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मैं दिल से बधाई देता हूँ #PoojaGehlot को. #CWG2022 में महिलाओं के 50 किग्रा फ्रीस्टाइल रेसलिंग में क्रिस्टेल लेमोफैक लेचिदजियो को हराकर पूजा गहलोत ने ब्रॉन्ज मेडल जीता. पूरे देश को नाज है आपके ऊपर..

#PoojaGehlot Photo,#PoojaGehlot Photo by Kartik Sharma,Kartik Sharma on twitter tweets #PoojaGehlot Photo

CWG 2022: Indian grappler Pooja Gehlot wins bronze Read @ANI Story | #CWG2022India #PoojaGehlot.

#PoojaGehlot Photo,#PoojaGehlot Photo by ANI Digital,ANI Digital on twitter tweets #PoojaGehlot Photo

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi consoled wrestler #PoojaGehlot after her bronze medal feat and said her medal calls for celebration and not an apology. The Prime Minister also had some more encouraging words for the young wrestler. #CWG2022.

This humbleness and emotions says volumes that how much dedication and accountability these athletes take on their shoulder whenever they represent us🇮🇳🇮🇳. We know #PoojaGehlot you will bring us more glory in of you 👏👏👏.

Neetu jha
Neetu jha

एक पाकिस्तानी पत्रकार ने #PoojaGehlot के ट्वीट पर @narendramodi के जवाब की सराहना की और पाकिस्तान कि हुकूमत से सवाल किया है. @ShirazHassan पाकिस्तानी हुकूमत की रुचि इन खेलों में नहीं बल्कि दूसरे ही खेलों में है, भारत में हमेशा से खिलाड़ियों को प्रोत्साहित किया जाता है☺️.

#PoojaGehlot Photo,#PoojaGehlot Photo by Neetu jha,Neetu jha on twitter tweets #PoojaGehlot Photo

Winning Bronze and making India rank in the top 3 amid so many countries is no less than a victory. The whole nation is proud of you. Thank you, Pooja 🙏 #PoojaGehlot.

Verge Heartening and inspiring words of encouragement to #PoojaGehlot from our dearest and most loved Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji👌👌👍👍 Pooja ji keep smiling and move forward 👏.

A Proud moment for India Congratulations 🎉🥳🎉🎉 win 🥉🥉🥉🥉 Medel in commonwealth games 2022 #PoojaGehlot.

#PoojaGehlot Photo,#PoojaGehlot Photo by Ajay Sharma,Ajay Sharma on twitter tweets #PoojaGehlot Photo

We are so proud of you Pooja 💗 We will fight back stronger next time 💪 The reason why athletes should be always rated higher than filmstars. #PoojaGehlot.

No apology #PoojaGehlot Ji Your achievement and Hardwork belongs for Celebration Keep Doing your best as you did at #CWG2022 Many Congratulations for Winning medal 💐✌🏻.

Your medal calls for appreciation amd celebration not apology. Well done Pooja ji. #CWG2022 #PoojaGehlot.

@ndtv We played the anthem in our heads when you all worked hard and left to participate and attempt winning, wearing our colors! #PoojaGehlot. 👏👏👏.

#PoojaGehlot, India is proud of it’s every Daughter & Son who brings glory to the Nation, and we celebrates their achievements ✨✨✨ Congratulations!!.

#Bronzemedal is not easy for many players, we are proud of you #PoojaGehlot .❤️ More power to you 💪.

We all hv proud on u . No need to apologise dear . Ur last 10 second was turning but bt u fought and that is enough for us .well done #PoojaGehlot #CWG2022India.

@ANI Bronze is also a medal which you have won for the country We are proud of you # PoojaGehlot🇮🇳 Wishing that all your wishes come true ☺️.

जिस देश के खिलाड़ियों में देशप्रेम इस स्तर तक हो कि उनको काँस्य जितने की खुशी से ज्यादा देश को स्वर्ण न दिला पाने का दुख हो तो उस राष्ट्र का विश्वगुरु बनना तय है। देश को गर्व है #PoojaGehlot आप पर आप निराश न हो। जय हिंद🇮🇳 @narendramodi #CWGindia2022.

மகளிர் மல்யுத்தம் 53 கிலோ எடை பிரிவில் தங்கம் வென்றுள்ளார் வினேஷ் போகட் .50 கிலோ எடைப் பிரிவில் பூஜா கெலாட் (#PoojaGehlot) வெண்கலம் வென்றுள்ளார். #CommonwealthGames2022.

@narendramodi Winning is not everything But the will to WIN is everything !! #PoojaGehlot we are proud 🇮🇳🏆 of you !!.

Keep it up #PoojaGehlot , brave person like you are the proud of our Nation. You have done exceptionally well.

Never disappointed! You are a star player. Be strong, you will get gold medal too. We all are with you and enjoying for wining bronze medal. @PMOIndia #PoojaGehlot @dsya_haryana.

She is weeping that our national anthem could not be played bcoz she could not win Gold 🥇in #Birmingham2022CommonwealthGames . Although she should be proud of winning bronze 🥉 but it is her nationalism that makes her emotional. India is proud of #PoojaGehlot u hv great future.

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