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Celebrated Mother’s Day with the preachings of Guru Papa Saint Dr. @GurmeetRamRahim Singh Ji Insan among those who loved & blessed me unconditionally. Happy Mothers Day to everyone..

Wishing Happy Mother’s Day to my Guru Papa, Saint Dr. @gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan, my biggest cheerleader, the guiding angel and torchbearer at every sphere of life. Grateful for you today and everyday..

Your care, benevolence, and celestial love are inexpressible MSG Ma, Saint Dr. @Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan. You taught the real meanings of devotion, sacrifice, and love. We owe you our entire life and pray for your well-being. Happy #MothersDay.

Saint Dr. Photo,Saint Dr. Photo by Dera Sacha Sauda,Dera Sacha Sauda on twitter tweets Saint Dr. Photo

We can make today # doing humanity works and helping needy ones as @derasachasauda volunteers doing with the inspiration of Saint Dr.@Gurmeetramrahim singh Ji Insan 🙏❤️.

#SpiritualSunday Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan @Gurmeetramrahim @DSSNewsUpdates.

Saint Dr @Gurmeetramrahim Singh ji insan says that when you sit to take the name of God, then in that 5-10 minutes chant only and only the name of God, and nothing should come to mind, then this devotion will be accepted 100 percent in the dargah. #SpiritualSunday.

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