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When lives of these Sikhs was in danger; no one in this world came forward to save them. It was Indian PM @narendramodi ji who helped them & also ensured pious Guru Granth Sahib ji reached India with due respect. It was an Indian plane with Tricolour which carried out this saving….

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20th March 2000. A sad day when 36 Sikhs were killed in Kashmir by Pak sponsored religious terrorists..

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This is highly disgraceful! We have sacrificed a lot for Tiranga & Motherland India 🇮🇳 Contribution in freedom struggle👇 Out of 121 patriots hanged 93 were Sikhs. Of the 2626 awarded life-imprisonment 2147 were Sikhs. Sikhs always belongs to India & India belongs to Sikhs 🧡.

Despicable! This is a cowardly act. The Tiranga is our pride. So many Sikh soldiers protect it. Those committing this cowardly acts are enemies of Sikhs..

Human rights are the basis of any democracy. The Indian state is setting up its own records for violating #HumanRights in every possible way to oppress the Sikhs in India. Why is there a mass atrocity of human rights violation against Sikhs in India? What are the grounds for….

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NRI Sikhs-partnering with Pakistan & Paid by George Soros, are not just harming India but ensuring demise of Sikhism and Sikhs. These myopic greedy thugs forget India is mother of Sikhs. Gurus sacrificed all for this land. Pakistan and George Soros are enemies of India and Sikhs..

Appeasing the Southall electorate. Full of Sikhs.(The Khalistani type).

@anmoluppal11 In my city there are more Sikhs than entire UK and none of them want khali stan..

@mssirsa @narendramodi SIKHS by keeping quiet are now supporting KHALISTANI Terrorists.

What Sikhs Must Actually Stop For Pantha Rakshana, Verses ... What Sikhs Are Actually Doing Today..

@sheenasahota88 Nothing wrong with this. Sikhs can enjoy music dancing and kirtan next day !.

@PunjabPoliceInd @DGPPunjabPolice Punjab police is by far the shittest police out there, corrupt and evil. It’s Sikhs turning against Sikhs just because Yu want a bit of extra money. Fuckin disgrace everyone should get together batter the life out of and punjab police member who turns against the panth.

I hope @BhagwantMann will use this massive force to root out drugs & criminals form Punjab as well, or they are only there to harass Sikhs? ..

@paneerholic @SikhFeminist Then why are Sikhs being arrested without crime & no practicing or non practicing Hindus left or right has spoken against it? If you can assume all of us to be guilty without charges, I would you all to be savage & hateful!.

Delhi Sikhs, self-preservation in these tense times is understandable. A better longer-term strategy might be to either arm yourselves or move out of Delhi. I am afraid these antics are going to run their course soon. Unfortunately, you are surrounded by the worst of humankind..

@ashoswai Lol, you give your “left” opinions for most all minorities except Sikhs. What a joke of a person.

The United States strongly condemned the attack on the Indian consulate in #SanFrancisco by a group of separatist Sikhs, terming it absolutely unacceptable.

You guys need to come down off your high horse. If you find it difficult to do that, just watch the pictures and videos of helpless Sikhs in Afghanistan and Pakistan & use them as your ego buster..

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@ProfBabones Surprising. As the Canadian Khalistan referendum only allowed Sikhs and Punjab residents to vote. Didn’t realise Australian referendum had open entry..

@srivatsayb A rapist Stood with victim family??? Are u out of your mind? A genocide family stood with sikhs??? Are you mad? A looters dynasty stood with honesty and national develpment??? YOU NEED TREATMENT FOR 🤑🤑🤑.

@pun_fact Why is the Indian elite intelligentsia silent on this. Why is the Biden administration and PIO, NRI sikhs silent. Khalistan is gaining momentum and we need the soul of KPS Gill to hunt these bigots..

@HVSBanwait Sikhs are not minority in Punjab, they are actually in majority with 58% Population. And its AAP Govt in Punjab, elected by Punjabis..

The Sikhs in India know very well where and with whom they stand. As for the rest they will either mend or face the might of India. Terror will not be tolerated by any religion, caste or creed..

@mssirsa @narendramodi Afpak mein na jane kitne granth sahabo ke saath mein beadbi hui hai. Hindus love and this is what they get? How will sikhs survive with two highly inimical kaums? Ye tamasha band pyar ko nafrat mein na badlo.

See the actual side of Khalistan. Its Sikhs for Justice all along. #WarisPunjabDeNotAboveLaw #PunjabRejectsViolence.

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@ShackledSingh stop spreading hate messages. we all know why police is after #AmritpalSingh. no one id targeting Sikhs.

@Wernard_Boolley @BadGa1Kiki That battle was fought because Sikhs would raid his caravans and free his indian slaves. He got frustrated by our raids and attacked Harmandir sahib, so sikhs banded together and defeated his army. Similarities between tyrants - Abdali and Indira..

@mxtaverse What is your solution? Line them up and execute? Appeasement especially of a not lost people is an underrated idea. Dont you want Brahmins to be appeased a bit? Sikhs have many valid aspirations has led to this day.

Why did @AmitShah ALLOW the situation in Punjab to escalate to this level ? Why was #AmritpalSingh allowed to do all these activities for 1 full year, WHY ? N now internet is shutdown, Sikhs r once again being threatened by #BJP , WHY ? What is the bigger conspiracy here ?.

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