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George Russell left his Mercedes car straight after the red flag to check on Zhou Guanyu. A true sportsman ❤️.

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The Lakers and the Nets are actively engaged in trade talks revolving around a Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving package, per @ChrisBHaynes.

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The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are actively engaged in trade discussions centered on a Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving package, league sources tell @YahooSports:.

Rob Perez
Rob Perez

i cant be the only one who wants to see what the defense looks like guarding a Ben Simmons/Russell Westbrook backcourt..

Precious Feet is a real photo by Dr. Russell Sacco. This is widely known and easily vetted information..

BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are finalizing trade sending Kyrie Irving for Russell Westbrook, Talen Horton-Tucker and draft picks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium..

Saint George of Silverstone George Russell races over to check on Zhou Guanyu after horror crash during British Grand Prix | Daily Mail Online.

A good deal of corporate planning is like a ritual rain dance; it has no effect on the weather that follows, but those who engage in it think it does. Much of the advice and instruction related to planning is directed at improving the dancing, not the weather.“ Russell L. Ackoff.

La mentalité de Russell est tout simplement magnifique ❤️.

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On this day we remember two heroes who gave their lives against the Harvesters on July 3 and 4, 1776: Russell Casse and Captain Jimmy Raven Wilder.

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Wolfdogs - Kurek Panthers - Kubiak Suntory - Muserskiy, Peng Jtekt - Urnaut + Nishida + Sekita + Yanagida JT - Russell, Jiang Chuan SINO PAAA 👀.

I find the change in tone with Series 5 wonderful. The whole fairytale/fantasy approach that Steven took instead of Russell’s drama approach was I must admit a needed change for the time. The Eleventh Hour is potentially my favourite New Who episode. It’s just…wonderful!!.

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【📢お知らせ】 #HOOKSOFT 8月発売グッズ予約受付中‼️ 『#ゆびさきコネクション』夏歩&伊織のグッズをご用意いたしました。 各種店舗様でもご予約受付中! ※こちらの商品はコミックマーケット100での委託販売も予定しております。.

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私は罪深き人間です (唐揚げ専用コーラを唐揚げなしで飲む).

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2016 rewind 7/4/16 Cubs 10, Reds 4 The Cubs snap their four game losing streak with 12 hits and three home runs (Bryant, Contreras, Russell). Travis Wood and Jason Hammel each picked up a pinch hit base hit. 2016 record: 52-30.

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Wiecie dlaczego potrzebujemy mercedesa, ferrari i redbulla w równych bolidach? żeby móc oglądać takie wyścigu jak końcówka wczorajszego na Silverstone. Japierdole imagine takie wyścigi co weekend + Russell i Verstappen, których akurat wczoraj wyeliminowało.

Eh que ça soit la faute de Gasly ou Russell j’en ai rien a foutre, à la base mon tweet était pour remercier le travail du halo qui sauve la vie de Zhou Mais bon faut bien que les personnes qui ont mécano dans leur TN trouve-le moyen d’être hautain Profitez du GP 🏎.

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Para mí es una de las fotos de la temporada. La desesperación de Russell por ayudar a Zhou.

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Sincerity is impossible unless it pervades the whole being, and the pretense of it saps the very foundation of character. -James Russell Lowell #qotd.

George Russell w moich oczach do tej pory najwięcej zyskał w tym roku. Profesjonalista w pełnym tego słowa znaczeniu, nie pierdoli zbędnych głupot, nie pozostawia mediom pola do nadinterpretacji jego słów, a ta sytuacja z wczoraj - chapeau bas. No i do tego ma jaja i potrafi się.

Below are the Men’s and Women’s @CanBball U23 rosters playing at GLOBL JAM from July 5-10: Women: Day-Wilson Dwyer Edwards Ejim Hanson Kyei Lattimore Mercille Pellington Russell Te-Biasu Wallack #GLOBLJAM.

After the Miles Bridges $173M up in smoke debacle are we as a Black community ready to stop calling men like Russell Wilson corny?.

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@creeptwin In fact the only people who get paid well are the white qbs and Russell Wilson.

@PilotDeborah Many congratulations to you and your family Debs on the safe arrival of Ava Grace (what a beautiful name). Lee & Family 👍🏻.

On this July 4th let’s take a moment to remember Russell Casse who was a Vietnam War fighter pilot and crop duster. He bravely sacrificed himself to bring down a City Destroyer threatening Area 51 during the War of 1996..

La fórmula de Russell Wilson para ser una estrella dentro y fuera del 😎 #NFLxESPN.

I voted for G. RUSSELL as #F1DriveroftheDay. Make your vote here: #.

Russell se ha ganado mi respeto hoy. Estas muestras de deportividad le llenan a uno el alma mucho más que cualquier resultado..

When we have hope in Christ, we come to know that as we need to make and keep sacred covenants, our fondest desires and dreams can be fulfilled through Him. ~President M. Russell Ballard.

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la vdd creo q me equivoque de carrera xq me encanta la matemática y la literatura creo que quiero ser Bertrand Russell.

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