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The umpiring has been an absolute disgrace tonight. It’s an intense final, stop paying piss weak frees. LET. IT. GO. #AFLLionsGiants.

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No Athers. Denley wasn’t out because Australia didn’t review. It was because of a poor umpiring decision..

@deshaunsaballer @WillPix_ Did you actually watch? We’re used to bad umpiring here in Brisbane but tonight has exceeded all our expectations..

@Dallas_Billing @love_lentils I dont think Tim has a future in umpiring once he.

@abbacarter Yep. We have had the rough end of the umpires calls due to trigger happy umpiring. That was easily close enough to be given out.

@DonaghyJonny @cricketcomau They have no faith in using them as every time we do, it’s against us. They’re questioning themselves too much because of the shithouse umpiring.

The only thing worse than the umpiring this series has been Tim Paine’s use of DRS. #bbccricket.

@the_topspin Forget we talk a little bit about umpiring even very the umpire has decided to give not outs on marginal calls, it has to be consistent for both sides #Ashes.

Can someone please turn off Razor Rays microphone. How about just umpiring and stop fucking lecturing The umpires tonight were completely over the top with their @AFL.

If there’s a clear sign of the football fans mindset being introduced more and more into cricket, it’s the amount of grief the umpiring has got. When I was a kid, before technology, it was always a fine line when it came to the umpires decision. Nobody moaned about it either..

Great throw. What a load of rubbish. Worst umpiring of the season. Hard to beat the umpires and the opposition team..

@AFL what a sham. Umpiring an absolute disgrace. How Green didn’t get rubbed out with his history. Afl turns a blind eye to GWS to make sure they get through. Shame shame shame.

@MichaelWhiting @brisbanelions that was the most despicable, putrid, incompetent display of umpiring you will ever see. AFL umpiring is an absolutle crises..

@AFL Do something seriously because one again the best team did not win because of the umpiring! This is the detriment of #AFLFinals #AFLLionsGiants.

@AFL suprised gil and razor arent singing the team song. that was a disgusting umpiring performance tonight.

Huge thanks to the AFL for allowing Toby Greene to play in this match and the overall standard of umpiring in this game! All 12 GWS fans and Gil must be pretty damn pumped about this Now I just gotta reduce my salt levels. #AFLLionsGiants.

Worst umpiring ive seen in a long time that last goal was a throw #AFLLionsGiants.

The @brisbanelions won the free kick count 31-23. Their failure to make the most of plentiful chances inside forward 50 (won 61-44) determined the outcome, not the umpiring #AFLLionsGiants.

Quite simply appalling. How does the @afl hide from this shameful, pitiful umpiring performance? #AFLLionsGiants.

@AFL Ruined by horrible umpiring but I guess they are just doing what you tell them @AFL.

I’m just wondering if I could take up AFL umpiring at this point in my life? One advantage I would have is the ability to distinguish between a throw and a handball. 🤔😂.

@brisbanelions 17th to 5th been a great rise all be it an utter disgrace by the @AFL to allow Toby Greene to play despite assaulting Bont and pitiful umpiring all night - both ways but for the umpires to miss a clear throw that gave he Giants the winning goal is poor #AFLLionsGiants #Corrupt.

Umpiring terrible all round, please for the love of god can razor hang up the whistle for the rest of the season 🤮.

Bloody good game only slightly ruined by some unnecessary umpiring interface. Lions have had an incredible season and have every right to be proud of tonight’s effort, and to feel somewhat robbed. Big things to come. I hope the Pies can spank the Giants next week. #AFLFinals.

@afl terrible umpiring in all finals#absolutely no idea- but everything will be ticked off by that fuckwit Gilly.

The umpiring has been an absolute disgrace tonight. It’s an intense final, stop paying piss weak frees. LET. IT. GO. #AFLLionsGiants.

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