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El 1⃣1⃣ que eligió José Mourinho para jugar en Old Trafford: Gazzaniga, Aurier, Alderweireld, Sánchez, Vertonghen, Winks, Sissoko, Dele, Son, Lucas, Kane (C). 💪 #VamosSpurs ⚪️ #COYS.

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Mourinho turning Sissoko into top 3 strikers in the things you love to see 😏 #COYS.

BAILE DOS SPURS! Com gol de Lucas Moura, Tottenham não toma conhecimento do Burnley na Premier League! Kane (2x), Son e Sissoko também marcaram para o time da casa..

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You’re telling me that arsenal spent 72m on a winger only to be out scored so far this season by Moussa Sissoko? *puts on Patrice evra voice* ‘I love this game’.

@ValyrianCA Yeah, we all know they are shit. Even Norwich wins a game here and there. Mou is stuck with a blind gk and a braindead Sissoko. Losing will spur (no pun intended) Levy to spend in January. Mourinho is looking towards the future. This is only his 3rd game..

@winksoko Need someone to edit Sissoko’s face over Alli.

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@TheLocalYidiot Erm I agree with winks and sissoko not so much the son and Lucas :/ but that’s just my opinion.

@SolskjaerWay99 @SpursOfficial No thanks 🤣 We got kids better than Matic, Winks & Sissoko. Just hope Jose gives them a chance.

@THFCnico oh really?! that’s a shock tbh. heard sissoko was one of the worst and his penalty was poor? that’s a change then m.

Giddy fans actually saying that Ole tactically outclassed Mourinho If it wasn’t for a keeper error and Sissoko giving another brainless penalty away, it would be a different story Regardless, it won’t stop the inevitable.

@argentiniandrip na dont listen to everybody. one of the best performances this season especially from aurier & sissoko.

@e_spurs Stop making excuses for Sissoko Dele. You even said yourself he was “lucky” to score on Saturday!.

@_dansmaparanoia mmmmmmmmh 11 joueurs sur le terrain du coté de tottenham mais ça critique uniquement aurier & sissoko? je doute que ce ne soit QUE à cause de leur niveau de jeu.

If sissoko starts, id prefer him to be on the right side, Aurier still a defensive liability with how far forward he gets and sissoko is fine trailing back to cover when it happens, Lucas doesn’t do that at all and opens us up too much.

@scout1885 @SpursOfficial Unless eriksen, aurier and sissoko leave then you’ll not hear from me 🤐.

Not being funny right but isn’t VAR meant to stop things like dives and shite, I’ve watched it back and sissoko never touched whoever it was..

@ChrisTavernier It all came from a free kick. Aurier sleeping, went to shut Rashford down so late, put it past him and sissoko was trying to cover him like he had done all game. Soft but very clumsy.

@AlasdairGold Struggling to recall what happened in the build up to second goal. I know sissoko did a stupid leg dangle thing but seems Jose is pointing at a different phase of play which lead up to it. Anyone know? I’m guessing it will have involved 🙄.

@Ndombology Sissoko was covering RB quite a bit throughout the match. I think it was more a tactical instruction.

@JackRogers_03 Absolutely, so many people are saying he was good like wtf. Sissoko had to play right back because he couldn’t be arsed to defend (also Rashford skinned him when he did), and his crosses were all to De.

@Mourinho_FC_ Puedes tener jugadores de corte defensivo pero que entreguen bien el balón, Sissoko tiene los pies redondos no se como fue jugador de fútbol. Hoy eran un equipo sin hambre cansado los 3 de arriba y no presionaban, puede ser por el plantel corte que tienen..

@Tottenhamanlac @madkslayer Vertonghen secimi de kotuydu sissoko ortada olunca oxellikleri basite donusuyor. Bir de orta saha doldurdilar tqkima bir santrafor almadiola.

@pokeefe1 He clearly wanted to say something along the lines of “Sissoko and Aurier were braindead to concede that penalty”... because we were all thinking it. At least José hasn’t praised the performance or talked in riddles. Came out and said straight, we were poor, they were better..

@MattR_WHUFC I love sissoko and aurier but let’s be honest they’re a bit shite 😂.

@BrandonSC_ Also badly exposed by having Sissoko next to him and not a proper holder. Something we really need. Not an excuse for how many times he gave the ball away though.

El 1⃣1⃣ que eligió José Mourinho para jugar en Old Trafford: Gazzaniga, Aurier, Alderweireld, Sánchez, Vertonghen, Winks, Sissoko, Dele, Son, Lucas, Kane (C). 💪 #VamosSpurs ⚪️ #COYS.

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