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@MadhavSheth1 VOOC with 5000 mAh battery in Realme5Pro , is a ultimate solution . #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

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@MadhavSheth1 VOOC Fast Charging #UltimateQuadSpeedster @MadhavSheth1 #Realme.

@MadhavSheth1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chipset with 616 GPU #UltimateQuadSpeedster @MadhavSheth1 #Realme.

@MadhavSheth1 Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 Processor is Low on consumption, high on power. This intelligent set raises the bar #UltimateQuadSpeedster.😉.

@MadhavSheth1 Realme smartphones with VOOC charger and also with Qualcomm snapdragon chipset. #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 Its Ultimately our @Realme Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 Processor with 10nm Technology #UltimateQuadSpeedster #MidrangechipsetSegment.

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@MadhavSheth1 Lightning fast Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 712 chipset mobile platform build on 10nm processor with Adreno 616 GPU #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

SD 665 & 712 with AI #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster Snapdragon 712 Consumes low power and delivers high performance with artificial intelligence in build.

@MadhavSheth1 Successfully done with the round And more than that i am excited about 20th of Aug,when you will take stage😀😀 #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster -1-Big battery, 2- fast charging 20w, 3-5mit charging 2 h backup, 4-long battery life.

@MadhavSheth1 VOOC with 5000 mAh battery in Realme5Pro is a ultimate solution . #UltimateQuadSpeedster @MadhavSheth1 my friend is you 😅.

@MadhavSheth1 VOOC with 5000 mAh battery in Realme5Pro , is a ultimate solution . #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadspeedster 5000 mah battery + vooc fast charging technology no worry.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster Answer- VOOC fast charging with 5000 mAh battery!!! When in a hurry VOOC fast charging will help in charging the Device faster and 5000 mAh battery, low battery will no longer will be a worry🔥 #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster Realme 5 has Vooc along with that massive 5000 mAh battery. Under 10k 🤯.

@MadhavSheth1 VOOC CHARGER + MASSIVE 5000 mAH Battery & great battery optimisation ! #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 Definitely 5000mAh is coming 😍🤞 And also our own VOOC ⚡ #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster big battery 5000 mah is + point Fast charger and if charger is realme Vooc then no problem great charger.

#UltimateQuadSpeedster #atalji आदमी जो अमर है, अपने शब्दों से!!.

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VOOC (20w) within box, so no worries for low battery. #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster Vooc flash charger which make 55% charge in jush 30 minutes.

@MadhavSheth1 #UltimateQuadSpeedster Because we have Vooc which charge our realme smartphone in 50% in 30 minute.

@MadhavSheth1 Super excited sir . 😍😍😍😍😍😍 #realme5Pro #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 Although, i am in no hope of winning But definitely looking forward to this one just fro the sheer product that has amazed me #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

@MadhavSheth1 Thanks giving this offer sir , I will try my best. #UltimateQuadSpeedster.

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