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Of course, this is partially because I had already stolen millions from the richest people in our country..

Welcome to morally bankrupt Britain. Where bankers can earn eye watering bonuses, fracking companies are allowed to bribe local communities, tax system works for richest & punishes the poorest, & growing corporate profits at any cost is seen as virtuous #Shameful #BankersBudget.

This channel @News18India is owned by Reliance Industries, headed by one of the richest Person in the world. Look at these pukeworthy headlines the TV channel..

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Watch what happens when I ask Ministers from the world’s richest countries if they will commit to funding Loss and Damage at COP27. #LossandDamage #PayUp4LossAndDamage.

@ShiLLin_ViLLian The richest people are the most different and I ain’t talking about money right now.

Words from Hetty Green, once the richest woman in America, also known as the Witch of Wall Street.

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Govt borrowing half a trillion pounds and only the very richest will have something to show for it. Same old Tory government..

@DehennaDavison No it’s immoral when the richest get richer which is what @KwasiKwarteng has done #corrupttoriesout.

Georgina decisionAny richest me ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ نمشي نون →ا͠ن͠اس͠☭-→ فوغا☭فوقا☭كلوسيت☭-→ , ☭ستاےلے☭ـ _______________ 📎📎 🔹♦️♦️ ABC123 ♦️♦️🔹 نمشي 🔹♦️♦️ ABC123 ♦️♦️🔹 ستايلي 🔹♦️♦️ o5o ♦️♦️🔹 فوغا 🔹♦️♦️ 3DUU ♦️♦️🔹 نون 📎📎.

@Mike_Fabricant So, that magic money tree is going to be really needed, now that tax resources for the nation are being severely cut! Survival of the richest!.

@MikelGunners @timfarron Which rewards the richest dave and gives the poorest pittens.

How much longer are we going to accept this treatment? Our money is being syphoned away to the richest and most privileged. People will go hungry and cold because of their greed. When do we say no more?.

In more shit again, our children and other Generations paying for a bunch of bast@#&s.@ We need to get together with politicians we may not like, but that’s life, Do you want your grandchildren and so on paying for the richest and corrupt people of the United Kingdom..

So, with the cost of living rising, these are the key announcements from Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng which will affect you. It is a budget for the richest the top paid can you see what they are doing, fucking our country.

Almost two-thirds (65%) of the gains from the personal tax cuts announced today will go to the richest fifth of households. Almost half (45%) will go to the richest 5% alone, while just 12% of the gains will go to the poorest half of households..

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I guarantee you, GUARANTEE that you will not even complete a year in office. You’re the chief of “donkeyism”. Not even your predecessor Boris the clown would have dared to cut taxes on the 10% richest..

Ud be surprised how much of the world’s richest people rn who aren’t rly happy.

@MichaelSuppo Quality projects survive, and trash projects die. Did your stance on that matter suddenly change? - The real loss is the newbies (real human beings) who lose their savings selling the bear market. - That money goes directly into whale pockets, the richest 1% of society..

suspend myselfstop Richest tinkling leavesLike ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ ☭ٱےهےربَـ ☭ٱےـهـربَـ☭ ايهرب _______________ 🎲🔹♦️♦️ KBZ6979 ♦️♦️🔹🎲.

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When you look at those richest people lists through the lens that they are folk who are willing to let the vast majority struggle/suffer in exchange for excessive comfort, you see that resource hoarding is a mental illness and must be addressed..

@DPJHodges Some evidence that Liz Truss is helping the richest, not the poorest or even those on middle incomes in the worst #CostOfLivingCrisis of our lifetimes.

@SZmembers Like SZ always says “the scam coins pump the hardest” and this one happens to be affiliated with one of the richest men in the world 😂.

@GuidoFawkes £50 billion budget giveaway for the richest. £130 billion bung to energy corp moguls. £500 rise in your gas bill starting next Friday. This is class war, it’s time we fought back..

@TheView @ananavarro Biden sends them to crime ridden overpopulated cities on ghost flights in the middle of the night. DeSantis sends them to a proclaimed sanctuary which is one of the richest ZIP Codes in the country. Anyone with a mind knows which is more cruel and heartless. She doesn’t have one.

@RandPaul You’ll continue to give the richest people in the world more tax cuts to further enrich them . Enough of your lying bullshit..

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