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Book your tickets now ❤️ #sammathame #Sammathamefromjune24.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Kiran Abbavaram,Kiran Abbavaram on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

#Sammathame Theaters Count in AP TG 👉Nizam - 75 👉Ceeded - 35 👉AP - 110+ Total AP TG - 220+.

#Sammathame first half : Pretty boring and predictable @Kiran_Abbavaram need to work out on theatre module movies rather than boring regular movies Let’s see how the second half of #Sammathame goes.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Cine Chit Chat,Cine Chit Chat on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

Avg second half Sapthagiri scenes rod 10-15mins Overall it worked for me kani chala Silly ga vuntadi Nannu nen chuskunattu vundi Wknd time pass kosam chuseyochu #Sammathame.

9 lo okati ayna Hit talk vachida Main films rendu debbesayi antaga 😑 #ChorBazaar #sammathame.

All the very best , @Kiran_Abbavaram and @iChandiniC for your release tomorrow!! Wishing you a grand success for all the hardwork you have put in!! And my best wishes to the entire cast and crew of #Sammathame 🤗 Going to watch this entertainer real soonnn! 😊.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Rahul Vijay,Rahul Vijay on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

#Sammathame Movie Review : Falls Flat @iChandiniC appears cute and beautiful @Kiran_Abbavaram needs to work on his emoting skills Read full review 👇🏻 We are going with.

@Kiran_Abbavaram #KiranAbbavaram Garu Nenu inka #Sammathame Movie Chudaledhu, Naaku Office Lo Work Undatam Valana, Nenu Morning Show Chudatam Avaledhu, Mi Movie Yeppudu Vachina, Nenu Morning Show Chusevanni But Today Avaledhu. Andhuke 2nd Show Ki Ticket Book Chesukunnanu. Theatre Lo ichipadeddam..

#Sammathame Release Today Best Wishes Bro @Kiran_Abbavaram & @iChandiniC Hope it will Super Hit 🤞❤️.

Boys go and watch Kiran abbavaram scores another blocker buster Must watch by youth and family #Sammathame. @Kiran_Abbavaram.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Dawada boss,Dawada boss on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

#Sammathame Music chala bagundhi and 💥 kiran and chandini performance 💥 Perfect entertainer for this week🧡 @Kiran_Abbavaram @iChandiniC.

Good One Wıth Some Laughs LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL ❤️ Worth Watchable. #Sammathame @Kiran_Abbavaram.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by S H Y A M❗,S H Y A M❗ on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

All The Best @iChandiniC gaaru for the film #Sammathame releasing in few more hours. Waiting for it💖. #SammathameFromTomorrow.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by 𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐢 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐁.𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡(𝐂𝐒𝐄),𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐢 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐁.𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡(𝐂𝐒𝐄) on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

@Kiran_Abbavaram ఇలా డబ్బులు పంపడం నీకు సమ్మతమేన అన్నా 😊 #Sammathame.

Ni movie super hit avali ani korukuntunna ❤️ #Sammathame #SammathameFromJune24th.

@Kiran_Abbavaram anna, I wishing you the best of luck in making your film a big success. Congratulations nd all the best #sammathame #KiranAbbavaram.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Nagachaitanya Child Actor,Nagachaitanya Child Actor on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

@iChandiniC I loved a bit in one of the “Jagam Antha Sagam Ayina Kshaname O Yugam Ayina Ee Valapu Malupullu Sathamathamu Sammathame” ❤️🥵.

@Karnati06 Rekease day morning nee laaga kudaradu bro maaku sare waitng for review enjoy #Sammathame.

@Kiran_Abbavaram All the best 💝 anna #Sammathame movie hit 🎯 avauthundhi pakka 💯 👌 awesome trailer nd songs @Kiran_Abbavaram.

@Kiran_Abbavaram acting chey ra hooka ante imitation lu chestannav industry ki ammayilan gokanike ostarra neelanti edavalantha #sammathame ido cinema boku cinemalaku nee munda build up, athi okati.

महाराष्ट्र के सियासी संकट मै आप किस के साथ हो। #Sammathame.

#Sammathame A very good movie @Kiran_Abbavaram Outstanding performance 😍👏🏻 Must watch film for both Youth & Families !.

#SammathameFromJune24th Loved everything came out of Sammathame, Glimpse, Teaser and content is a let down. The point of film is Love is unconditional, 2 hrs10 min to explain a simple point like that is impossible to anyone,Could have had better screenplay and songs!.

#Sammathame youth pakka choodalsina feel good cinema Major Positives : Bgm and songs Lead pair performances Story line Some comedy scenes No laaag Minor negatives Dop and locations Some routine comedy scnes @Kiran_Abbavaram @iChandiniC she looks fresh ❤️.

Rey lumchaa chakkaga sammathame ki veldham ante vinnada ee pedha manishi chorbazarrraaaaaaaa annadu em ayyindhi nice ga dhimpadu.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by BUNNY.🌃.🦉,BUNNY.🌃.🦉 on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

Arey, shuffle cheyyamantey, kotta templet marchi, malli tweets mass produce cheyyamani kaadu ra. Koncham creative ga alochinchamani. Inko tag teesestey Inko version ready aa? #Sammathame.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by Raseedu ni Champu,Raseedu ni Champu on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

Congratulations 🎉 @Kiran_Abbavaram anna for the movie #Sammathame #SammathameFromJune24th.

#Sammathame Photo,#Sammathame Photo by surya,surya on twitter tweets #Sammathame Photo

You’re blessed @Kiran_Abbavaram your hard work and commitment is clearly we can see on screen, boy no ext door looks is added advantage to you & we are so proud of @iChandiniC for her naturalistic performance like always 🔥😍 can’t take our eyes of #Sammathame 🤝.

The ideology of every boy and Girl was show cases perfectly on screen #Sammathame it’s definitely a worth watch for everyone all d songs are fantastic, added advantage to the movie.

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