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That face you make when you realise you are the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER @WWEonFOX #SDLive.

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I’m loving Bayley’s transformation into a Karen #SmackdownOnFox #SDLive there’s nothing emo about it, just middle aged soccer mom.

Did #WWE really make Drew Gulak a former cruiserweight champion a jobber to Braun Strowman??? #SDLive.

@WrestlingInc The Fiend attacks cesaro after #sdlive off the air ..

@Wargeadicto A mi hasta se me olvidó que hoy pasaban # Aunque es posible que no me haya perdido de nada.

@WWE @WWERomanReigns 🔥🔥😍intercuantinental championship #SDLive.

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Even though she didn’t win I’m still so so so proud of her. Mella is the Queen Of SDLive and I know that she will regain the title soon. 💙💙🙌🏼🙌🏼 @CarmellaWWE.

Loved @CarmellaWWE ring gear on #SDLive tonight!! It was so MONEY!!! 🤑🤑🤑.

That face you make when you realise you are the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER @WWEonFOX #SDLive.

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#SDLive was ok for me this week. Not too much to be mad at, but all that much to be excited about either..

U guys need to get your facts correct Tyson fury is not the first undefeated champion to go against a wwe super star .... floyd money Mayweather took on the big show ....#SDLive.

I the kinda bull💩 interference from Baron Corbin is one of the reasons WWE ratings r going in the toilet. People tune in 2 c good matches and I for one am sick of the good ones broken up by interference!!!!👎😠 #SDLive.

@BustedOpenRadio @bullyray5150 well this is rather interesting bully🤔 more people liked the women’s match more than the main event match tonight on #SDLive !!.

Doesnt @itsBayleyWWE name sounds more like a babyface name? #SDLive. Loving the heel turn.

unfortunately wwe are once forgetting that a boxer who is undefeated cough cough Mayweather has legit been in a match and won🙄 but as it is up the FURY😊 #SmackDownLIVE #SDLive.

Well if Smackdown accomplished anything for me tonight it’s I’m amped for @ShinsukeN v @WWEDanielBryan down the line. #SDlive.

Wwe on fs1 Lesnar doesn’t want to be on regular tv. Definitely don’t want a free show before crown jewel. #SDLive.

スーパーマンパンチを飛び付き腕ひしぎとか熱い🤣👏🏼コービンGJすぎるw #SDLive.

#SDLive atleast this time around Seth can completely bury the Fiend and not like half bury him like at HIAC.

Bayley is actin like she just graduated high school and drank for the first time #MizTV #SDLive.

BAYLEY puede ser una gran heel pero si sigue al lado de Sasha siempre se la vera como la secundaria amiga tal como paso cuando eran faces lástima si la llevan por esos lados #SDCL #SDLive.

Does @itsBayleyWWE saying”what about me?” Remind anyone else of @theraveneffect #SDLive.

OMG every wrestler that turns heel says the same shit!!! Waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa!!! To predictably!!! Recycled story lines get boring WWE!!!!#SDLive.

Bayley come for your I’m here for it. Lash let us have it sis 🙌🏽 #Smackdown #SDLive.

Here’s an idea, INSTEAD of the heel giving a generic response like “I don’t owe anyone an explanation”, how about we do a heel who has a different reason EVERY WEEK as to why theu turned. #BookItWWE #SDLive.

Tommorrow night! My 1st appearance on #SmackdownOnFox ! Me and 5 other women compete for chance to face the Smackdown women’s champion! Six pack challenge on @WWEonFOX #SDLive.

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