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Prakash is amongst few people who have had the courage to publicly speak the right thing. Such voices must be heard in parliament. Best wishes #Prakashraj4Parliament.

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Inshallah we shall see this happening! #PrakashRaj4Parliament.

Prakash is amongst few people who have had the courage to publicly speak the right thing. Such voices must be heard in parliament. Best wishes #Prakashraj4Parliament.

Fruitful Meeting with Fruit Merchants Association Of Bangalore👍🏻 #Prakashraj4Parliament.

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This is the time we can franchise our right to vote to get rid from politics of hate and false information #Prakashraj4Parliament.

Silence one voice #gaurilankesh many voices will raise #prakashraj4parliament.

Our country needs more people like @prakashraaj in the Parliament. My best wishes to Real life Shingham not Reel !! #prakashraj4parliament.

Hello Bengaluru Central #PrakashRaj4Parliament #WhistlegeVoteHaaki 18 April. SL Number 14..

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#Prakashraj4Parliament is a joke. Nobody can challenge PC Mohan. He will surely retain Bangalore Central seat.

Vote for Prakash Raj #PrakashRaj4Parliament Bangalore Central Lok Sabha Constituency Symbol : Whistle Serial number : 14 Vote Tomorrow , Thursday 18th April #Prakashraj4Parliament.

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@nsimhacharya People like you will never appreciate an honest hardworking man. You fall for BJP driven crap like anti-hindu and are driving this country to ruin with your fear driven idiocy. Hope you #getwellsoon uncle because we want #PrakashRaj4Parliament..

VOTE FOR VOTE #citizensvoice to THINK ಮಾಡಿ VOTE ಮಾಡಿ #PrakashRaj4Parliament.

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#Prakashraj4Parliament Prakashraj sir we r supporting to u we need powerful person in bangalore central and powerful voice at parliament.

Prakash Raj is a man with a vision for Bengaluru He has the clarity of thought He has the courage of conviction He has the sense of responsibility Bengaluru will be blessed to have him in Parliament #prakashraj4parliament.

@JoinPrakashRaj My vote for u sir! I also will spread ur msg to my friends and Family to vote for you. #Prakashraj4Parliament.

Prakash Raj is a man of masses. He comes form humble background and achieved success with hard work. He is owned by people in the slums and the educated alike because he connects with them all. It is rare to find a candidate with such broad appeal. #Prakashraj4Parliament.

the games gets dirtier and dirtier #Prakashraj4Parliament.

A true humble but hard working man. You guys deserve a Parliamentarian like this! #Prakashraj4Parliament.

Come together and show your support! #Prakashraj4Parliament.

#Prakashraj4Parliament @JoinPrakashRaj @prakashraaj The Congress in Bangalore Central runs out of steam. A bunch of rags from the Congress party have conducted a press meet today in violation of the MCC. ECI are you awake..

@Shamushetty Yes. We need representatives in Parliament for people, not the ruling party. Vote Prakash Raj to have a genuine voice for the people in parliament. Dont lose this opportunity Bangalore Central! #Prakashraj4Parliament.

Vote for @prakashraaj and make Bangalore great again! #Prakashraj4Parliament.

#Prakashraj4Parliament Bangalore please vote for this Your DEFINITE voice in !!!.

Elect a voice, strong and sensitive, your very own #Prakashraj4Parliament Bangalore Central.

The killing of Gauri Lankesh was meant to send a chill down the spine of all who aspire for a just society. But the dark clouds of fear evaporated when fearless voices like @prakashraaj stood up to speak truth to power. He is unstoppable! #PrakashRaj4Parliament.

The killing of Gauri Lankesh shattered me. Our friendship was based on shared ideas and ideals. I had lost a pillar of strength down south. But that feeling was soon replaced by overwhelming energy and rage because of voices of justice like Prakash Raj. #PrakashRaj4Parliament.

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