गुवाहाटी से ना कहे, सामने आकर कहे.उद्धव ठाकरे बागी विधायकों को प्यारसे बुला रहेहैं.क्या वाकई एकनाथ शिंदे केलिए वोअपनी कुर्सी छोड़ देंगे.उन्होंने कहाकि शरद पवार (Sharad Pawar) को मुझपर भरोसाहै लेकिन मेरेही विधायकों को मेरेपर भरोसा नहीं रहा,तो इसमें मैं क्या करूं..

@ANI Symbol indicates sirf uthna hi bacha Hum 2 (Thackeray family) hamare 2 (Pawar family) 😂😂😂.

Sharad Pawar is an over-rated, fully depreciated politician who has never won an election on his own for his He has been a permanent sidekick on the And he has reached a stage where his NCP will be as redundant as ShivSena in Maha.

Why No Intel On Sena MLAs’ Flight, Sharad Pawar Asks Minister: Sources.

मेरे सभी सनातनी मीटरों मेरे प्यारे करंट न्यूज @chahat_pawar को फॉलो करें। 100% fallowback के साथ मजेदार न्यूज़ और ट्वीट्स भी मिलेंगे। @rang_de_gerua.

@ARanganathan72 For #MVA Pawar is like Profet. They only jailed without any legal basis! After the BJP govt comes will find out what happened? How was Ketaki Chitale jailed without any legal basis by the police? How did the judiciary ignore Habeas Corpus? @Dev_Fadnavis.

@UmeshSanas2 Ajit pawar deliberately wanted to create confusion in Shinde So finally in the evening Shinde himself admitted in the video that BJP is supporting the So the evidence is clear and out.

@govindagopala @CandidShweta If BJP gets BMC ...Pawar and Thackeray end is UT BMC is.

एकनाथ शिंदेंची मुख्यमंत्रीपदी घोषणा झाल्यानंतर शरद पवारांची पहिली प्रतिक्रिया #EknathShinde #SharadPawar.

#RaviVisvesvarayaSharadaPrasad High-Level Meetings In Maharashtra: Home Minister Meets Sharad Pawar As Govt Fights Crisis.

@TimesNow @prathibhatweets Beginning of the END OF GREAT BALASAHEB’S SHIV SENA. Thanks S G Pawar.

@AnkitIndiaReal Of what use? If he doesn’t have the numbers, how can Pawar help him? Is he expecting Pawar to use a magic wand to solve his problems?.

BREAKING : Inside track on Uddhav - Pawar meeting: Sources say Pawar asked Uddhav Thackeray to make rebel leader Eknath Shinde the Chief Minister. #UddhavThackeray #MaharashtraPoliticalTurmoil @pradip103.

@FrontalForce Eknath may be CM proposed by senior most politician as shown on TV - Sharad Pawar and Uddhav ji steps down . Shinde may reject MVA offer though.

सत्ता वाचवण्यासाठी एकनाथ शिंदेंना मुख्यमंत्री करा – शरद पवार.

@SharadPawar4Mah we are not fools as well as Shinde is not a fool too to understand Pawar’s gameplan . The cunning Old horse wants to bring Shinde back to Shivsena and then ditch him Thevfight is between Hindutva and “secular” NCP and its parent Congress.

I am still wondering Pawar went to meet udhav after announcing he’s covid positive 😂🤪 ….these politicians take Janta for granted..

मुख्यमंत्री उद्धव ठाकरे से मिलने पहुंचे शरद पवार, सुप्रिया सुले और जयंत पाटिल भी बैठक में शामिल 👉 #HindiNews #Navabharat.

@_RKSumit Eknath may be CM proposed by senior most politician as shown on TV - Sharad Pawar and Uddhav ji steps down . Shinde may reject MVA offer though.

@ChilipiCheddi1 @marthyrao aa sarad pawar ey jagan tho mataddaniki araatam ante adhey devudu 2019 ennikalaki mundhu Desam anthaa bollodu ni evaru dekanu kudaa dekadam ledhu.

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