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#POCOX3 NFC Global Launch Event starts NOW! Now is the time to know #ExactlyWhatYouNeed when it comes to smartphones!

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Adam Conway
Adam Conway ()

My #POCOX3 #POCOX3NFC brief hands-on video just went up on the @xdadevelopers YouTube channel! Cue the comments saying hOw Is ThIs A rEvIeW

PatataDelPLIB 🦎🇪🇦☭
PatataDelPLIB 🦎🇪🇦☭ ()

@MaNnTe_ Por 399 es lo mejor. Si acaso por 250 euros tienes el PocoX3, aunque si puedes mejor el oneplus. Aunque tira por el Oneplus, tiene la mejor camara a ese precio, la misma que el oneplus 8, 90hz de pantalla y 5G

Rahul Bhashkar
Rahul Bhashkar ()

@POCOGlobal Wow 😳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #ExactlyWhatYouNeed #POCOX3

Akshay Sonker
Akshay Sonker ()

@IndiaPOCO Question 3: D - All of the Above #SmoothAF #POCOX3

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vicky baskaran
Vicky baskaran ()

@IndiaPOCO #SmoothAF #PocoX3 i am poco user i think 732G is the best Proseccor comparing with other types of phones


Answer 2:- (D) Display size of POCO X3 #SmoothAF #POCOX3 @cmanmohan @IndiaPOCO

Ankit🌞 ()

@IndiaPOCO Answer - Option D (All of the above) #SmoothAF #POCOX3

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Devan Raj
Devan Raj ()

@IndiaPOCO For No Screen Lag, Faster screen scrolls, SmoothAF Multitasking, Need a 120Hz Screen Refresh rate Ans. Option-D: All The Above #SmoothAF #POCOX3

umesh sawale
Umesh sawale ()

@IndiaPOCO D. 240Hz 💜💚🧡💙❤️💛💜💚🧡💙❤️💛 #SmoothAF #POCOX3


@IndiaPOCO Answer 2:- (D) Display size of POCO X3 #SmoothAF #POCOX3 @cmanmohan

Mr_Imdaad ()

@IndiaPOCO #POCOX3 ➡️ 240Hz touch sampling rate ➡️ Display ➡️ No scroll lag, #SmoothAF multi-tasking & faster screen scrolls

sudarshan warwantkar
Sudarshan warwantkar ()

@IndiaPOCO Answer 2:- D] is the display size of #POCOX3 #SmoothAF @IndiaPOCO

MENzig Tech
MENzig Tech ()

#POCOX3 NFC: 120 Hz y cuádruple cámara trasera a un precio muy competitivo #ExactamenteLoQueNecesitas

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PortalGeek ()

Xiaomi presenta su importante apuesta a la Gama media el POCO X3 NFC #PocoX3 #PocoX3NFC

Azeem Tahir
Azeem Tahir ()

Poco X3 NFC launched officially. Here are the specs #POCOX3 #POCOX3NFC

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Juliitoo!! ()

@xDavidz_10 Al contrario, mucha demanda y mucha pelea de precios por la mejor opción posible, pocox3 200€, oneplus nord 350 y así muchos mas

TrakinTech ()

POCO X3 NFC Launched | Everything You Need To Know ⚡⚡⚡ #POCOX3NFC #POCOX3

MakTechBlog ()

POCO X3 NFC with Snapdragon 732G SoC, 6GB RAM announced #POCOX3

عبر لقرپر
عبر لقرپر ()

So, well, Ahem Ahem😂 Poco X3 launched today😐 Priced €229= 20000 (As quoted by C Manmohan). #POCOX3 #POCOX3NFC

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Madan Gaikwad
Madan Gaikwad ()

Poco X3 Game Turbo With voice changer- #POCOX3 #POCOX3NFC

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マーロウ@ガジェタン!ガジェット探偵事務所 ()

取り急ぎ記事にしました。 POCO X3発売|Snapdragon 732G搭載で20,000円台の超絶コスパ機種でした! ガジェタン|ガジェット探偵事務所

Xiaomi Deutschland
Xiaomi Deutschland ()

POCO liebt Performance! POCO liebt Hz! POCO liebt Gaming! POCO liebt Kameras! #POCOX3 NFC has genau das, was du brauchst #ExactlyWhatYouNeed 👉 Was liebt ihr an unserem neuen Poco? Lasst es uns in den Kommentaren wissen!

Nagendra Varma
Nagendra Varma ()

@cmanmohan @POCOGlobal We are not interested #POCOX3. Poco x2 is already good phone under ; Realme 7pro is also a good phone under 20k.


POCO X3 LAUNCHED | Poco X3 Price & Specs | Tabahi Phone 🔥🔥 #POCOX3NFC #POCOX3

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вιѕωαנєєт мαℓℓι¢к ❁
вιѕωαנєєт мαℓℓι¢к ❁ ()

@AmreliaRuhez @cmanmohan Around 15k is the perfect price for India ..with the specs they are giving with #POCOX3

Al-kashrie Asih
Al-kashrie Asih ()

@anguskhng I hope I am one of the lucky winner of the giveaway, answered all 3 puzzle by @POCOGlobal correctly and one of the closest camera set-up you’ve ever see. 🙏 🤞 #POCOX3 #ExactlyWhatYouNeed

Naman Dwivedi (AndroWide)
Naman Dwivedi (AndroWide) ()

OK to aa raha hai #POCOX3, my guess for pricing is : 16999 for base variant, aapka

Muthu Ram
Muthu Ram ()

@anguskhng pls tell how PocoX3 to compete with oneplus nord ??? why ignore Amoled 😪😪😪


#POCOX3 NFC Global Launch Event starts NOW! Now is the time to know #ExactlyWhatYouNeed when it comes to smartphones!


Our #POCOLeaksKing just sent POCO a DM, quote - Shoot me to 5k likes, and I will giveaway a #POCOX3 NFC

☚ Marshal #KisanVirodhiNarendraModi ☛
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