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Goodbye, #Riverdale. The CW series is coming to an end in Season 7..

riverdale heavily influenced my album, they really just do whatever tf they want and i admire that energy.


Things are getting dark. A new episode of #Riverdale starts NOW on The CW!.

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I hope there is more banter and fun in the show Archies dependency on humor is very important It put me off very badly when they made riverdale🤮 Archies always deserved a fun Rom-Com approach (with lots of comedy, specially jughead’s character) #FingersCrossed.


How many snackable secrets did you already know? Leave us a comment! Presented by @Smartfood. Stream new episodes of #Riverdale free only on The CW!.


Beware of Percival Pickens. Stream free only on The CW: #Riverdale.

What’s new on IL corruption? Well, today the FBI executed a search warrant at the Riverdale Mayor’s home..

The CW Fall 2022-23 Schedule: ‘The Flash’, ‘Riverdale’ & ‘Nancy Drew’ Move To Midseason, ‘Stargirl’ Shifts To Fall, ‘All American’ Block On Mondays & ‘Walker’ Double Header On Thursday.

BREAKING: video shows scene at Murphy Center in the moments after the shooting, which followed Riverdale High School’s graduation. Rutherford County Sheriff says shooter(s) still on the loose. Choppers in the air overhead. @NC5.

In this exclusive #Riverdale sneak peek, @camilamendes unleashes a performance of Toxic at the Babylonium..

Im waiting for this.@BeingSuhanakhan Well after all something 90s 20s aesthetic want #Suhanakhan to be in horror one like Riverdale or the prerty little liars #TheArchies.

@CW_Riverdale I can’t wait to see #Barchie. I’m loving this season of #Riverdale..

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@CW_Riverdale Can’t wait for their love confession and moving in together..

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obsessed with riverdale musical episodes bcuz the way none of them can sing very well and yet ….

umbrella academy s3 trailer, daredevil disney+ series announcement, the winchesters trailer, #StrangerThings in a week, the boys s3 in 2 weeks, riverdale final season announcement… there’s a lot going on.

Porque nadie me dijo que la serie Riverdale era tan buena. Me gusta por la trama 👇🏾.

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Donc ils annulent toutes les séries CW sauf ça et Riverdale en gros ? L’ambiance promet là-bas 🙄.

despite the oppression that comes from being a riverdale fan all we ever do is win it seems.

Episode 18 is now on Netflix Calendar to air June 12 on The CW and June 13 on Netflix. #Riverdale.

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and yall wonder why your silly little shows get canceled while riverdale is still going well can they do this? yeah didnt think so.

something very sinister about both glee and riverdale being all over the timeline today.


so mad the CW cancelled all the good shows but riverdale is still going I feel so much rage.


Cw cancela qualquer série : a Haters : E Riverdale, vão cancelar quando ?! Amores ? Riverdale tem nada haver com isso, eu hein kkkk se querem tanto que seja cancelada, parem de dá engajamento, todo dia vcs colocam o nome da série nos trends kkkkkkk #Riverdale.

omg how could riverdale get renewed and not these other masterpieces 🤬 THE CW I’M COMING FOR U🤬🤬 #save dynasty legacies and the other irrelevants‼️🤬😭.

Open house, tomorrow, May 14th 1-4pm 124 Heathrow Dr Riverdale, GA. 30274 4bdrm. 3bath. 1980sq ft Offered at $279,000.

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@SevenDeviled from what i hear riverdale might have already done it. they leave no genre untouched.


@punfiyaahpun I feel like this will have me & @ATallCryBaby in a chokehold that Riverdale did.

Riverdale chilo toh !? My childhood will be not only be ruined.

Riverdale. Season 1 was a great starter season and mystery but came season 2, it became Scream lmao.

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