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Laver Cup
Laver Cup

For me [Roger] was always the guy to beat. So at some point we were probably the biggest rivals - I think always in a very good way. @RafaelNadal sums up his relationship with Team Europe teammate @RogerFederer. #LaverCup.

Roger Federer of Team Europe waves to the crowd following his final match of a career that included 20 Grand Slam titles during Day One of the #LaverCup at The O2 Arena in London, England. 📷: Clive Brunskill.

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Roger says he doesn’t have any plans of soon taking over as Team Europe captain, but probably will in the future 🇪🇺🇨🇭.

and they’re all coming back tomorrow. roger assuming his permanent duties as team europe cheerleader🥲.

With Federer playing his last match & rumours Nadal will withdraw from his guess its up to Djokovic & Co to win the Laver Cup for Team Europe!!.

Subset of team that made Django Europe 2022 happened - Thank you #djangoconeurope #django.

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Laver Cup 2022: The last dance of Federer and Nadal, as Europe hope for fairytale ending; Team Europe get opening Ruud win @LaverCup via @thesportreview.

@trader1sz @btc_charlie i can only recommend. im with plutus for some time already. the team is working hard to make it top tier service. They have nice perks and the rewards are % pretty good. And they care about their customers, never had a problem and used them all over europe so far.

@skengteta Pain wish it was an exhibition where you can pick a young star like Carlos (ik he’s team Europe).

@RafaelNadal you and Roger were amazing today. My photos for you, the team and family. I was crying at home here in Toronto, 🇨🇦 the quietest I have been watching Tennis. My love to team Europe. Give Roger a hug from me. ❤.

When Tiafoe said “I love this f____ing sh_t!” it was all over for Team Europe. Congratulations Team World #LaverCup.

Team Europe may have lost 😞 but to see the best of the best altogether (inc the Big Four) has been truly incredible… #LaverCup 2022 is one to be remembered forever! 🫶🏻 #RF 🫡.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas sees off Diego Schwartzman as Team Europe go 2-0 up at the #LaverCup on Friday. Quiet evening session coming up 👀.

@GreatnessWas @TheNBACentral Oof, tough ratio bro. Luka is lebron in his first stint in Cleveland. No other top 60 players on the team and he drags them to 52 wins and WCF. Won mvps and a championship at the highest level in Europe at 18. He plays winning basketball, dummy..


El Team Europe es un sin sentido por lo buenos que son 🤯💥.

And here I set out how some of the team in the BIOSEC Project developed the new @BeastlyProject investigating #IWT in #Europe.

Diego Schwartzman vs Stefanos Tsitsipas Live Telecast | O2 Arena London| 2022 Laver Cup | Final| 23rd Sept [Play Video] ▶️⏹️⏯️.

Team Europe Photo,Team Europe Photo by Cole Dawson,Cole Dawson on twitter tweets Team Europe Photo

Diego Schwartzman vs Stefanos Tsitsipas Highlights & Full Replay | O2 Arena London| 2022 Laver Cup | Final| 23rd Sept [Live video is Here] ▶️⏹️⏯️.

Team Europe Photo,Team Europe Photo by Ronen Gray,Ronen Gray on twitter tweets Team Europe Photo

@rogie My question is actually something similar to what just @negativespaceca said at the beginning. Do you plan a bigger expansion in the design team because of the acquisition? Do you plan to expand your design teams in Europe? Thanks!.

登場シーンだけでウルウル(T_T) Meet Team Europe | Laver Cup 2022 @YouTubeより.

@tennisemms yeah he’s soooo grumpy and team europe have all been so happy and he’s bringing the mood down 🙄🙄🙄.

Cannot believe Team Fun won Splat Sneak Peak in Europe because as all my worldwide friends know: You cannot have fun in Europe.


@TennisTV Now it’s all down to Team Europe to win it 1 more time for Federer, sad he couldn’t get the final win, wish Sock and Tiafoe would’ve gave the first match point up, but never the less, great match. Let’s go Team Europe!!!.

Buona notte anche a Rafa Nadal (non pensare troppo al fatto che avresti voluto una vittoria per il tuo rivale-amico), buona notte al team europe, buona notte a tutti (tranne a Tiafoe e Sock).


buonanotte a tutti soprattutto a Roger Federer e a tutto il Team Europe <3 ma non a Jack Sock e Frances Tiafoe.

National team: press in Europe surrenders to Neymar and Brazil: ‘Have fun’.

Tiene que ganar el Team Europe por lo civil o por lo criminal, y si es por lo criminal con Tiafoe llorando por un pelotazo de Nole lo celebraría como un gol en el descuento. Hazlo @DjokerNole..


Team Europe might not have won but Roger Federer spent the entire weekend hearing everyone telling him how loved he is and how missed he is already. I think he’ll count that as a win myself..


Rune needs to be at Laver Cup next year so Team Europe has some brattyness like the frat-bros. Edgyness needed..

@jamiecweir In fact, who have Europe lost to LIV that we expected to be in our Ryder Cup team next year? Horsefield if he’d fulfilled potential. Casey if he’d stayed fit..

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