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Yesterday’s January 6 hearing, was overrepresentative of one party. Only Republicans testified to almost only Republican questions from almost only Republican congressmen..

@OccupyDemocrats Well if he thought he had any chance of being president Pence is now just hung himself. Banning abortion will not get him or any other Republican elected. They are doomed.

What did he talk about with Putin in Moscow on July 4, 2018 when he brought 7 other Republican to Russia when Putin said to come ?.

@BishMusic @RepMeijer SAME! I was considering but no way in HELL will any Republican ever get my vote again. #furious #WomensRightsAreHumanRights.

@Justice_ACB you piece of trash and to think I was a republican when I went to bed last night. Not now BLUE all the way. How could you do this to woman..

@cstross The Democrat must stop being in denial, face the nature of the Republican Party, and use all legal means to maintain — or rather, restore — a democratic order. Negotiating with the Republicans makes as much sense as with Putin and is getting people oppressed and killed..

@johniadarola Democrats are weak af and continue to be fucking weak at the face of Republican thuggery..

@BarackObama Remember when you caved to Republican pressure and didn’t push your appointment through?.

Any minority who votes republican, don’t act surprised when they take your rights away from you..

❌ 193 of my Republican colleagues voted to keep guns in the hands of domestic abusers. ✅ All Democrats, including 14 brave Republican, voted to keep make communities safer. Read my full statement ⬇️.

@Laurence5905 @ChrisMurphyCT Go fuck yourself with this republican fake bot to spread misinformation. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

@ProtestaBloc In the US, it is not our President who is the problem. It is the right-wing, Fascist Republican Party, FRP..

@mkolken And rightfully so, the republican appointed judges have proved they are OWNED by the NRA.

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