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Steph celebrating the title with Poole, Porter Jr. and Wiggins ❤️.

Wiggs and Draymond keeping us afloat right now. That’s an awesome sign considering we have Steph, Klay, and.

The Golden State Warriors have benefited from a series of excellent management decisions over the last couple of seasons. From trading D’angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins, to developing Jordan Poole and Gary Payton II. They’ve been a well-run NBA organization for a decade plus..

Sikerler klayı poole kalsın sahada aq süreye oynayabiliyor en azından bu piç sabahtan beri boş şut kaçırıyor.

Jordan Poole was one the sparks that the Warriors needed pull of with the win, along with his elite performance and the momentum Changing buzzer-beater at the end of Q3 14 points 4-of-8 FG 3-of-6 3PT 3-of-3 FT 14:17 minutes.

We gettin a steph curry who tryna win fmvp game 6 klay poole party and the old draymond back safe to say warriors in 6.

You think a team that purposely leaves 3s open would win in 6 against Curry, Thompson, and Poole? This not a joke?.

warriors were down 2 at the end of the 3rd; Poole hits the buzzer beater to put them up 1. steph sits for 3 min in the 4th. and when he comes back, the warriors are up 8. and somehow they made the convo that stephs gravity won the game, and not wiggins..

And here we go - Yet another heartfelt letter from the highly accredited Blanche & Dean Poole from @RhiannonPark When will our administrators realise this tax will be the death knell of the industry!.

Poole Photo,Poole Photo by the Breeders Voice,the Breeders Voice on twitter tweets Poole Photo

Man, if Jordan Poole don’t do anything else, that man will find a way to hit a buzzer beater lmao.

Get real. Poole and Draymond have been practicing their acting skills the entire series. What’s embarrassing is that they’re actually getting rewarded for it..

Badbury Rings loop with Sandy to the Anchor at Shapwick on way back from Poole Hospital @UHD_NHS - perfect evening.

Poole Photo,Poole Photo by James Donald 💙,James Donald 💙 on twitter tweets Poole Photo

@HalfCourtHoops @MikePradaNBA Payton is an above average shooter and Wiggins is definitely a threat Obviously those 2 aren’t as big of threats as Poole and Klay, but let’s not act like these guys are nobodies.

Ainda pensando no arremesso INSANO do Jordan Poole no estouro do relógio do 3º quarto 🔥 #NBAFinals.

@wooden13 @MGortat No fakt, jak musialam byc padnieta, przeciez Poole odpalil na koniec 3 kwarty. 🙈.

@JustB_510 Hell the Warriors team was only 9/40 from 3. Klay and Poole had 8 combined lol.

Easily Wiggins. You can throw Wiggins on the best offensive player on defense and he can create better looks on offense. Poole gone get a bag from Sacramento.

@alli_oopsie Evan Longoria must wear a Poole jersey everyday where the Giants or Warriors play for the rest of his life.


I love Jordan Poole but he’s decision making on shots is hilarious sometimes, he needs to find poise.

@NBAdoPovo O que o Poole foi burro nesse lance é brincadeira tbm. Robertão é monstro mas era óbvio o movimento..

British holidaymakers face misery as the weak pound struggles against euro and dollar.

Why don’t the Celtics treat Steph like Jordan Poole? Derrick White can blow by Steph every time.

@CleffTheGod Between Wiggins, GP2 and draymond they can lock down your 1 and 2. Without even compromising the stamina of Curry, Klay or Poole. Superrrr deeeeeep bench. Pause..

Aii 2nd half I need Wiggins to keep playing like he is. Williams. Need JB to keep being ass and for Poole to be ass.

If I was their guards I’d basically try attack every time I got Steph Poole OPJ Belly Looney on me ideally early in the shot clock too Celtics O could use some dribble penetration so badly.

Idk anything about basketball but the amount of money I’d pay to cage match fight Jordan Poole is unimaginable.

And yall still don’t believe me when i say the warriors should pay Andrew Wiggins over Jordan Poole 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they have Stephen Curry already its gets no better than that i promise you.

@Ironicallyubi This team has Wiggins, Otto, Looney, Poole, Payton, Kuminga, washed Iggy, etc. I just love the versatility.

Sou obrigado a ver o Poole a frente dele na corrida pra MVP Finals ainda.

@GSWReddit Poole also needs to generate some offense since he’s a huge liability on defense.

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