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Updated: September 24th, 2021 10:46 PM IST

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meanwhile, latest additions to Pan Masala Universe: - Amitabh Bachchan - Ranveer Singh - Mahesh Babu - Tiger Shroff

Ranveer Twitter

@madhuswini There was a whole track dedicated to Neha- Ranveer issue. They better give us a proper explanation for this ✋

@Harneetsin @MamtaYPatnaik if you show what, Rohit said is Soha is devakshi child only , I will forgive and ignore your You giving devakshi garden to sadak chaap Serendipity 🤣 and you forgetting ranveer neha divorce last season #KRPKAB3

Mujhe aaj sachme harneet ko accha khasa sunane ka man kar raha hai😒 Khud ko show ka fan bol rahi thi writing se toh lagta hai show dekha bhi nahi hai usne 🙄 Ranveer neha ka husband kaise hua?? They were already divorced and she is married to someone else. Hadh hai 🤦‍♀️ #KRPKAB3

One question to @MamtaYPatnaik please let us know if #KRPKAB3 is from your PH? What is unfolding! In S1 Neha marries, divorces Ranveer gets married again and now again leaves her second husband and goes back to her first. Right @Harneetsin. Today where is Sona? #EricaFernandes

@PandeySandeep_ bhai apne janeu sutr me bandh diya hai ,, Anytha ek do ji jaan chali jaati #jai_ranveer

@ejfianforever First they try to show Sanjana as a parallel lead by showing her ek tarfa pyar as if its perfectly ok to have such feeling for a married man now they trying to nullify the entire second season by showing ranveer as neha’s husband…difficult to digest by ardent fans of #KRPKAB3

@MamtaYPatnaik @harneetsin please clear this to whom Neha married? I dont think that krpkab will show Ranveer as husband again bcz she is divorced with him and got married with someone else. Ab itna b over idiotic cheez nahi batata hai krpkab. Hope the writer have sense #krpkab3


@hereforsush lol neha entered the house and what they saw was that neha is narried to ranveer i mean wth 🌚

@LoveRonakshi4Lf Jaha se shuru kiye the wapas wahi aagaye sach me dharti gol hai 😂😂 Rohit, Ranveer hence proved 😝 #KRPKAB3

@RashmiShriJS Peeche wala chacha:- ye aadmi kon hai jo ye poshaak pehne ghumm raha hai kahin Ranveer Singh toh nhi🤔

@jovialbeing_ @DilShorPaye he is coming back in the show as ranveer started shooting too

✨ Top Friends 🥇 UmangSh577 🥈 aqqu___ 🥉 AsimXAkku 🏅 shaziaa15 🏅 teteislove80 🏅 sonorousxx 🏅 imrealasim ➡️

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#KRPKAB3 a big thanks to writers and makers. Becos of them lot of happiness spreading in our SM. Neha’s husband is Ranveer thanks for reminding us. Joke of the week. #Devakshi

someone tell @Harneetsin that in season 1 , ranveer and neha got divorced and neha married another man!!! this is a mess 💀

Neha aur Ranveer ka divorce hogaya tha aur Neha ki shaadi kisi aur se bhi hogayi thi yeh Ranveer phir se kahan aagaya 🚶‍♀️ Kahin neha na dusre vale se divorce leke Ranveer se phir toh shaadi nahi karli 😂 Mere Krpkab ka kya haal kar dala hai makers na 🥺💔 #KRPKAB3

I mean kisi ko bhi set mai yaad nai tha ki Neha ka husband Ranveer nai Vineet hai? Cheshta ko bhi nai? Or she again divorced vineet and remarried Ranveer again?! #KRPKAB3

@IamUmarRiaz1 @realumarriaz Waise thanks asim ko bolna tha 😅 Btw congratulations fc🎉

@Abhi_2074 No idea. This is such a major blunder if they are going to show that Neha and Ranveer is married. How does no one notice such mistakes?! 🤦

neha ka divorce ho chukka tha ranveer se @Harneetsin @MamtaYPatnaik yeh aap kya dikha rhe makers aur writers se zyaada information tho audience ko hai🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ what the hell are u showing #krpkab3

@myogiadityanath aur @raebarelipolice bhi inke partiroop hain Hmare tweet detete huwe kuch to karan hoga 🤪 #jai_ranveer

Chestha is the only one whom I am connecting this season same as S1 where she left Neha Better than the leads tbh chahe Ranveer se shaadi karwa dali mamta na🙄 #krpkab3

@annyieix @MamtaYPatnaik Mai tho aise hi dekhri thi but Ranveer neha ka one of the main track in S1 na aise kaise bhul gaye yaar😭

Did the makers forget that neha remarried someone else or did neha divorce the person he was married to and went to marry ranveer again🤯🤯🤯

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Now we need to wait till monday , with itne saare suspense 💀 1) did neha remarry ranveer 2) relation of sanju and rohit verma 3) will sanjana actually propose dev 4) what has happened to neha😃 #KRPKAB3

#KRPKAB3 makers have seriously not seen eps of previous 2seasons🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Ranveer &neha ka toh s1 men hi divorce hogya tha And neha wasnt annoyed or irritated with sona for anything Phir ab ye hirdaay parivartan kyu dikhaya h?

“If in any way you can propagate an inclusive space by working with the deaf community, please do” - @RanveerOfficial’s appeal to the youth on International Day of Sign Languages

meanwhile, latest additions to Pan Masala Universe: - Amitabh Bachchan - Ranveer Singh - Mahesh Babu - Tiger Shroff

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