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@DCBMEP With the pound crashing and FTSE on down slide, I guess they would soon be leaving. Personal wealth means nothing in recession, inflation and overall crumbling infrastructure because of lack of investment..

@HookTSB @atmos_usa With the way this recession set up. $400+ sweater may not be the move 😅.

Dr Doom who predicted 2008 financial crash now predicts ‘long, ugly’ recession.

Rep. Mary Miller liked Rep. Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan · 2h We’re in a recession and the media barely talks about it..

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@washingtonpost What happens now is exactly what conservatives want to happen! Layoffs, recession, etc. when corporate profits continue to soar, then they get elected and cut their taxes, kill the environment all the while convincing cousin humpers it will trickle down..

Bears 🐻 we’re supposed to be in a recession and I’m expecting 5k corn 🌽 but you can’t even bring it sub 18k #btc I’ve lost all hope in you 😀.

3/3 一方で原油が80割れてきてます。インフレだから原油が下がればいいということではなく、ここからの原油安に株安が伴えば危ない局面になります。ブログ書いて前に以下のページをお伝えしましたので参考にしてください。.

Disaster Capitalists creating the recession & saying we are just envious of the money they’re stealing. Trickle up economics, bankrupt the only people spending money in society. Tax avoiders ££ offshore pick up the now cheap assets lost via repossession from genuine tax payers😡.

Les principaux indices de Wall Street ont chuté de plus de 2% vendredi, les investisseurs craignant que les mesures bellicistes de la Réserve fédérale visant à réprimer l’inflation ne déclenchent une récession et ne réduisent les bénéfices des entreprises..

“Recession fears” = a few billionaires decided to fuck with the markets in advance of the weekend.


@Jim_Jordan CNBC clowns are partisan We aren’t in a recession Best economic numbers in years, republicans caused these problems until we voted them out n 2021.

@financialjuice Haha. Why not they all just resign immediately? Then no interest hike further, no market turmoil, no further recession..

Wall Street tumbles as investors fret on rate hikes and recession via @Reuters.

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@Jim_Jordan We are not in recession yet, according to experts. And Jordan is not an expert..

‘Investors Are Running out of Havens’ — Erratic Behavior in US Bond Markets Points to Deep Recession, Elevated Sovereign Risk.

@JoeBiden Vote Democrat if you enjoy ✅ Inflation ✅ Recession ✅ Unsecured borders ✅ High crime rates ✅ Murder of the unborn ✅ Weaponization of DOJ and FBI.

4/ OK so coming back to this recession thing (ugh depressing), I’ve talked before about how the poor economy impacts childcare. Basically, parents try to get by with less so there’s more interest in part-time care and drop-in care and other ways to save money..

Gravitas LIVE | Global recession to begin in Europe? | UK inflation.

Just in @ZDnet ⇢ Many C-Suite level executives are preparing for a recession, study finds.

@itstylersays We’re in a recession but we’re about to go into an even deeper one 😬.

@Jim_Jordan Job growth is strong, but we have had negative growth due to inventory drawdowns. Not called a recession because we are not there yet.

@BillyPrempeh Check your gas prices, grocery bill, how many restrictions you still live under due to COVID fear mongering and this NOVEMBER VOTE FOR FREEDOM from tyranny, recession, and inflation. Make America RED again..

America is back and stronger than ever! Thanks Brandon! Wait, WTF happened to my 401K? Wait, WTF happened to the stock market? Wait, WTF is happening to America? Is this what Build Back Better is supposed to look like? A RECESSION & DEPRESSION? WTF Brandon? #FJB.

In fact I live there during the great recession and I was explaining you know how the welfare system there works very objectively and beneficial you get four years in a lifetime use it as you want and if you’re not disabled you can use it with education.

@EricCantor We don’t need your voice in the mix! Btw, what rock did you crawl out from under? The problem with our economy is said in one word…Powell!!! Our economy was doing well, it was robust! Powell’s stunt is dragging us into a RECESSION!.

@MarkGerretsen Hey Gerretsen, closing bell today, and your main concern is faux climate change? We are going in to recession. OECD has stated Canada will fair very poorly compared to other G7 nations, David Dodge warned today, but your focus is on unicorn nonsense.

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@chocscotty @DrJinRussell Sadly, things are going to deteriorate further before they improve, with a global recession predicted in 2023. Businesspeople are by and large optimistic or at least pragmatic, so seeing this level of pessimism should be raising red flags in government..

@ChristopherHahn He is delivering on inflation. The stocks are so much cheaper now that the market has tanked and we are in a recession..

#WORLD_NEWS UK unveils sweeping tax cuts to struggle inflation amid recession fears.

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@MarshaBlackburn America is in recession because of your guy and you. We have a cleanup in all aisles of America..

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