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This is the reason Congress hates Savarkar. Congress believes in Bharat todo Yatra and not in Bharat jodo yatra.

Savarkar Photo,Savarkar Photo by Sheetal Chopra 🇮🇳,Sheetal Chopra 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Savarkar Photo

Of course @RahulGandhi is NOT Veer Savarkar. Savarkar never wiped his snot on someone else’s jacket! Savarkar never was his mommy’s ickle baby at the age of 52, everything Veer Savarkar said made sense. And we aren’t even talking about his contribution to freedom struggle!.

When Savarkar was publicly describing 1857 as a dry run for the future, AO Hume was escaping from a revolutionary mob clad in a saree. Having witnessed everything first hand, he decided to create a safety valve for his empire. Below is the Twitter handle of that safety valve..

Gandhi was casteist, Ambedkar was, so was EVR Periyar. The only leader of that period who seems not casteist at all was Savarkar. Though all three are worshiped by some sector of people for contribution against fighting discrimination, and fourth one, always faces brick bat..

Savarkar inheritors free to apologise. Let @RahulGandhi speak and ask questions on Modani. Video courtesy - @NewsX.

So you say it right from your heart. You only hate Brahmins & not caste system as such. Doesn’t matter to you if Mahar Ambedkar had no great thoughts for Bhangi, that Brahmin Savarkar called out. Why Bhangis didn’t convert?.

Rahul Gandhi apologised in SC for his remarks on ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ Rahul Gandhi apologised to SC in ‘Rafale Case to drop proceedings’ With these TWO apologies he matches his great grand parents Nehru who folded hands in front of British I agree he can NEVER be Veer Savarkar.

Savarkar Photo,Savarkar Photo by Flt Lt Anoop Verma (Retd.) 🇮🇳,Flt Lt Anoop Verma (Retd.) 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Savarkar Photo

#Congress for once is right. We NEVER ever saw even a millionth of greatness of #Savarkar. Yes, Hum ne kabhi nahin samjha Rahul ko Savarkar 😊 😎.

Of course he can never be an Uber Nationalist and Patriot like Veer Savarkar ji. We don’t need to know his name is Rahul Ghandy, that has the DNA of British bootlicker in he’s shown it time and again..

Savarkar Photo,Savarkar Photo by Yo Yo Funny Singh,Yo Yo Funny Singh on twitter tweets Savarkar Photo

Why do @INCIndia and @RahulGandhi hate a freedom fighter and a patriot like Vinayak Damodar Savarkar? #RahulInsultsSavarkar #VeerSavarkar.

Savarkar Photo,Savarkar Photo by Sree Iyer,Sree Iyer on twitter tweets Savarkar Photo

As my knowledge of Indian history increased, my respect for Shivaji, Tilak, Savarkar, Ambedkar and Patel went up and the respect for MKG, Nehru, Maulana Azad, is going down (present contiunous). What impact did learning CORRECT History have on you?.

@NetaFlixIndia @KirenRijiju Maaneye Rijiju Sahab. Kya duniya mei ek hi Savarkar SURNAME ka aadmi paida hua !!! aapko kaise pata wo Veer ki hi baat kar rahe ! apne ye ghulam Narrow minded sanghi mansikta ka tyaag kare. Aap ek central minister hai aur maryada banaye rakhein !! Propganda Troll na bane 2 Rs ke.

Congress has no leaders like Savarkar who is going to bend. Always stood strong against every kinds of tides. Rahul Gandhi 💪💪.

Savarkar Photo,Savarkar Photo by Anjana,Anjana on twitter tweets Savarkar Photo

@RoflGandhi_ @KirenRijiju I am totally disagree with you, savarkar 🙏 was one of the greatest freedom fighter of India . Angrej jb desh ko loot rhe the Tb savarkar 🙏 ne angrejo se pension lekr unhe luta👏 bahot bada yogdan tha sorrykar ka angrejo ko lutne me. Hats off🙏.

He was never a Rahul ‘Gandhi’. He can never become a Rahul ‘Savarkar’. Coz, He is Rahul ‘Soros’! The Destroyer of Idea of India #VideshiKaigombe.

Hope people of Maharashtra as well as every Indian patriot & nationalist will watch this. #CongressMuktBharat - What Savarkar could not achieve in his lifetime, he will achieve it in his death!!.

Just what is wrong with the Congress ? Rahuls shenanigans in London , Supriya s graceless outbursts , Sanjay Jhas they truly want to win ? Just now they insulted Savarkar !.

Veer Savarkar angrejon ka Dalal tha mafi mangne wala tha aap log bhi angrej ke Dalal hai BJP.

@MandarSawant184 Ek hafta .. that’s too long .. not even 1 hr .. he thinks Savarkar was on vacation like his family used “INS VIRAAT” as personal taxi to travel to Lakshadweep & Andaman ...

@INCIndia Savarkar jail se ladte the angrezo se inke Nana angrezo ke bedroom se. Sahi me savarkar samja hai kya? Humare Rahul baba ki family ko.

@Aabhas24 Many people in those days told that Savarkar was so brutally honest in these aspects that when some relatively higher cast person like Bhandari refused to eat with say Kunbi, he used to scold that person. Further if a Kunbi refuses to dine with Mahar he used to scold them also..

@shailendra489 @KirenRijiju Rahul Ghandy ki tulna Savarkar se karna to Sarwarkar ka apman hi hai..

@INCIndia Ekdum Sahi bola Savarkar Jesa Mahaan Yeh Pappu kabhi nhi ban sakta😂😂😂🤣 Congress trolling their own Politician.

@ActivistSandeep @ActivistSandeep #Savarkar ji kya the kya nehi the, ye aap ya aapke jaisa koi kyun batayega Hume. Mujhe problem aapki language se, wo mafiveer tha, gulami karta tha. Ye kya hai. Agar aapki dadaji ya fir unki Papa ko koi tu tadak ya fir chor tha bolega aapko acha lagege kya?.

@VivekKumar_IND Vaise ye maafiveer Savarkar ka our mandir me bethe muftkhoro ka vanshaj bhi hai.

One more proof that Rahul is grandson of Stefano Maino and not Indira Gandhi. She not only issued a stamp in honour of Savarkar, but also paid Rs 11,000 from her personal account for Vir Savarkar Memorial. Italian fascists will never rule India..

@Ra_THORe Kitna jhuth bolega ghatiya rathode. Bhagne se yaad aya modi bhi savarkar ki tarah kahin se bhaga tha. Haan yaad aya, shadi se.

@FltLtAnoopVerma Savarkar nahi hai isiliye Dar gaya. He needs lawyers to reply 😂😂.

@bridrizzle95 Even Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wrote Apology letter to Britishers n he used exactly same language what Veer Savarkar had used.

@BJP4India Savarkar ke vansaj ab deshbhakti sikhayenge vo bhi RG ko, yhi to Amritkaal hai😂😂.

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