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1) Actress Richa Chadha in 2012: Wagah border has to be the greatest circus in the country. This is the respect for our soldiers at wagah border? Actress Richa Chadha went to wagah border in 2016 for shooting her film. Ok!.

Richa Photo,Richa Photo by Anshul Saxena,Anshul Saxena on twitter tweets Richa Photo

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha mocks Indian Army with a ‘Galwan taunt’ after they said they can take back PoK from Pakistan.

After Richa Chaddha’s public application to join Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat “Jodo” Yatra, “Pakistan Zindabad” (listen towards the end of the video) slogans raised in Khargon. INC MP posted the video and then deleted it after the faux pas came to light. This is Congress’s truth….

Mamaearth and its founder Ghazal Alagh tender apology after drawing backlash over the company’s rationalisation of Richa Chadha’s Galwan jibe.

Gen Rawat said, Indian army fighting on front 1st front - Pakistan 2nd front - China front - People sitting in India on payroll of ISI and C1A All the people who r on the payroll of ISI r supporting Richa Chadha now. front exposed today.


@jose_the_bose Aur toh aur col Santosh babu jo iss conflict mai shaheed hue usne apne parivaar tak ko kaha tha ki kuch sahi nahi hai Idhar govt ko to bola hi lekin govt ne kuch bhi nahi kiya iss cheez ko koi nahi puchega lekin sab richa ke peeche pad jayenge.

@OpIndia_com No one had heard of Richa before and which movie(s) she was in West, they make pr0n to get famous, in India, they spread anti-India venom to get famous. Heera Mandi Aurats. @RichaChadha.

@desimojito Best is we have to be firm and block these unscrupulous elements out of our lives. They are nothing without us. We have made them .. We only have to break them. Swara is Richa Plenty of Hindu Wokes .. have to be put in place. It’s now or.

oq deu pra tirar dessa richa de atlética é que: so da esquisito nessa unit kkkkkkkkkkkkk um bando de branquelo estranho tirando selfie dentro de carrokkkkkkk vade retro.

@ANI Richa chadda is sab Modi ka bewkoof banana Modi ghar ke aurat ki Tara hai, us aurat ki ghar pe hi chalti hai bahar nahi.

@richa___prmg いや、ほんとにビビったwww 2枚くらい入ってるって思ってたらまさかの1枚ってwww無理wwwwww.

What can we expect from Richa Chadha Fazal? A C-grade Bollywood actor, a Pakistan sympathiser mocking the valour of Indian Army is expected! This is why we must #BoycottBollywood..

Richa Photo,Richa Photo by Jeet Biswa 🇮🇳,Jeet Biswa 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Richa Photo

@iVishnuManchu Yes can the men and women in the armed forces be worshipped AND not forgotten after they fall? Or do you just want to worship.🤦🏻‍♀️ The melt down over the truth bomb richa dropped is telling..

@SupriyaShrinate Why are you jumping into conversation and defending Richa, is she your nephew or something? By such idiotic ideology Congress is getting wiped out in all states Desh badal raha hai we know our heroes now and they r not actors..

@minicnair @akshaykumar Lol. He is canadian but had done more than you for Richa mock the army and their family. Imagine if some tell to indian muslim that 2002 says hi will u consider it as fact or hate??.

@rohini_sgh @akshaykumar So you don’t have problem with Richa chadha but Akshay is big problem.

@AdityaMenon22 @RichaChadha Again asking you are you supporting Richa tweet or not?? Confused me Hai kya ya Left Madarssa School of thought dimag me ghus gaya Hai..

@RubikaLiyaquat This is what BJP and RSS does , when anyone raise finger to them then destroy their credibility in the name of nation , army . What did Richa said ? She asked question to this government , this PM and not to the ARMY . India won’t forgive journalists like you. Yaad rakhna.

ऋचा चड्ढा (Richa Chadha) ने हाल ही में उत्तरी सेना के कमांडर लेफ्टिनेंट जनरल उपेंद्र द्विवेदी के बयान पर ट्वीट किया था, ‘गलवान हाय बोल रहा है’. अब इस मामले अक्षय कुमार ने भी अपनी बात रखी है. ऋचा चड्ढा के बयान पर अक्षय कुमार को काफी बुरा लगा है. #indianarmy #india.

Richa Photo,Richa Photo by गाज़ियाबाद365,गाज़ियाबाद365 on twitter tweets Richa Photo

Jinko mutne ke liye khada karne me viagra leni padti hai woh bhi i stand with richa chaddha bol rahe hai..

@oeildepapillon Não sabe nem o que é uma bola fica postando bobagem e assumindo o que o Richa nunca falou, típico de gente desinformada..

@parthpunter @RichaChadha Aaj richa Chadha kyu trend karwaaya jaa rha hai,zarur koi imp. News hai jisse chupaaya jaa rha hai. Media desh ka koi imp. News chupa rahi hai..

Lol Richa is not taking a stand for herself and deleted the tweet 😛😛.

शहीदों का अपमान नही सहेगे। Richa Chadha को जेल में डालो। #ArrestRichachadda.

@rahul_1700 @pranavmahajan Pm ne bola he na 2024 me hara denge use thik he Abhi richa chaddha ko kuch bole ya nahi ?.

Richa Chadha Trolled For Her Throwback Video On Pakistan During Galwan Issue – dlovesk.

@akshaykumar @iAbhiAcharya Richa should enjoy after marriage bang bang rather than the bang bang on social media because of her lunati© comment..

#RichaChadha is worst than a Mu terro®!st. Richa Chadha, Ali Fazal movie Fukrey3 is coming in December. How can she making fun of Indian army. You know to do? #BoycottBollywood.

Richa Photo,Richa Photo by Amit Bisht,Amit Bisht on twitter tweets Richa Photo

Richa Chadha के ‘गलवान’ ट्वीट पर अक्षय कुमार ने जताई नाराजगी, बोले- देखकर दुख पहुंचा है.

@akshaykumar Dear akshay, aap target mat kariye. Aap selective tweet karte hai. Kabhi aapne berojgaari, mahgain pe sawal kiye? Nahi. Real hero wo hote h jo har muddo pe swal kare tweet kare. Richa chhda koi aapki tarah Canadian citizenship ni li hui h. Aap khud se swal karo canadumian kumar.

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