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I was geographically raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey, but culturally my upbringing taught me to to be repulsed by fake-ass pols like Ron DeSantis.

How to fight violence with music? Listen to this rap ‘Pols aa gayi pols’ to protest against violent Khalistan activism by AadiB..

Notable how comfortable GOP pols have been criticizing DeSantis in ways they were loathe to do with Trump. Republicans weren’t just afraid of Trump politically, Trump’s crosshairs carried real menace. No one thinks Ron is going to unleash deranged supporters on them for sport..

All Canadian candidates should read this French military study, no excuses for unwittingly meeting or taking donations from Consulate proxies and interlocutors-intermediaries reporters too, can cite it and ask pols if they read it..

Punjab pols, divided by border, united by leading assault. #PolsAaGayiPols.

#AmritpalSingh #khalistan finally pols aa hi gyi🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️.

Pols Photo,Pols Photo by Lohpurush Tony Stark,Lohpurush Tony Stark on twitter tweets Pols Photo

Few days ago, #AmritpalSingh to Punjab Police: Come arrest me, can you Punjab police?? Today when Punjab Police came to arrest, Amritpal be like: Mere muh se nikl gya ! Mere se galti ho gyi .. Bhajo bhajo Pols aagi Pols 😂😂.

Punjab pols aagai matlab sab fade jange 🔥🔥😎 #AmritpalSingh.

Agar pols ka sirf siren baje toh Milkha Singh se tez toh tu bhagega 😂.

Good morning to everyone except to those who are tweeting pols aagi pols 👎 #goodmorning.

@puneet_sahani @PierrePoilievre Called a friend in Punjab. We greeted each other saying Pols aa gayi Pols. Asked for ground situation. He told me he is on roof of his house & can see some Hindu & Sikh kids playing cricket together in ground..

Deep Sidhu from hell : Oyee kya hogyee Amritpal Singh : Pols aye Pols aye #AmritpalSingh #Khalistani.

Pols Photo,Pols Photo by Vishwa Mallikarjun,Vishwa Mallikarjun on twitter tweets Pols Photo

Important victòria a Galícia que ens permet seguir mantenit el pols als primers llocs de la classificació 💪💪 Felicitats, EQUIP!! 🔷🔶 #SomHCSJ.

Pols Photo,Pols Photo by HC SANT JUST,HC SANT JUST on twitter tweets Pols Photo

Knock knock pols aagayi pols #AmritpalSingh But this time baba aaya nahi fadeya geya 😂😂😂😂.

My dad sent me a video of Bernie being interviewed at Oxford and the interviewer said I think the fact that you did all of that[gave your opening remarks] without a single note in front of you puts all of our politicians to shame and uhhh CAN BRITISH POLS NOT JUST TALK???.

Terrorist Amritpal Singh is changing vehicles to escape from security forces, used scooters also to escape in narrow lanes of Punjab. Isnt he the same person who few days back dared Pols to arrest him? What a coward..

@RanaAyyub When Canada,UK and Australia were sleeping, Pols aa gayi Pols Operation was done in India 😎.

jo bhosadiwale shaheen bagh khali nahi kara paye wo punjab pols ke kaam ka credit le rahe hai 🫡🫡 #AmritpalSingh.

@theJagmeetSingh abe khâlist@ni #AmritpalSingh ko bachha aake,Pols aai hai arrest karne ke liye.

@Sukhmander47 Pols aa gayi Pols 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....@abhas_rewcie dekh bhai ye banayenge Khalistan aur ye torenge India ko 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@ramnikmann In Punjab on Saturday:- pols aagyi On Tuesday :- bhuchal aa gya.

@sushantsareen @sushantsareen sir mausam bhi hai aur aaj to pols bhi action me hai. aaj to fir patiala lagega..

@BeingKaafir Ooo bhai Pols aa gayi pols aagayi G* maar de gi ye khet Bhago bhago.

अमृतपाल की गान कूटते हुए एक वीडियो और निकाल दे पंजाब pols तो मजा आ जाए। #AmritpalSingh.

#BigbrotherNLBE Als ik de pols moet geloven op fb gaat Ali naar huis. Zelf 2x op Ali gestemd om hem erin te laten blijven.

Pols Photo,Pols Photo by Petra,Petra on twitter tweets Pols Photo

Chalo ‘भागो’ pols aa gyi Pols! 😂🤣 #AmritpalSingh.

Pols Photo,Pols Photo by Bicky Mandal 🇮🇳,Bicky Mandal 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Pols Photo

@kakabairagi Favda seth apni nexon me ,oye pols aagyi pols , congratulations mujhe bhi 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@RonFilipkowski It means that #WeThePeople need to Protest to take our Nation back from the corrupt oligarchs & fascist Pols in DC who think that they Rule Over Us When their stated job description says they Serve Us!! A Government Of, By & For The People Not Against the People! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

Morakh aj ka din Punjab Pols or shaheen ki dhulai likhty likhty kaanpyy gaaa 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

@TerryGlavin I am tempted to believe many pols mostly but not entirely Liberal are fully complicit which may also explain why our laws remain inadequate.

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