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Shirtless Sidharth Shukla turns the heat up as he flaunts his chiseled body inside the pool — watch video #SidharthShukla

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Ratna aunty is CHACHI 420
Ratna aunty is CHACHI 420 ()

So guys plz be serious okay sidharth is nominated in two different categories in toi that is this MOST DESIRABLE MEN ON HINDI TELEVISION and another one is MOST DESIRABLE MEN and shehnaaz is nominated in one category MOST DESIRABLE WOMEN ON HINDI TELEVISION plz be serious

Sidharth Photo,Sidharth Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Alka Mishra 💫
Alka Mishra 💫 ()

@sidharth_shukla “Wish all your enemies a long life, so they can see you succeed in life.” बात खत्म !!!! #SidHearts #SidharthShukIa

Tanya Mann🙋‍♀️🌠
Tanya Mann🙋‍♀️🌠 ()

@sidharth_shukla Missing you much Sidharth Sir Thank you for coming And I Love you 😘

Tanisha ()

@sidharth_shukla Hum to bhai jaise hain waise koi khush ho ya ho nahi badlenge apnj adaa 😊😊live life on your terms for yourself not for what others will think.❤SIDHARTH

Sidmania ()

@AnwerKh50602765 rottweiler pe encyclopedia mil gya 2 min me sidharth bhai is all rounder 😂 #SidharthShukla

Lucky ()

@sidharth_shukla Bhai Aap abhi bhi on line ho 😂 Abbi abbi kisi ko follow kia hai aapne 34 se 35 ho gai aapki following list 😂😂❤ @sidharth_shukla #SidharthShukla

Sirazum Monira Saoda
Sirazum Monira Saoda ()

@sidharth_shukla This is what happening with me Since 1 bloody year🙂 Jab bhi life enjoy karna chahti hun kuch na kuch kichar aa hi jata hain Aur jo pichle 1 saal se ho raha hain mere aur mere family k sath🙂 But sabse haasin baat yeh hain ki aap ho mere muskurane ki wajah❤ Thank you❤

Zoe ()

@PratikFirke5 Jus to abuse removed @sidharth_shukla from the Wht wrong have I said or wht abusive language did I use tht u r using this for me?

Feriha 💅 SidNaaz To Hai Hi Best❤️
Feriha 💅 SidNaaz To Hai Hi Best❤️ ()

@slay_like_diya @sidharth_shukla Alll the best puttu😘😘🤗 Phad ke rakh Soja exam hai

Tit For Tat
Tit For Tat ()

@sushil_sankwal @sidharth_shukla Iske liye sorry bol reha hai ye Sidharth ... this is the reason his FC account is suspended. His focus is more on trolling and abusing than hyping don’t mind him ... he is good at gaining sympathy ....

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SIDs Warrior 💙
SIDs Warrior 💙 ()

@bedazzledblue26 @sidharth_shukla Are ghumne Gaya tha Goa fir mast village bhi Gaya tha mere. 2 din phele Mumbai socha active karlu. Tu kaise kush reh 🙏


@simmi_99 @sidharth_shukla You go and cry some where else ! This is not the place to do your diching The hatred and the abuses you are pouring on him and still want sympathy from him 😏 Go cry some where else !

Sidharth Shukla
Sidharth Shukla ()

@StLouisgirl123 @itsTeamSidharth Thanks for taking up Ratna ... but we can’t really change others better for our own sanity v change ourself (overlook) and all the love you guys shower is priceless ...

✴ Jiya ✴
✴ Jiya ✴ ()

@sidharth_shukla Although I know aap nahi padho ge bcz I am on mute lekin 3 din pehle woh diary khatam hogayi .. Isliye aaj jab aap aye control nahi hua aur likh Thankyou meri bakwaas sunne ke I am feeling light now. Shehnaaz ko bhi dm kiya tha kal IG pe 😌❤

Pratik Firke
Pratik Firke ()

@sidharth_shukla You always spread positivity Siddy n every fan of yours believe in You and your points that you always convey!! But when some folks just abuse you for no good reason, its really hard to keep trying to justify anyone here but just wanted to Love You ❤️🤗

Sw@ty ()

@sidharth_shukla Sidharth some old fans of yours, Their brain is so outdated because of not using it is hard to ignore them because the kind of hatred they spread takes guess u r right we need to give them something to talk about and make them feel Jaleous all day.

SidNaazShipHasSailed 🙏😘❤🙏
SidNaazShipHasSailed 🙏😘❤🙏 ()

@Ohudeadppl @sidharth_shukla Jiya this is soo cute! True emotions and true connection! ❤

Rashi Agarwal
Rashi Agarwal ()

@sidharth_shukla My source of wisdom ❤️❤️ love u Sidharth ❤️❤️ and all the good things u teach us ♥️♥️♥️

Harshika Raina
Harshika Raina ()

@sidharth_shukla Bb13 k baadh toh aap loyal nhi rhey I hope ki aap ab Niki k sath loyal rahogey tym to tym make up phuchatey rhogey

Hodophile 🍁🍃|Bhelpuri 😉
Hodophile 🍁🍃|Bhelpuri 😉 ()

@sidharth_shukla #AskSid ya fir live aa jao hm dukhiyaro ko khush kr do 🥺😭 Itna to mang hi skte hai hm 😙

Vivek Pandey Kshitiz
Vivek Pandey Kshitiz ()

@sidharth_shukla @mukulmittall Life is not that short, in a day few minutes could be taken to delve into what others think about you and what you think about others (aao chungli kare )😁

Sakshi (SidHeart♥)
Sakshi (SidHeart♥) ()

@sidharth_shukla Thank You You always inspired me To Think ✨ We #SidHearts loves u So proud of Good night😘❤ #SidharthShukla

Sidharth Photo,Sidharth Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Pallavi ()

@TeamPakSid @sidharth_shukla Kya baat hai FC aaj apne saare dukhde Sid to suna rahe ho. Wife ka ho gaya, ab chote bahi n mom ka bhi 😂😂. Aur koyi dukhde hain to wo bhi likhdo😉😉

Moksh ()

@sidharth_shukla U should really see the talent of this girl @sidsanax she make beautiful videos click on her profile I promise u would never want to leave it without a FB

Khanjari//SidNaaz ki Shona Bahu 💜
Khanjari//SidNaaz ki Shona Bahu 💜 ()

@sidharth_shukla You know what. I so needed this right now. Sahi kaha dusro ka faltu gyaan jaye bhar mein. Darr darr k mar mar ke jeena bhi koi jeena thori Hayeee apki gyaan bhare tweets phir se kaam agaye mere 😭 Thanku for this ♥️

P. I. E. C. E. S 🍁 ||
P. I. E. C. E. S 🍁 || ()

@sidsanax @sidharth_shukla KITNI DAAFA SUBHA ko mein nein tere aangan Mrin Bethy sham kiya

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Meraj ()

@sidharth_shukla I have tweeted on behalf of you that most of the media portals and peoples who gives false news to get engagement. And yes my belief in you as idol and better human being is way beyond urs imagination. Sometimes I may judge u but it is my love regarding you and nothing else.

Sidharth Photo,Sidharth Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets ()

Sidharth Shukla Flaunts Toned Physique In A Shirtless Video; Fans Go “Kya Maal Hai Yaar” @sidharth_shukla #SidharthShukla #Koimoi

Bollywood Life
Bollywood Life ()

Shirtless Sidharth Shukla turns the heat up as he flaunts his chiseled body inside the pool — watch video #SidharthShukla

☚ अल्लाह कबीर #anuragkashyap ☛
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