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I just want to know - when you beat up a doctor and you get injured too while doing so - who do you go for treatment? #SaveTheSaviour.

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@narendramodi Modi sir please look at this issue Lady doctors are getting threatened by goons on rape & acid attacks Pls do something 🙏 Jai Shree Ram 🚩 #SAVEDOCTORS #SAVETHESAVIOUR.

Really a sad time in our country when doctors are being accused of treating patients being biased by their High time for young minds of West Bengal who are planing on becoming doctors to change their #SaveTheSaviour #Savethedoctors.

Thank a doctor each time now. We demand that now. #SAVETHESAVIOUR #SAVEDOCTORS.

Rightful demands of the doctors. #DoctorsFightBack #SaveTheSaviour.

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While West Bengal might not be descending into anarchy, this acute public outrage must serve to bring in light the tragic working conditions of public healthcare workers in India. #saveTheSaviour (1/.

I just want to know - when you beat up a doctor and you get injured too while doing so - who do you go for treatment? #SaveTheSaviour.

#SaveTheDoctors #SaveTheSaviour Doctors all demands are genuine demand. but about patients? thin as patients or family of patients. there must be some another way. @MamataOfficial must solve the problem or leave..

When I was interning in Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital New Delhi ( which also happens to be an overcrowded, central govt hospital), we were given 6 well built bouncers in the EM dept. that pretty much solved the problem #SaveTheDoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

क्या आपने वकीलों, पत्रकारों, राजनेताओं, कलाकारों और सोशल मीडिया के क्रांतिकारीयों को कलकत्ता में चिकित्सकों के साथ हुई हिंसा के खिलाफ बोलते/लिखते देखा । समाज इतना बंट चुका हैं कि संवेदना की अपने वर्ग के जगती हैं ‌। शर्मनाक #SaveTheSaviour #SaveTheDoctors.

@shreyashi95 Stay strong and safe. Your life might be in danger for these tweets. Kindly do not keep your pic as dp. Whole India is with you all. #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

We are doctors and not terrorists! We do not deserve to die at our workplace ! #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour !!!!.

Now a sword need to accompany the steth. #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour @PMOIndia.

the same thing happened in tripura also few days back a doctor was beaten brutally ,here the doctors protested no one was with us our healthminister wanted to give off his security if its not for the doctors ,he is no more our health minister #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

#NRSMCH #SaveTheSaviour IstandwithNRS Didi in west bangal says that police die on duty. But they die fighting dangerous people not while taking statements from doctors treat fight with them. We have only one duty to do that is do our best to save them..

After repeated instances of violence against doctors in government hospitals of WB, all we are demanding is justice for victims and increased security in hospitals. Is that too absurd? @PMOIndia @AmitShah #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

You know why shes this agitated, because her own party student association has gone against her. Yes the issue is so serious, everyone is there irrespective of pool beliefs. #SAVETHESAVIOUR #Savethedoctors.

The medical students and junior doctors of have had to build a barricade of beds, tables and chairs, to save themselves from the people pelting stones and bricks. When will this stop? @WHO @AIIMSRDA #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

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@Ra_Bies a few words and tweets by you for #Savethedoctors and #SaveTheSaviour would be helpful and highly appreciated. Please ask your twitterati to help us. We are in dire need. Hostels have been vacated forcefully. Scared for life..

Help us. #Savethedoctors #SAVETHESAVIOUR.

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We are being attacked again & help deserve to live. Is this a Holocaust? A mass murder of all the doctors in this state? We are under us. #SaveTheSaviour #SaveTheDoctors.

#Savethedoctors #SAVETHESAVIOUR Save we are we are under threat by CM of @narendramodi @PMOIndia.

Doctors protest against @mamataofficial after being attacked by TMC goons while Dr. Pratibha Mukherjee still fights for his life Instead of giving justice, she threatens strict action against them. West Bengal sure is turning into A hitler zone. #Savethedoctors #SaveTheSaviour.

@SOOTILE Are you justifying such attacks by calling them lesson in humanity? Seriously? The guy was almost murdered man, please come out of your delusion for once. #SaveTheDoctor #SAVETHESAVIOUR.

Life of doctors in West Bengal is miserable!!!! When the doctors are threatened by the patient party for treating patient, and inturn threatened by ruling government for requesting for safe environment for working. God please save the doctors!!! #SaveTheSaviour #PMModi.

#SaveTheSaviour Stand with doctors Stop voilence against doctors. #kolkataviolence.

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