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Arsenal goalkeeper, Ramsdale set a new worst record with England. E don chop 4 goals. Oh Arsenal 😭😂.

Context is important - No-one has mentioned England is down to 10 here, meaning there’s stupid amounts of space - Guehi has overcommitted and if Maguire moves to his right, they’ll pass to his left -What Ramsdale does is much worse seeing how Walker recovers to follow his man.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 This stop by Aaron Ramsdale = 😲😲😲 #NationsLeague | @AaronRamsdale98 | @England.

Yo la próxima temporada cuando Ramsdale se coma 5 por partido en los primeros 5 partidos y el Arsenal esté en zona de descenso.

Hasta que Ramsdale no se coma 20 goles por partido voy a ser un defensor suyo hasta el final, si este barco se hunde, me hundo yo con él.

Ramsdale rushes for the ball like an excited puppy chasing a toy. Zero communication and commandment, lacks everything a good keeper has.

How deluded & rattled are Woolwich supporters Torriera better than Bissouma, Martinelli better than Sonny, Xhaka better than Perisic, Ramsdale better than Lloris. WTF is wrong with you #knobjockeys? FYI Sessingon had Saka in his pocket like a roll of pennies. #GoonerWankers.

Ramsdale made less saves tonight than Pickford did in the Euros final penalty shootout.

1st England goal Ramsdale has conceded. Kane’s fault for airballing it in his own 6 yard box the fucking flannel..

Emang heran kenapa jadi salahin Ramsdale. Apa itu resiko kiper? Kebobolan banyak langsung di judge mentah-mentah. Padahal secara keseluruhan timnas Inggris juga mainnya jelek, sampe pertandingan ke-4 belum pernah menang dan jadi juru kunci. Masalahnya jauh lebih kompleks kan. 😂.


@JIMBOGOON @DaveRoberts777 So there were 15 chances of intercepting the ball. Yet they blame Ramsdale🤣🤣.

I’m convinced that Ramsdale playing international football is just one big Make-a-Wish project.

Aaron Ramsdale Highlights vs Hungary | 1080P | Better than Pickford??🥶😭.

Ramsdale Photo,Ramsdale Photo by Footebate,Footebate on twitter tweets Ramsdale Photo

Hungary put 4 goals past Ramsdale. The same guy we thought could be the next Neuer. Shame!.

Ramsdale near post. Always said it dreadful keeper who’s made a career out of camera saves. Never should a professional goalkeeper concede near post like that. Southgate, you have blood in your hands..

I have slandered Ramsdale for months now but after watching the highlights Ngl idk what he really could’ve done today lol.


The Ramsdale we saw in the second half of the season and in England’s thrashing does not inspire much confidence, having Turner as his back up might be a costly mistake. Leno should stay and compete for the GK spot.

Btw Matt Turner has had a better window than his future Arsenal teammate and GK competition Aaron Ramsdale . 😉 #USMNT.

@chet_ag Ranveer Singh : I have this fantasy that Aaron Ramsdale has the game of his life Aaron Ramsdale: 😭.

Ramsdale Photo,Ramsdale Photo by SᏂ๏ɳ✞ꀤ,SᏂ๏ɳ✞ꀤ on twitter tweets Ramsdale Photo

@CFCHARRY27 convinced ramsdale can only save with his feet or lower body , pickford would of caught that.

This country has done me so wrong I’m kinda happy that they’re losing 😭😭😭😭😭 I just want Saka and ramsdale fit pls 😭😭.

@C2002Ray @England Point blank rocket after Kane fked it up, but yeah lame ramsdale for not being superhuman.

@CBobblers1878 JP in goal “has to do better” Ramsdale “no time to react”🤦🏼‍♂️🤯.

Ramsdale for #England come Nov. 2022 World Cup in Qatar..

Ramsdale Photo,Ramsdale Photo by R_Odong,R_Odong on twitter tweets Ramsdale Photo

@GraceOnFootball Really poor? What could he have done with that shot? I don’t even rate Ramsdale’s shot stopping at all like that but if there was one mistake there it was Kane missing the clearance..

‘No business starting for England’: Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale targeted after Hungary opener.

Ramsdale Photo,Ramsdale Photo by It’s the Footy News,It’s the Footy News on twitter tweets Ramsdale Photo

@jeff_voyager It was 4-0? It’s not JUST the keeper, Jude and Bowen has a shocker, same with James. But I guess you HAVE to focus the fact that ramsdale conceded. 4.

@JDLeadbetter81 If you watched three, or I’ll be nice and say two, of those goals tonight and didn’t see the blatant errors Ramsdale made then I don’t know what to tell you..

@GxldeYeremy mejor que os lo llevéis vosotros, el Arsenal ya tiene a Ramsdale y Leno, como para que nos metan más.

Pains me to say this but… Ramsdale has been in terrible form for the past few months…we may need a new GK.

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