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Quién se iba a imaginar que #Lightyear sería más transgresora que #TheBoys. 😅.

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After watching #Herogasm I can confirm that Antony Starr is the best actor in TV, right now. Outperforming himself on one of the most exciting shows you can see. #TheBoys.

Absolute masterpiece. What a showdown. Probably the best fight scene in a comic book property for about a decade. Well worth the wait. Scorched earth. #Herogasm #TheBoys.

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@BilgeAdamF1 @CP_Journal Sezon başı leclerc yener diye umut ettim çok sağ olsun Ferrari yine kırmadı bizi yine hayal edeceğiz.

Nos despistaron totalmente, nadie se esperaba (por ahora) este glorioso momento. #TheBoys #Herogasm.

Easily The Best Fight Scene In All Seasons. #TheBoys  #Herogasm.

Just this. All of this. This right here is all you need to see today what a fucking episode wow wow wow. #TheBoys.

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Eu GRITEI puxa a capa deleeee puxa e da só na cara deleee #Herogasm #TheBoys.

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همون‌طور که بعد از تماشای قسمت اول گفتم، این فصل، فصلِ هولندرئه و به چالش کشیده شدنِ یک خود خدا-پندار.   #TheBoys.

The acting from Antony Starr in The Boys is always amazing but that mirror scene in the newest episode? God damn he’s just phenomenal. #TheBoys.

I’m gonna tell my kids this was Batman vs Superman #TheBoys #Herogasm.

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I’m glad Ashley told Atrain about himself, that being said I’ve never seen a person I wanted to quit their job more than her #TheBoys.

La golpiza que se llevó Homelander por la alianza de Butcher y Hughie con Soldier Boy la recordará por mucho que lo llevó a escapar. Durante la pelea contra los 3 se vio con temor y en la última toma derrotado, humillado y lastimado. ¡Simplemente hermoso! #TheBoys #Herogasm.

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assisti o novo episódio de #TheBoys e mano, simplesmente foda-se o #Herogasm , que luta insana do caralho foi aquela!!?? puta merda, já quero ver todos eles surrando o capitão pátria em definitivo.


Poor Kimiko having to kill so brutally again after finally getting out of her powers. She never catches a break I’m so sad for her #TheBoys.

El homelander siendo sometido por Butcher, Soldier Boy y Hughie HSUSIDHSVDVSBS #TheBoys #Herogasm.

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Homelander is TREMBLING 😂😂😂 Soldier Boy got this supe shaking #TheBoysTV #TheBoys.

Toda la secuencia final del último cap de #TheBoys BRUTAL. BRUTAL. Si me iba a imaginar ESA mecha, tenia que ser así.

Já assistiram o #Herogasm por aí? O que acharam do episódio? Foi melhor a suruba ou a treta? Melhor episódio dessa temporada de #theboys fácil, apenas!.

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#TheBoys is better than any marvel or star wars disney plus show and it’s not even close. Homelander vs Solider Boy managed to be better than Obi wan vs Vader…. EMBARRASSING.

#TheBoys just continues to deliver, episode after episode. Season after season. What an incredible show. Can’t wait to see where the last 2 episodes go in S3.

not #theboys parodying the celebrities singing ‘imagine’ moment from the beginning of the pandemic 😂 fucking amazing.

I have just witnessed one of the best ever superhero fights ever in film history. The Boys episode 06. THAT WAS EPIC. #TheBoys.

Well, Herogasm was ridiculously overhyped but that was still a fantastic episode. Jensen Ackles was great in Supernatural and he continues to be great here. #TheBoys.

#TheBoys folks should have turned to Euphoria for some guidance on the actual #herogasm scenes, didn’t live up to the hype 😬. However the fight at the end, a-train, starlight and pretty much everything else made this one of best episodes so far.

ppl cant possible think #theboys actions scene are on par w marvels right? the blood everywhere is cool n all but nobody actually knows how to fight but kimiko lmao.

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The Boys - S03 | E06 on TV Time قتال هوملاندر مع سولجر بوي ما اعطوه حقه ....صراحة قتال كيميكو كان افضل #TheBoys.

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#TheBoys シーズン3エピソード6 早速ソルジャーボーイvsホームランダーの対決が!!😆(in乱交パーティ現場w😅)やっぱディーン!強いし超カッコイイ〜🤩しかし今回もエログロ激しかったwww🤮お子様は視聴禁止!面白いけど!w #ザ・ボーイズ.

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#Herogasm cumple lo que promete, pero también incluye la mejor escena de lucha de #TheBoys hasta el momento.

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