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Trisha and her attire’s for Ponniyin Selvan’s promotions 🥺❤️mann she is the best 🥰 @trishtrashers 🥺.

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#PonniyanSelvan The adventurous 1st half headed by Karthi and Vikram unleashing himself towards interval works great. Karthi convos with Trisha and Ash Rai 🤣🤣💥💥 Expected more of Jayaram though.

नींदें उड़ा के हमारी लोग चैन से सो रहें है, आँखें मूंद कर देखो हम कैसे रो रहे हैं #trisha_writes.

Look who is Slaying in black😍😍🖤🖤🖤 SouthQueen🤩❤🖤❤🖤 #Trisha #TrishaKrishnan @trishtrashers.

Ave first half … Karthik show all the way Decent second half , Worth watching on big screen Trisha and Aish screen presence ❤️ #PonniyinSelvan1.

Karthi Aishwarya Trisha Vikram Jayam Ravi SarathKumar Jayaram All of them absolutely lived their roles. #PonniyinSelvan1.

trisha madam neenga daily uhm promotion mattum pannunga 365 daysuhm 🤩.

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@Doris09732931 @SuborbitalPgeon Mr Hobbes is actually Trisha’s alt account created to infiltrate zero covid sceptics..

Another one bites the dust! Locktober started early for Trisha. Give In slut, your tiny Clit should be locked away..

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Aish Trisha sobitha ila chinna ledhu pedha ledhu andharu kaarthi babu ni esedham anukuney vaaley.

Join Trisha Arin starting on Oct. 12 at 12 for Aleinu: Writing Social Justice Liturgy. More information and register here:.

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Wait for Karthi-Aish & Karthi-Trisha face off. Worthhhh half of the ticket price 😂😂👌🏻 #PonniyinSelvan1.


Trisha looks great and maybe it’s because you don’t see her much but I feel like she suddenly has a ton of charisma..

Yes please. They will look stunning & perfect. #Trisha #Karthi.

@ThreeDailey @trishapaytas Like??? I know Trisha has done a lot of deplorable shit & she has offended, spread false information about mental illness & gender identity BUT! She unlike SOME has addressed, acknowledged it & apologized. & now she is a new mom & people can’t leave her alone. Ridiculous!.

John Obidi and Trisha Olufemi are delivering lectures at the Lagos Business School. That is my tweet of the day. 😁.

“Have you ever thought about what happens to the books when they are not picked by the readers”, Class V student of SAI International School, SAIoneer Trisha Acharya, has written a book ‘Life of a Book – Mysteries in the Mysterious Cave’. #Achiever #Creativity.

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@VenusMinerva21 Age kooda matter illa. Performance vachu parthale Karthi Aish Trisha Vikram lam role nalla ulla vaangi panni irupaanga ivan sodhapal dhan 🌝.


Caste was great except for Jayam Ravi & his lazy looking body, Trisha & karthi stole the show. Cinematography was not the best of ManiRatnam films except for Climax, CGI work for climax is also impressive. Conclusion, expected more from ManiRatnam & would love to watch PS 2..

I can go rave for hours about Karthi, Aishwarya, Trisha, Vikram, Ravi varman, Rahman and Jayam Ravi.

What a lovely feature in the @bmj_latest on Radiographer Jake Knight (sorry I can’t find you on Twitter, Jake!) By @melinazachariou. At its best, working in healthcare is such a joy. #TheBigBMJCatchUp.

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watch people say this is so weird and rude to eddie :(( when trisha paytas has done actually really gross cosplays before and somehow keeps maintaining a platform regardless.

@trishathaxter Hi Dr Trisha, I am so sorry to hear you are having slow service, can you please confirm what hub you have? ^ZP.

Rumors are going around that Trisha Yearwood will be cast as the next Sherlock Holmes.

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TOMORROW the Mark Morris Dance Group will be at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park to perform Gloria in a mixed repertory bill with Trisha Brown Dance Company and Dorrance Dance. Catch us 9/ 24-25 in Tivoli, NY > 🕺💃: Penny Hutchinson and Ruth Davidson in 1988.

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@ANILPAWANSIM Devuda 😅😅🤣🤣 Trisha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🧑‍🦯 E Trisha Brahmi meme lu voddu navvi aagadhu 🤭.

Trisha Paytas had a child to use for content. Remember when she had a dog and got bored cos it was work? Wonder how long before her mum ends up babysitting everyday.

@and_cities @PhDVoice Yes, and as a technologist, I constantly try to educate how to use the calendar, and use Scheduling Assistant, but….

Trending South Data On the present time: Aishwarya, Trisha - The south industry is booming everyday and here is the tip news that grabbed your consideration.

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