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One made sensational claim & now not willing to cooperate with cops. Another one is running ghisa-pita tape recorder for corrupt colleague. And the last one is family of illiterate stuck on teleprompter. BJP is the luckiest party in India to have such opposition..

Teleprompter Photo,Teleprompter Photo by The Hawk Eye,The Hawk Eye on twitter tweets Teleprompter Photo

#IndiaTodayConclave में Teleprompter के साथ फेकेंद्र का फेकना शुरू हुआ 😂😁🙏.

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If he stumbles through a teleprompter speech, it still doesn’t make it so..

@narendramodi Imagine if teleprompter were not 🙁.

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@AshishSinghKiJi If only Rahul baba knew how to use a teleprompter as well, we’d be spared of the dumb blabbering..

Better Modi be known as T P and not PM. T P means Teleprompter! And this coward and illiterate cannot give a single Press Conference in the last nine years, and got the entire speech of Rahul on Adani+Modi Frauds expunged from Lok Sabha Chor Hai..

बीना teleprompter के काम नहीं चलता।।.

WILL: Words Information Lettering Learning STAY: Song Teleprompter Assisting You! Free public, forever, GOD: (:.

अनपढ़ PM की खुल गई पोल: - Teleprompter से स्पीच पढ़ते हैं - उसके बाद भी Moment को Momench बोलते हैं Teleprompter PM को चुनना देश का दुर्भाग्य है।.

Teleprompter Photo,Teleprompter Photo by 𝑹𝒂𝒉𝒖𝒍 𝑲𝒂𝒋𝒂𝒍 𝑰𝑵𝑪 🇮🇳,𝑹𝒂𝒉𝒖𝒍 𝑲𝒂𝒋𝒂𝒍 𝑰𝑵𝑪 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Teleprompter Photo

@myshanks @ArunKrishnan_ Disciplined people control their behaviour. Consistently sticking to a teleprompter or other aids points to a person who means tight control over what he speaks, understands the responsibility of his own position & value of words. Given a chance we all go wayward while reading..

@JhaSanjay even you can talk sense than your leader, open your eyes and see that what he says, its all about sense and vision not teleprompter or doing a press conference which makes a difference.

@madversity @raghuynt Also, here the podium was on one side of the stage but angled towards the centre. With these glass teleprompters, the speaker will never look into the camera but at the audience. A lens mounted teleprompter is used when news anchors/PM needs to speak directly into the camera..

@nitinagarwalINC When there is no substantive point to make: Teleprompter and Press Conference points are made. Kuch bhi.

@RJDforIndia बाहनचोद गुआर अगर तू बता देगा कि Teleprompter का काम करता है तो हम कल से दूध दोहना शुरू कर देंगे।.

@GhostedOU812 @sheshapatangi1 A teleprompter can fill his shoes 😂🤣.

Teleprompter Photo,Teleprompter Photo by Fired,Fired on twitter tweets Teleprompter Photo

@sheshapatangi1 😂🤣 Teleprompter is the secret of my energy 😂🤣.

Teleprompter Photo,Teleprompter Photo by Fired,Fired on twitter tweets Teleprompter Photo

@anjanaomkashyap You can see his teleprompter 😂😂😂 Its india moomech!😂😂😂😂.

@ajitdatta I thought it was a conclave where there are interactions, questions, answers without teleprompter. Khair, Sanghis ko kya pata!.

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@madversity Ask him to take a press conference without a teleprompter, fixed questioners, godi media anchor. Sab orator nikal ke aa jayega. We saw how good orator was he when teleprompter stopped..

कभी बिना Teleprompter के भी बोल लो और Interview भी दे दो चिच्चा।.

Momech moment from India today Conclave. I think Modiji teleprompter is programmed to run English in Gujarati dialect which leads to such GLITCHES. I wonder how did he react to teleprompter during COVID when he had to cry on video #IndiaTodayConclave #TeleprompterPM.

@anjanaomkashyap बिना teleprompter के तो PM modi कुछ बोल ही नहीं पाते, एक बार भाषण के बीच में teleprompter खराब हो गया था, पूरी दुनिया ने मोदी जी को अब्बा चब्बा डब्बा बोलते हुए सुना था उस दिन से मुझे पक्का यकीन हो गया ये बंदा Wrong Number है.

PM Modi की Teleprompter पढ़ने में ऐसी ज़ुबान फिसली, Modi Trolled on via @YouTube #लुटेरा_गौतम_दास_मोदी.

Teleprompter is a device that is used at the time of delivering speech. It is very new technology and in olden times there was no such technology but it seems it is very recently invented. Most of the speeches given by modi ji by using teleprompter. Using technology nothing wron.

@MahuaMoitraFans People used to read speeches from paper earlier, what is wrong in using Teleprompter?.

@rishibagree Aisa teleprompter se dete to inko bhi loop mein lagna nahi parta.

Teleprompter Photo,Teleprompter Photo by piyush yadav,piyush yadav on twitter tweets Teleprompter Photo

@NarundarM @narendramodi ji aapke do Anmol Ratan kaun hai? a) Ambani aur Adani b) Camera aur Teleprompter.

When #RahulGandhi has to answer without help from #teleprompter or @sampitroda or @Jairam_Ramesh.

This is worth watching again and again and again! Love President Trump , telling it like it is and never using a teleprompter like the current squatter in the White House. 🔥💪🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸 Watching Former President Trump Speaks at CPAC @CSPAN.

@NarundarM I just is he speaking w/o teleprompter yesterday. was good.

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