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Watch the epic response of PM Shri @narendramodi to TDP’s “Go Back Modi” posters and banners in Andhra Pradesh. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

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Acting Pentagon chief lands in Afghanistan, supports Kabul role in peace talks - Times of India #FollowAndShareYourNewsWithUs #southindiafornamo.

Parl Panel Summons Twitter CEO to Appear Before it On February 25; India Reps Made to Go Back - News18 #FollowAndShareYourNewsWithUs #southindiafornamo.

@GargaC NaMo & South Indian sates: Kerala- BJP is zero Tamil Nadu - BJP less than NOTA Andhra Pradesh- BJP is Rejected Telangana- Threw BJP out Karnataka- Operation Lotus fails consistently & BJP IT Cell morons trend #SouthIndiaForNamo.

हमें भारतीय होने पर गर्व है अबू धाबी में हिन्दी बनी कोर्ट की तीसरी अधिकारिक भाषा ~ #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

१००, ५० साल पूराना बैंक भी आपके जमा धन को १० साल मे दूगना करता है. ये @narendramodi सरकार ने तो महज चार साल मे हि १० गुना रिटर्न देश को देश की जनता को वापस विकास तरक्की सुविधाएें योजनाओं के द्वारा लौटाया. #SocialMediaSangam #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Karnataka’s CM appears to be a punching bag for all. Everyone is challenging him & it’s difficult to figure out who’s the in charge of the state. They want to impose the same ‘Mazboor’ model on the entire country : PM Shri @narendramodi #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

ईमानदार को मोदी पर भरोसा है। और जो भ्रष्ट हैं मोदी से उन्हीं को कष्ट है। #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

ईमानदार को मोदी पर भरोसा है। और जो भ्रष्ट हैं मोदी से उन्हीं को कष्ट है। #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

In the past 4 years our govt has continuously worked for the poor and the middle class : PM Modi, Dial 9345014501 to listen live. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Hubli where he will address a public rally shortly. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

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Hon PM @narendramodi ji inaugurated 100 bedded ESI hospital, Tiruppur #TNWelcomesModi #SouthIndiaForNamo.

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Chandrababu Naidu will remember this for a long #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

The central government is building oil reserves in different places in the country so that the country does not face scarcity of fuel in difficult situations : PM Shri @narendramodi #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Watch the epic response of PM Shri @narendramodi to TDP’s “Go Back Modi” posters and banners in Andhra Pradesh. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

जिन्होंने आंध्र प्रदेश के Sunrise का वादा किया था, आज अपने Son को Rise करने में जुटे है : पीएम मोदी #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

PM Modi addresses Public Meeting at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Shri @narendramodi had selected AP as a pioneer state for supply 24*7 electricity, by funding ~INR 3000 Cr/year subsidy bills to discoms. @ncbn has been taking credit of the same. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Pehlay koi nayi road bani ho to log andaja lagaya kartay thay ki koi PM aara hoga Aaj kal kaha pata chalta hai ....Kyoki har koi road aachai banakar rakha hai ....patanahi @narendramodi ji ki visit kab plan ho #TNWelcomesModi #SouthIndiaForNamo.

and 15 per cent of investment allowance on the cost of plant and machinery acquired by it. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

14 important tasks of Andhra Reorganisation Act were to be completed in 10 years by the centre. Ten of them are completed in five years. Naidu is lying that BJP have done nothing #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Summarily, @ncbn and his cronies have nothing to complaint against @narendramodi. All they doing is propaganda of vicious lies and arguments. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Word of the day -‘Chanda’ Babu Naidu Synonyms- Mamata Banerjee Rahul Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal Tejashwi Yadav Sharad Pawar H. D Kumaraswamy Pinarayi Vijayan Common trait - Lies, Appeasment, Corruption Antonyms - Development that is Narendra Modi #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

Massive funds given by @narendramodi ji Still they hate Modi. Because their dynasty and loot is at stake. #SouthIndiaForNaMo.

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See, How much hatred these liars have. You must have consulted your tech-savvy CM @ncbn instead of blaming center. If you spread fake news and lies, even technology understand that What comes out of TDP is only LIES #SouthIndiaForNamo.

Gud mng @ncbn. Starting your day with spreading Lies and falsehood has been your habit since long. Find sometime to listen @narendramodi Ji’s speech at 11:30 AM where he will expose your blatant lies. Tsunami of your lies will be stopped by Truth today. #SouthIndiaForNamo.

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