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#CirkusThisXMAS is like a gift wrapped with fun from Rohit Shetty!.


Can’t wait for what Rohit Shetty has packaged in Cirkus #CirkusTeaserTomorrow.

Rohit Shetty Photo,Rohit Shetty Photo by Rajasekar,Rajasekar on twitter tweets Rohit Shetty Photo

Entertainment ka bell sunyega! Rohit Shetty baja rahe hai with #CirkusThisXMAS.

Director Rohit Shetty Says He Wants to Work with South Stars Rajini Sir , @Suriya_offl Sir, Ajith, Vijay, Karthi.

Rohit Shetty ka film dekhne ke liye log Kafi jyada excited hai aur unka film talent se bharpur rahata #CirkusThisXMAS.

Chennai express was deepika and Rohit Shetty film. U can see the interview of Rohit in 2013 when he said CE was deepika film..

#CirkusTrailer: Yet another mass-masala masterpiece from the Rohit Shetty universe to test the collective strength of humanity. This will only make us stronger ❤️.

Rohit Shetty Photo,Rohit Shetty Photo by The Cinéprism,The Cinéprism on twitter tweets Rohit Shetty Photo

Sanjay Mishra has been playing the same role in all Rohit Shetty movie since agessss..

Ranveer Singh telling the paps to stop and then goes out to look for rohit shetty and brings him infront of the media Them hugging 🫶🏽💕 #RohVeer #CirkusTrailer.

How do these films always end up around Jamnadas Ashram? Rohit Shetty Multiverse or something idk.

Rohit Shetty Photo,Rohit Shetty Photo by jyots,jyots on twitter tweets Rohit Shetty Photo

Everything i hate about Rohit Shetty comedies encapsulated in one single expression #Cirkus.

Rohit Shetty Photo,Rohit Shetty Photo by Asim Burney,Asim Burney on twitter tweets Rohit Shetty Photo

இந்த கிறிஸ்துமஸ், சர்க்கஸ் ஒளிரும்! Rohit Shetty காத்திருக்கிறது! Rohit Shetty.

December month is very special YES is going to be the BEST month Just go n enjoy with Friends n family Cirkus by Rohit Shetty 🎊 #CirkusTrailerOn2ndDec.

This is absolutely true friends, director Rohit Shetty has decided to release the TRAILER of such a wonderful film, which is very much discussed among the audience, on 2nd December. #CirkusTrailerOn2ndDec.

Rohit shetty will get a disaster in his career thanks to ranveer.

#CirkusThisXMAS is like a gift wrapped with fun from Rohit Shetty!.

Rohit Shetty always comes with some best comedy movies to watch #CirkusThisXMAS.

এক ফ্রেমে দুই রণবীর সিং! গুগল, ফেসবুক-হীন জমানার গল্প বলবে ‘সাকার্স’, রইল টিজার.


Rohit shetty knows ranveer singh real talent that is why he made cirkus for him bc he knows he is a born clown ..

Similar advice was given to Rohit Shetty Ji to associate with Ranveer Singh and its out there for the world to see, how their association has been delivered not just one but two MEGA HITS #Simmba and #Sooryavanshi ….

ROHIT SHETTY - RANVEER SINGH’s upcoming Jumaanified film ‘CIRKUS’ TEASER has finally been unveiled on his lucky date and Rohit Shetty Film’z’ Private Limited will follow the tradition of lucky dates and numbers as the TRAILER is to be released on 2nd December!.

Kehta Hai Joker, saara Zamaana…lovely verses from Fellow Number 5, Raj Kapoor😍 **Number 5, ROHIT SHETTY & Number 6, RANVEER SINGH - The Master of Masalaverse in the times of Metaverse** @RanveerOfficial.

So Rohit Shetty’s #Cirkus is a remake of Gulzar’s 1982 film ANGOOR which was a remake of 1968 film DO DOONI CHAAR which was a remake of 1963 Bengali film BHRANTI BILAS which was based on Ishwar Vidyasagar’s novel which itself was based on Shakespeare’s play THE COMEDY OF ERRORS..

Excitement 💓 level is too high for this movie 🎦 yaar Rohit Shetty.

Kudos to Rohit Shetty and the whole team for their wonderful work in this movie.

Such an excellent teaser this is guys ab trailer ke liye intezaar nhi hota Rohit Shetty.

So excited to see this movie on screen, Rohit Shetty lots of best wishes for the movie.

@imsanjaimishra @TSeries This is the magic of Rohit Shetty. He makes you fall with the notorious guys also. Zakir Hussain joins the team. Looking forward to see it. And Sanjay Sir you are the magnet. You always attract us to watch the films. All the Best 👍👍👍👍👍👍Team #CirkusThisChristmas #RohitShetty.

Cant wait,finally trailer coming on 2nd december Rohit Shetty.

Main inke aane wali film ka trailer dekhne ke liye bahut utsahit hun Rohit Shetty.

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