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What’s the German word for tense debate in the on whether we can have Easter holidays in Spain without anyone noting Spain has banned travellers?

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יהודה Louis
יהודה Louis ()

when i reach a 300 day duolingo streak i officially become prime minister of spain right


先日(1/24)のATOM SAXOPHONE QUARTET@中目黒楽屋にて演奏した「スペイン」をに公開しました。 改めて素晴らしい曲を生み出してくれたチックコリアに感謝と敬意を表します。 是非ご覧下さい。 SPAIN / Chick Corea | ATOM SAXOPHONE QUARTET@楽屋 #atomsax


Let’s go for Spain! 🇪🇸 Crismar Menchavez | @_crismench

❦ 𝑺𝑬𝑹𝑮𝑬 . · ࣪ ⬫
❦ 𝑺𝑬𝑹𝑮𝑬 . · ࣪ ⬫ ()

@STARCANDIIEZ This is just a slow waltz,but I know you like challenges. How about rumba flamenca? I used to dance stuff like that back there in Spain before joining Hullabaloo. — the music genre itself was very lively, Serge was convinced that it would be enough to distract Mike from- »

elena aguado
Elena aguado ()

Muy tios violentos y armados contra uno. ¡¿Qué gran crimen habrá cometido?! 😳🙄

Nancy E
Nancy E ()

@psg_mad What is more than obvious is that the Moors ruled Spain (5% - 100%) from 711 - 1492, about 800 years. 😃 Over that time the Moors made a significant impact far beyond what the Romans when they were present.

G ()

@MiaSanMiaDFB @MaxBretosSports Manchester United does not play in Spain. English teams are still strong and most likely one is going to win the Champions League this season.

elena aguado
Elena aguado ()

Es que detrás de Bill Gates siempre hay intereses económicos o políticos, su filantropía es una cortina de humo y siempre lo ha sido.

Alex Makin
Alex Makin ()

@AnimaeOK @PRGuy17 Actually, there has been a push in the US to explore similar laws. France & Spain already have similar legislation in force.

Hej Urbetz
Hej Urbetz ()

@spain_grain Meanwhile all the upper faculty/administration laughing all the way to the bank. The whole thing is one giant scam and we all end up paying for it in some form or fashion.

WBA Ollie
WBA Ollie ()

Biggest Underachievers: Spain Again spain will flop at a major tournament, while i think they will get atleast to the last 16 i can see them losing on penaltys as they havent been performing at any tournament since euro 2012. Spain will flop again.

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azula got jumped
Azula got jumped ()

@RoshannaTrim Yet I got half of Port-of-Spain in my mentions trying to tell me that anti-Bajan sentiment in T&T isn’t a thing. That’s like if I were to tell a Guyanese that Bim doesn’t have anti-Guyanese sentiment smh

Súper Trinos
Súper Trinos ()

🟧 La IAS Spain presentó un informe acerca de los hábitos de consumo del entorno digital entre los Millennials y la generación X

VolcanoYT EWS
VolcanoYT EWS ()

New Earthquake km of Sidi Saler - Spain - - 18/02/2021 02:05:30 UTC (MDD/Automatic) #eqvyt_3530 (0x)

Tony Spain
Tony Spain ()

Wednesday Night Dirty Boxing Class. @ Absolute Boxing With Tony Spain

Ian ()

@MarioC_00 @TaylorTwellman No, of course not. Top to bottom, La Liga is stronger than Ligue 1. But both pale in comparison to the Premier League.* That was my point. *The perennial UCL teams in Spain & France are the exceptions to the rule. Obviously Barça & PSG are on par with top EPL clubs.

Con Ánimo De Ofender
Con Ánimo De Ofender ()

@noamchomskyT Thank you so much Mr. Chomsky. Please keep explaining reality through words instead misleading words through reality. Kind regards from Spain

Prof. Devi Sridhar
Prof. Devi Sridhar ()

What’s the German word for tense debate in the on whether we can have Easter holidays in Spain without anyone noting Spain has banned travellers?

Jada ()

After 19 years my mom wanna NOW teach me how to speak Spanish because she said we might be moving to Spain 😒

Dresar ()

@Elmiillor sí soy viewer de elmillor 😎 voy contra las reglas 😈 fuck spain 😡 fuck creadores de contenido de españa 💩 solo veo streamers ingleses 💫 hago copypastes en el chat 🤣 viva elmillor viva stanix 😍 ibai gordoh

Cindy Wines
Cindy Wines ()

@Benellinova_ @nywolforg Good for Spain. I wish this was done here in the US. I live in Idaho where they hunt them and Montana and other states hunt them. So sad and not fair.

Jessica Price
Jessica Price ()

on the upside, given that this series is A) super-Catholic B) from Spain C) centered around a MacGuffin that comes from the Judas story I expected it to be antisemitic as fuck and there was very little that was objectionable from that standpoint

Bridget Sarai
Bridget Sarai ()

@BradFarberman I actually know the lyrics to “Red Clay”, “Giant Steps” & “Spain”

IG : @adipati_store
IG : @adipati_store ()

Spain home 16/17 BNWT • size M • Nameset original Rp

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Nellynomics Economica
Nellynomics Economica ()

Coronavirus vaccine doses given per 100 people Israel: 74 UAE: 51 UK: 23 US: 16 Poland: Norway: Spain: Italy: Germany: Turkey: France: Canada: China: Russia: Brazil: Saudi: India: Mexico: Indonesia: (Our World in Data)

Ny ()

in spain without the s at the fact that I still have no power and it’s coooooold and I’m huuuuuungryyyyyy


Evolution of cases in Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, France, Germany, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, since 100th confirmed case.

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Christine Swint 😷
Christine Swint 😷 ()

@jonlovett “So” can be another way of expressing, “As I was saying,” “then,” or “in other words.” In Spain they say, “o sea” in similarly conversational contexts. Grammar’s better understood as description rather than prescription, IMHO

Reuters ()

Spanish rapper locks himself in university to avoid jail in free speech case

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The three main parties in favor of Catalonian independence won more than 50 percent of the popular vote in Spain’s elections this weekend, increasing the chances of a new secession referendum.

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