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มาแล้วววกับ Top 5🏆 วันที่ 1-19 พ.ค. 65 แต่ๆๆ ลำดับยังเปลี่ยนแปลงได้นะจ๊ะ ถ้ามี❤️อย่าลืมไปถล่มให้เมนตัวเองกันเยอะๆ น้าา ถล่มหัวใจได้ที่ 📌 ถึง 31 พ.ค. นี้เท่านั้น #3PlusFandom #StaroftheMonth.

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@Kola_irl People having roy in top 5 and chrom in bottom 20 or whatever tf are both nobrain hivemind activity.

@USMNT_2026 @JayAH985 That’s the issue, too many MLS fans think the league is above a lot of competitive leagues that aren’t the traditional Top 5. Liga Mx is still at least a generation away in terms of talent, never mind the other leagues Mexican players say are tougher or better overall.


o dia de hoje ta no top 5 de piores da vida! pqp, q dia fudido do começo ao fim!!!! Deus, sua filha ta pronta, viu.

@PinataIsA10 Hacker Uneven Compromise Venus as a Boy Outside S on Ya Chest Great top 5.

True story about Goulet: 1. Played ⚾️ in grade 9 2. Missed ⚾️ in grade 10 (covid) 3. Nominated as a ⛳️ captain in the fall of grade 11 4. Didn’t play ⚾️ jr year to focus on ⛳️ (top 3 scoring average in Hock 12th grade) 5. Decided to play ⚾️ this year 6. HITS MASSIVE DING DONGS.

ADL is a top 5 non-profit contender in the Ancira Gives Back Giveaway and we are in the running for $100K! This gift would allow us to save 440 more lives of the pets that need our help. Through May 31, vote DAILY for ADL in the large category at.

Smoking my Top 5???😂😂 Brother you barely sold half of 500k after ghosting for 5 YEARS😭😭.

I still can’t get over the fact we got demarvin leal in the 3rd round. He was projected as a top 5 pick last year and fell because he “didn’t take the next step” 😂 Pittsburghs gonna turn him into a top 5 DL by his 3rd year. i fucking love it! #steelers.

MY top 5 of #HarrysHouse 1. Love of my life 2. Matilda 3. Daylight 4. Late night talking 5. Boyfriends.

@ModernWarzone The standards of being a “TOP 5” cod are pretty low… chance of MWII being another cash grab and not having a player base other than sweaty gfuel guzzling “I wanna be pro” competitive terds..

Die Top 18:::Song 12 der Zeitreise::::Kenny Chesney You Had Me From Hello Lyrics ::Die Top 5 im August 2018 mit 1194 Impressionen die Top 49 der Jahre 2018/2019/2020/2021 ::59 Impressionen::(Stand ).

@HQSupremacyy 0 exposure to crypto. They will found out sooner or later when the utility of $qnt is top 5.

@zibusisomasuku1 I’m not a “Brands” person but… 1. Louis Vuitton 💼 2. K-Way - Their hiking gear is top tier 😂 3. BMW 🚘 4. Nike 👟 5. Dior or Gucci or Channel or Ralph Lauren - I can’t decide 😭.

@PabloSniffoBar @50NuancesDeNBA Mais je comprend pas donc tu as un joueur Kawhi top 5 défenseur au monde et qui en plus qui score facile 25-30 point par match mais tu préfère Curry qui va aussi mettre ses 25-30 point mais sans La Défense ? Je comprend vraiment pas.

Azle High School was recognized by @Carterbloodcare as the Top 5-A High School in all of DFW for 2021. During the year, AHS hosted four blood drives and collected 310 units of life-saving blood. 💚 Way to go, Hornets! #WeAreAzle #HornetsInAction.

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laura and emma are both really up there too and honestly id say emma/jusis/laura rotate depending on my mood AND which game of the 4 that im thinking of most but if i had to pick top 5 cold steel besides crow this would be it (so technically top 6 ig).

@ToniTramontana Ya veo ya jajaja pero ese en concreto es cremita buena. De mi top 5 de PSP fácilmente.

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Bro let’s be real I love Dragon Ball and I love my man Goku but he not even top 5 in the show.


This book is nearing top 5 that have changed my life. So this is like Founders at Work but for VCs.

top coisas q me irritam 1 - ODEIO CADEIRA ARRASTANDO NO CHÃO 2 - gente lambendo o dedo ENQUANTO come skilho 3 - gente q come batendo o prato 4 - gente q fala muito alto parece q ta em feira 5 - o clique de caneta.

Man went from a top 5 pick to a role player to a political clown 🤡.

Top 200 Estonia 2: As It Was - 5,822 #HarryStyles #HarrysHouse.

Top 5 bout you me lonely to side it me love you.

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@maiamimujer tengo top 5 t juro q no puedo hacer de tres daydreaming satellite love of my life daylight late night talking.

#Nigeria: The #PDP has decided that it will not be zoning its Presidential ticket and that everyone will be allowed to contest. The open race has now put the number of aspirants at 15. So which top 5 contenders stand a chance?.

@_Twinndiesel Bruh that’s all cool and all but I’d like to no on who’s top 5 he “smoking on”…eventually they gon learn that Drizzy is alone at the top…286k after 5 years!!!!! Cole did that with 12 songs last year…he was projected to do 350k after a couple of days….

@YoucefAtable Pour moi vous méritez pas le top 5, je suis désolé mais au vu de votre jeu, Monaco Strasbourg nous et Marseille méritons plus que vous.

@DrewFranciscoW Gumanda si Huynh! Mukhang ito na ang hinihintay ni Gerhard na Oriental looking Mr Supranational winner. Top 5 ang dalawang yan for sure!.

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