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🍀 Corrente da sorte da Rihanna sendo mais brasileira do que todo mundo para dar sorte no jogo hoje🍀.

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Lembrando dela… da Rihanna em 2014 no Brasil torcendo pelo Brasil na Copa do Mundo 🇧🇷🏟.

Rihanna talks mum life, why she said yes to the Super Bowl, and her new music on the set of Savage x Fenty volume 4..

.@rihanna’s “Umbrella” has now surpassed 999 Million streams on @Spotify..

In case you feel it’s time to Forgive Chris Brown for harming Rihanna, here is a list of other things he’s done. There are people who need your grace but an unapologetic violent misogynist isn’t it..

@EnternalEssence Janet Jackson after the Super Bowl and Chris Brown after the Rihanna incident..

nao boto fé na rihanna no the town nem se sair a line up oficial, pq eu acho q ela ainda cancela, so quando ela tiver em cima do palco cantando que eu acredito.

50 % off my onlyfans 🤍come see me fully naked.

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I didn’t think Rihanna could get any sexier… I was wrong… 😈.

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What kind of journalist is she who cannot understand the difference between Akshay Kumar and Rihanna?.

Suddenly ppl jumping on Akshay Kumar(just cos he sided with Indian Army),citing a Canadian Passport. Same donkeys were applauding The Wire,Greta ,Rihanna ,any or everyone around d world that went AGAINST India. Citizenship didnt matter as long as it was negative Asshole traitors.

*lula presidente* - redes sociais do nikolas suspensas - rihanna em comeback - brasil vencendo primeiro jogo da copa.

@juao_gms E a Rihanna vai entrar no show da Nicki pra cantar Fly. Sonhei muito.

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The most viewed song on youtube of each female artist👇🏼 ● Katy - Roar ● Adele - Hello ● Taylor - Shake It Off ● Ariana- Side To Side ● Sia - Chandelier ● Gaga - Bad Romance ● Ellie - Love MLYD ● Rihanna - This IWYCF ● Miley - Wreaking Ball ● Dua - New Rules.

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Do call it a comeback! 🗣️ Here are 5 of the biggest music comebacks, from @ElvisPresley to @rihanna..

@DeekshaNRaut All those who have a problem with Akshay Kumar speaking on our internal matter were happy to defend Rihanna in our internal matter. 😭😭😭.

@_sabanaqvi @RichaChadha Rihanna and Greta are world citizens. Akshay is Canadian citizen. Saba is ________?.

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Rihanna forgave him so schools y’all Let him move the fuck on.

@rohini_sgh @akshaykumar Akshay kumar Canada se hai he doesn’t have any rights to fir Greta and Rihanna Kya Dharavi se the??bol 2 BHK.

@VarunKrRana Akshay kumar Canada se hai he doesn’t have any rights to fir Greta and Rihanna Kya Dharavi se the??.

@miakhalifa Can we stop pretending that Rihanna was innocent when she in fact admitted to putting her hands on him? Multiple times? AND while he was driving at that?.

@kadak_chai_ same question to you. When Rihanna supported farmers you people went crazy and abused but when Candian kumar criticising Indian, why you supporting him?.

@seekingsrishti @RichaChadha Akshay kumar Canada se hai he doesn’t have any rights to fir Greta and Rihanna Kya Dharavi se the??.

and when rihanna brings out saweetie as her surprise guest during the super bowl and they perform my type together >>.

@defensiveninja @PopBase Yeah rihanna forgave him a long time ago ig he doesnt deserve all that he was young as hell at that time too.

@ashoswai Akshay kumar Canada se hai he doesn’t have any rights to fir Greta and Rihanna Kya Dharavi se the??.

@MrOdanz @SirDavidBent Normal Rihanna. She’s >>>>>>> Beyoncé but the media won’t agree.

@brigeecarter You felt the need to throw around “vocals” as if your fave is not questioned every other month on here as a vocalists. 🤣 Is she not? Hive don’t be still having to post clips in 2022 to show that “Beyoncé can sing.” But you trying to use vocal drags against Rihanna?.

@LavanyaBallal Next time Dhruv Rathees or Khalistani in Canada says anything, plz show ur face. Also when Rihanna’s and Greta’s perform the toolkit. Lecture them before giving ur gyan on a wrong statement made against the army. It wasn’t an opinion, it was mocking the martyrs..

@MrOdanz Rihanna easily Diamond, umbrella, work and Man down Midyonce can only dream.

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