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हिंदूवादी पार्टी तो एक दिखावा था | कुछ दिन रुको ये @ShivSena पाकिस्तान का भी साथ देगी | #ShivSenaDrops.

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#ShivSenaDrops Its brains.,and self respect. When reputation is lost, everything is Lost..

भक्तों को आज मिरची लगी हुई है क्योंकी साहब की महंगी बुलैट ट्रेन योजना #ShivSenaDrops ससुरे भारतीय रेल तो ढंग से समय पर चला नहीं पा रहे इनको बुलैट टरेन चाहिये 😂😂😂.

#ShivSenaDrops For me they dropped the most important thing HINDUTVA Its enuff, i never respected them after bala sahab but this is just no words to explain wat they are doing..

After few more Months, People will say there was a party called Shivsena #ShivSenaDrops.

शिव सेना ने खुद को ही गिरा लिया देखते जाइये #ShivSenaDrops.

I hope they drop Shiv from name and replace it with udhav Sena As nothing worth shiv left there #ShivSenaDrops.

Sahi kiya h, bullet trains jay tel lene, hme hmara prakriti, forest pyara h ❤ #ShivSenaDrops.

Dropped BalaSaheb legacy Hinduthva Development works Bhima cases Nationalist ideology #ShivSenaDrops.

Loosening grip of Manmohan Singh, #PChidambaram is responsible for dithering of Congress leadership since last 6_7yrs, congress unable to create a coherent agenda in last 6_7yrs, flio flops , due to Chidambaram Saheb, hope he acts now after 106days of realization! #ShivSenaDrops.

#ShivSenaDrops who the hell is going to travel Mumbai to Ahmedabad actually the trains which are running now is enough not a single maharashtrian ask for it if bullet train is tobe made then it should be made in between delhi tomumbai or mumto kolkata.

हिच ती वेळ ! #ShivSenaDrops #ShivSenaCheatsMaharastra.

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Modi is against corruption. Why corruption cases against Ajit Pawar quashed? Bail given for corrupt Chautala? No action against corrupt ADMK? notes introduced to help hoarding? #ShivSenaDrops.

@Harishp1983 Local newspapers publishing bullet train cost as 2L crore to convince #ShivSenaDrops.

नागरिकता संशोधन बिल के खिलाफ शिवसेना वोट करेगी !! आप लोग क्या कहना चाहते हैं? #ShivSenaDrops.

#ShivSenaDrops मै शिवसेना का था जन्म से आजन्म तक , आज भी मै रोता हुं मैं एक गद्दार पार्टी को वोट दिया .ना राम ना मंदिर ,ना अयोध्या, न राष्ट्र गान.

@jitengajaria @ShivSena May possible that #ShivSenaDrops its I mean the name 😂.

Shivsena D - Direct R - Reduced there O - Own P - Pride, Position and S - Stand of Balasaheb on Nationalism and Hindutva #ShivSenaDrops.

At this crucial juncture I want to warn @NCPspeaks & @INCIndia to be careful with #ShivSena, for the sake of power they dropped their ideology & a long time partner same ways they wudnt mind dropping u if need be #ShivSenaDrops.

शिव सेना से अब एक ही उम्मीद की जा सकती है, की वो सोनिया माता का नाम मातोश्री की जगह लिखवा ले। #ShivSenaDrops.

@jitengajaria @ShivSena The day is not far away when they will drop themselves #ShivSenaDrops.

हिंदूवादी पार्टी तो एक दिखावा था | कुछ दिन रुको ये @ShivSena पाकिस्तान का भी साथ देगी | #ShivSenaDrops.

#ShivSenaDrops नहीं रे बाबा शिव सेना बिक गयी.

कांग्रेस की बोल बोलना चालू हो गई है शिवसेना | #ShivSenaDrops.

@jitengajaria @ShivSena What else they required to lose. They are dead flesh and bones walking. #ShivSenaDrops.

#ShivSenaDrops Identity Conviction Trust among ppl’s What is left now?! @ShivSena.