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Don’t talk about Steph again unless it’s in a convo with the time great PLAYERS!! And i mean a hand full of people to ever touch a basketball..

Rob Perez
Rob Perez

the sleep taunt and the ring taunt from Steph in the same game..

Steph Photo,Steph Photo by Rob Perez,Rob Perez on twitter tweets Steph Photo

WARRIORS UP 54-39 AT THE HALF 🚨 Steph: 12 PTS | 5 AST Klay: 12 PTS | 2 3PM.

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Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson lead the way as the Warriors enter halftime of Game 6 up by 15, 54-39 💪 Steph: Klay: 12 points 12 points 4 rebounds 3 rebounds 5 assists 5-of-9 FG 5-of-12 FG 2-of-3 3P 2-of-4 3P.

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Steph needs to keep attacking in the 2nd half mainly the 3rd quarter lots of high PnR thats where u generate the best offense dont even give them a chance to breathe it ends tonight.

@LegionHoops Dnt compare Bron to Kobe & MJ, his legacy needs to be compared with Steph’s.


@coach_cbied @ChrisClark_2 Nah u gotta guard that Nigga fresh out the bed off the wake up 😭😭😭. But I have one last question… do you think Steph better than Lebron James?.

@lucasbrbsa4PF Ouais Kobe dans un top normal il est carrément 9eme ou 10 eme par contre Steph est trop haut il est en debat juste avant Kobe et Bird est bcp trop bas.

@Phantomstran6 shit forget both those guys, everyone hitting 6 3s randomly. Mj wouldn’t touch the elite shooters like steph klay dame and harden.

Halftime Steph: 12 PTS, 5 AST, 4 REB, 5-9 FG, +12 Poole: 11 PTS, 1 AST, 2 REB, 4-6 FG, +14 Klay: 12 PTS, 1 AST, 3 REB, 5-12 FG, +6.

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@TyKnowsBall @warriors I been watching Celtics all year, this is pre RJ Barrett game winner Celtics. Y’all got this in the bag GG congrats to the Warriors and Steph on the MVP.

Horford est défendu par Steph il n’a pas le ballon c’est con hein mais ça fait la différence.

Some are saying this Warriors team and that Steph Curry guy are pretty good. I guess we will see..

Steph been hitting the floor and getting crushed by Celtics players the whole game man.

@warriorsworld I think Williams smacked the shit out his head from the last block and Steph was a bit dazed.

Steph is good but he was blessed to be on a real I understand why he will get all the credit though.

top 10 nba players of all time: 1. Lebron 2. Jordan 3. Kareem 4. Wilt 5. Magic 6. Bird 7. Bill Russell 8. Duncan 9. Kobe 10. Shaq Number 11 is Steph..

Moments before disaster, Steph knew what was about to come when Boston led the series 2-1 😎.

Steph Photo,Steph Photo by Harry Maguire Hate Club,Harry Maguire Hate Club on twitter tweets Steph Photo

Awful offense to end the half, missed too many good looks to kill them off. Ver very far from being over and Steph gotta step up.

If Warriors win tonight & Steph gets Finals MVP, I’ll buy a pair of Curry’s tonight & will wear them proudly!!!!!!!.

Why were the rumors of LeBron on PED’s but never Steph ? Ankles don’t get healthier with age 🤔 #NBAFinals.

@2099gaming I agree…al is doing good but it’s not enough. I think Steph and golden state is going to end this tonight..

All the highlights will be Steph but it’s not right that they will forget about Dray..

@AndyMPok @JLin7 Not a Steph fan,and Lin is just stating do you disagree and think Iggy was more valuable than Steph in that championship? 😂.

Assuming they close it out Steph is gonna get his well deserved flowers and FMVP but holy shit the warriors defense is absolutely insane, it’s like they leveled up from their first run with Steph being able to play solid defense too.

@K25th_ Even though people knew steph was gon get this ring, him being top ten was not a discussion. This is insane talk to me rn.

@MKBHD Agreed. I was thinking if somehow Steph had another game 5 and Wiggins had 30+ in a game 6 win, he could have stolen MVP. He was solid!.

When people try to have revisionist history and say how much help Steph had, remember this. Remember this.

What an amazing season from the Warriors so happy to see them win it and see Steph finally get that finals MVP.

where everybody at who said it was a wrap for Steph & company once KD left & Klay was hurt?.

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