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Powierzchnia Polski - 322 575 km2 Powierzchnia Bałtyku - 377 000 km2 Proszę..

Я когда напряжен, капец токсичный. Не придумал пока способ говорить что то так что бы те за кем я переделываю не расстраивались. Один мой друг так умел, но я научиться не успел. Надо перестать выебываться как минимум..

@southside747 The laws of the Roman republic stood for centuries after it was basically a sham. The culture was a “never a king again” mentality so they just called him emperor & lead consul (president.) Rather than impose religion or rewrite the system one man can just hijack it. Brilliant!!!.

#14May | Felicitamos en este día a grandes dramaturgos de nuestro país como lo son @Leonardo_Padron, Carlos León Mejías, Néstor Caballero, Román Chalbaud y como lo fueron Rodolfo Santana, Isaac Chocrón, Julio César Marmol y José Ignacio Cabrujas #OrgulloVenezolano.

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@devpanchwagh i just want to see lamar with a WR on the level of adams, diggs, etc and see what he can do with them. granted i’m not sure it matters with this type of offense roman is running. i could see bate becoming a number 1 but lamar has to trust him because he will get 1 on 1’s.

@BlissedAstu Quiero ver a esos que lloraban cuando Brock era campeón porq decían que tenia secuestrado el título (que es verdad) cuando Román empiece a desaparecer semanas o meses.

🌼로만 rOman🦊への匿名のメッセージを募集中! #マシュマロを投げ合おう.

hat es hier und da mal berichte über crunch gegeben? jo. aber das verhältnis, hui. man brüstete sich damit, einen roman als cyberpunk-preview geschrieben zu sagt halt alles..

@Fuechsinvonwelt Vor allem bezieht sich fast sein kompletter Roman darauf, dass du pro Ausbeuterlöhne in Schwellen- und Drittweltländern bist, was ich jetzt nicht aus deinem Tweet entnehmen konnte..


@TimothyEzat @ctrlamb Still there are some values in them for the Anglican communion as it is a reformed Protestant communion and never claimed ad Catholic and IMHO the same damage can be done by Curia in the Roman Catholic Church or any elitism that run a system on community..

Blue Green Bronze Ceramics with Ancient Roman Glass Statement Earrings - free shipping via @Etsy.

@Mistywoman1 I guess there were no slaves in the Roman Empire either And Stalin never starved to death millions of Ukrainians.

@Zuo_roman ずおちゃんに逢いたいからずおちゃんが居る日行くね。土曜日の昼間の時間帯しか行けないけど.

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