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Harry Kane that is absolutely magnificent! 😮 Spurs take the lead thanks to their number An astonishing touch and finish while off-balance 🔥.

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Only Spurs can be 2-0 up and lose 2-1 Savage #COYG [georgeachillea].

Don’t worry spurs fans, trust me on this one, it’s not officially made by the club or endorsed by it.

🗣 Mauricio: It’s tough because I think we were the better side but in the end we conceded. We cannot complain, we have to accept the rules..

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❝Kami membuat beberapa kesalahan dan pulang tanpa poin. Kami merasa sangat frustrasi, namun harus menerimanya walaupun itu terasa menyakitkan.❞ - @MoussaSissoko. Pelajaran berharga untuk tampil lebih baik 🙏 #COYS.

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福田99試合327打席63打点 参考 ビシ137試合575打席91打点 これ福田割と頭おかしいことやっとる.

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Finally got around to reading @btoporek on the Spurs’ young upcoming backcourt. Give it a spin. @bballwriters has some great content but even if you are unable to commit to another subscription at this time, the 99 cent daily pass is well worth it..

@Thepatrickrant @RobbieProuse I was born in Walthamstow and spent most of my life there. Spurs were my nearest team but I also used to go and watch The O’s occasionally so I might go and see some of their games..

Labour students scrapped on Wednesday 😂 #Climatestrike Thursday 😯 NEC nearly gets rid of Tom Watson Friday 😏 ...but it’s scuppered Saturday 😢 Next up? Decarbonisation by 2030 & abolishing private schools? Now I know what it felt like to be a spurs fan vs Ajax @AyoCaesar.

City score 8 Spurs get fucked over by VAR The world now knows, Liverpool just want to be City. What a day to be.

Harry Kane that is absolutely magnificent! 😮 Spurs take the lead thanks to their number An astonishing touch and finish while off-balance 🔥.

Fernando Llorente’s last two Champions League games: —Loses 2-0 to Liverpool in the Champions League final with Spurs —Scores in the 92nd minute in a 2-0 win against Liverpool with Napoli.

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@SuperiorSissoko They’re music is fucking awful, before American beauty/phyco is was good but anything after that is pretty awful.

@SAnderson78uk @SplendidSaliba London is white😂😂 what have spurs won the past 5 years? The Audi cup? Compared to chelsea and arsenal, you have no clue.

@cfc_zak You only have one player on Liverpool/ City standard - Kante. You’re 4/5 signings off competing with the level below that which is Spurs imo.

We get battered by Chelsea and then we concede 4 to Spurs in the same day?? Nuno out now, this is getting ridiculous. #wwfc.

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And they beat the rockets with hakeem and clade and Barkley and beat a 56 win spurs team with Tim Duncan and Robinson and next year they were champions and swept a 61 win lakers team with shaq Kobe Eddie nick van excel.

@HerciMerci Exactly and the Spurs aren’t even the only team with a good coach there’s like 3 to 5 other teams with good coaches.

📰 สเปอร์ส 4-0 คริสตัล พาเลซ ⚽ ซนนี่ x2 + ลาเมล่า + OG 👐 คลีนชีท ✅ สามแต้ม #COYS #พรีเมียร์ลีก.

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@psychdr100 Hell no! His bone spurs wouldn’t allow that! He doesn’t do anything physical..

@spurs4life1981 Just when the superlatives are starting to come back. Spurs have their mojo back. Lamela is playing great!!!.

@thehalestone @spurs_legacy Dak is literally the quintessential “good” quarterback lmao. He’s not elite, not bad. But good. You couldn’t be more wrong.

@pokeefe1 I know you said no VDV but come on, as much as Sonny is definitely a far better player VDV was spectacular. My favourite EVER Spurs player.

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