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  • India salutes the brave @crpfindia personnel who were martyred in the attack in Sukma, Chhattisgarh. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the brave martyrs. The nation stands shoulder to shoulder with them in this hour of grief..

  • The Maoist attack in Sukma, Chhattisgarh in which 9 CRPF jawans lost their lives is tragic. It reflects a deteriorating internal security situation due to flawed policies. My condolences to the families of those killed. To those who have been injured, I wish a speedy recovery..

  • Pagi Sayang udah bangun blum.

  • Pagi ini seneng banget ....

  • Where are the sukma house pictures that are supposed to be on instagramm! I only see kuning! nampaknye kuning paleng semangat 😍💯.

  • Sukma 2018: Kum Zee ketuai kontinjen Perak

    #Sukma twitter.
  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Ikut seneng dong.

  • #नक्सली हमले में #CRPF के 9 जवान सुकमा में शहीद, शहीदों को शत् शत् नमन..! कब तक हमारे जवान शहादत देते रहेंगे..? मोदीजी नोटबंदी से आतंकी और नक्सलियों की कमर टूटने वाली थी..? तो हमले बढ़ कैसे गए...? #BJPFailsSoldiers #Sukma.

  • सुकमा हमला उजाकर करता है पुलिस के खुफिया तंत्र की नाकामी

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza inbox donk BBm n WA ny.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza udah dua2nya.. :-p.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza seneng kenapa sayang.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza pagi juga sayang udah ko.

  • Hello Mohammad, How many biscuits did u get in the #DinnerDiplomacy from your only source of sustenance? Hope She congratulated u on the success of your half-brothers in #Sukma. Mast tha mauka. Tripura gaya toh #Sukma diya chouka.

  • @Della_Susila @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Malan.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Udah bun.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Sudah bunda cantik.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Abg nak Jilat camni gak as realistic ..lissa ready ??.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Pgi jga tnte mnt no wa nya dong tante.

  • all the best lah eh untuk pre sukma 💙💛❤️💚.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Pagi sdh subuh ma.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Sudah donk.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza selalu stay buat bunda sukma.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Pagi juga bunda.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Nice u.

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  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Hi.

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  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Knp emg bun?.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Yuk di lanjut kan.

  • @Bunda_Sukma_Aza Mau.