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MK Venu, founding editor of The Wire spread fake news about the meeting between PM of India and President of USA at G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. Here is the link of the White House about the meeting:.

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@kevsmac These. For ~35 years I used my teeth to strip wire. The difference is amazing..

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Last night was the grand final of an 8-week pub trivia tournament and it came down to the wire but we fucking WON!!! Been absolutely buzzing ever since.

今夜はこの曲でお休みなさいまし。 Leonard Cohen - Bird On The Wire (Live in London) @YouTubeより.

my hand hurts so bad dude i accidentally touched the wire brush thingie and then i got steel powder into the wound.

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A white person hating wire people is the definition of a CommuNazi!.

@newscientist Perhaps it was maintaining or attempting to clean up the half a billion copper needles that were littered into space (that we know of) since Project West Ford was classified and continued indefinitely. Space nuclear detonations and copper wire insanity:.

We’ve picked five Falcons to watch for Sunday’s game against the Commanders..

@yukirurikawha @itsukaoujisamaa [ there’s a distressed sound that comes from him as he falls back in the mud. when he’s back up though, he looks up to the window. ] yeah! was just trying to find the phone wire!.

@zeus_883 I am being honest. See the thing is we are used to highly good series like Game of Thrones seasons 1 to 4, Breaking Bad, Raised by Wolves, the Sopranos, the Wire. So everything else is judged from that standard & #BloodAndWater needs you to say, they at least are trying.

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Someone drilled though a wire and broke the conductors inside and broke the ring circuit so they put a wire across from the socket to bypass it instead of fixing it, ILL DO IT SHALL I? 🤦.

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#DominateIt 19 are you wearing a wire ? // are you spying on me ? to sell you out // unable you from doing something you forced to do turn him in // show to authority he is the murderer precedent // previous case or decision made must be followed in subsequent similar case.

@BonnieTowner Hey Bonnie. Saw this video & thought of you. Guy takes a car seat warmer & puts it in small house for stray cats. Around the 8:30 mark is where he shows how to wire it. Ingenious! The house is very kind of long but great ideas..

The Real Numbers Behind $CANF Revealed #CanFite #CanFiteBioPharma.

The staff made their score predictions for Clemson’s matchup against rival South Carolina..

@TPSODL Best administration from @TPSODL. First you erect the service wire in private property and the executive engineer gives lessons about the code of permissions and shows another way of extracting money. Keep it up.

$SPPI Gets Complete Response Letter from the FDA for Poziotinib #SpectrumPharmaceuticals #SpectrumPharma.

Iran is still alive in this Group. What a game that was. Intense fought posts red cards and everything. Group B will come down to the wire. #Qatar2022.

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