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Those who argue that Trump should not be criminally liable because no president in American history has been criminally liable, overlook the fact that no president in history has staged an attempted coup to change the outcome of an election..

His campaign manager knew he lost. His attorney general knew he lost. His top advisers knew he lost. His legal team knew he lost. His daughter knew he lost.   And Trump knew it too..

Every single witness we saw in the first hour was either a Trump employee or Trump appointee. So much for this being a partisan investigation..

New: Jan. 6 committee member Adam Kinzinger on CBS Face the Nation says of Trump: “If he truly believes the election was stolen, he’s not mentally competent to be President”.

Merrick Garland knows Donald Trump is guilty of numerous Federal Crimes. He also knows that if he Indicts most likely there will be violence. But if he doesn’t, our Democracy will be no more. This is a no brainer..

WASHINGTON (AP) — Members of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack said Sunday they uncovered enough evidence for the Justice Department to consider an unprecedented criminal indictment against Donald Trump for seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election..

Trump to Comey: I want you to publicly announce that I’m not under investigation Trump to Zelensky: I want you to make an announcement that you are investigating the Biden’s Trump to DOJ: Just say the election was rigged and leave the rest to me Notice a pattern? 1/.

I’m not underestimating the civil unrest that could follow a decision to indict Trump, but when the evidence of his seditious conspiracy and other federal crimes is as overwhelming as it appears it will be, a decision not to indict him would be far worse..

Trump is a fascist. Trumpism is fascism. There are too many innocent victim of Trump’s lies and corruption..

Two of Donald Trump’s nominees lied under oath about their views on Roe in order to secure confirmation..

Stop saying “But the institutions held” regarding Trump’s actions. SCOTUS fell. Didn’t hold..

NEW: Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann told Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark about his plan to help Trump overturn 2020 election, per testimony — “Congratulations. You just admitted your first act as Attorney General would be committing a felony.”.

Trump put himself above the law. Garland cannot let this stand. He must put the law above Trump..

President Trump predicted Biden would destroy our southern border. He was right. President Trump predicted Biden would bury our economy in regulations. He was right. President Trump predicted we’d see higher gas prices if Biden was elected. He was right..

Exclusive: Ron Reagan Jr. gives EPIC speech on the Jan 6 hearings. Retweet if you agree with him that GOP members covering up for Trump are traitors!.

My coauthored op-ed in the @latimes this morning about the urgent need to prosecute Trump if we’re to survive beyond 2024 as a constitutional democracy: please read and retweet.

Jordan Klepper makes Trump supporters watch clips of the January 6th hearings.

(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: Trump Attorney John Eastman Responds to Allegations of Seditious Conspiracy with the Most Problematic Substack Essay Ever Published I hope you’ll RETWEET this. Headline aside, you’ll find it’s about a potential coup scheme at SCOTUS..

@barbarabarturen Eso eso!! Y las caras que puso de sentirse mal cuando Trump le menciono como heroe el tipo se siente mal, el KARMA le esta devorando, no me extraña si un dia de estos lo suelta todo.

@JoeBiden Don’t allow today’s problems to totally distract you from the true intentions of the Trump tribe that include repeal the safety nets to enrich themselves with tax cuts, degradation of personal freedoms and dangerous isolationist policies..

@LiberalHivemind There a 5 dem politicians that have been in office for over 30 yrs each. Trump was in for 3 yrs ... you do the.

@LeenDonald4020 Says the Trump Nazi. Bet you have no job at all. You have no skills either. If you think drawing is easy then you need to have your brain checked. Get off this planet..

@FeatStinky @DA_LarryKrasner When Trump offered the National Guard, they didn’t want his help..

@BigChuckBonzana @merienne_lynch pick Donald Trump as my Vice President and then resign….

Members of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot said Sunday they have uncovered enough evidence for the Justice Department to consider an unprecedented criminal indictment against former President Donald Trump..

@sosolin @SethAbramson Remember also, trump controlled the levers of power. Not this time though. If there’s any chatter, I have to believe we’ll be better prepared than the poor sitting ducks at the capitol we’re..

@MacFarlaneNews Guantanamo Bay would be too good for the bannon and trump trash, the scum needs to pay.

Raphael Warnock vs. Herschel Walker, not to mention Donald Trump and Joe Biden - USA TODAY.

@Anthony_Klan This explains why JOSH is out of cannot contact Like Kuschner in US with Trump, Josh is looking for a way.

@Trump_ton Would that airline and crew be breaking international law by people trafficking against their will ?.

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