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Someone please tell @JoeBiden that my car doesn’t run on fairy dust or unicorn urine. Real Talk..

Nick is giggling, twirling his hair, kicking his feet, writing in his unicorn notebook with one of those mini pens you get in party bags, Dear diary, I have made twitter go feral 3 times !! Can you believe that? 🥰 #bylerscript.

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When Deckard dreams about an unicorn and not an electric sheep I had to be removed from the theater because nobody appreciates how The Industry butchers movies for woke Western audiences..

.@TharriesYT and I were on call and he just concurred in these words “Steven Moffat is a little attractive, but I won’t know until I see him dressed as a unicorn”. So me and Tharries now bond over Moffat being hot..

@cup1dly @tablington I KNOW we can buy this kind of unicorn for tab to ride around and hug movable entertaining and huggable.

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@NursePatMacRN @unicorn_mcsynn Chile I said it & Im not taking it back. I worked with some CNLs once & they would get LIVID when I pointed out CNL wasn’t recognized as APN & many of the skills CNL was supposed to give graduates I was doing with my ADN..

@Celestalon @DekksterGaming Can we recreate this photo? I need an excuse to buy a unicorn onesie..

@conzmoleman @MeganBitchell Man, those prices. I wonder if federal prisoners making .10 an hour for Unicorn manufacturer them?.

oh ya finally met Unicorn Gundam at TIF the other day! I’ve never been a Gundam person but I am always impressed by giant robots!!!.

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Looking south along the river from 390 ft AGL. Very quiet day..

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今日も200lvだけど、ステージがめちゃ近い。 アリーナA付近。少し高いので、見やすい。 #NMLH2022.

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The #THUGoldenTicket submissions are closed. These are some of the amazing submissions we received for the category 𝗣𝗼𝗿𝘁𝘂𝗴𝘂𝗲𝘀𝗲 𝗦𝘁𝘂𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀. The winners will be announced on August 17. 😉 See more submissions:.

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code; tmn2 dapet kerja d tempat bagus ky unicorn begitu lulus, sy gamau kalah ngasah terus skill tanpa daftar kerja kmn2, akhirnya skill ttp jauh dryg lain karna g ada experience real project. Jd pesen sy, ga usah maksain first job pingin d company yg keren bgt/terkenal, (cont).

@TheEmoDragon Every time I think Bill Maher can’t get any more fucking stupid then he’s like “oh gargling unicorn semen is driving down sales of onion soup.” The guy really is the most entertaining moral panic machine..

I need a bag that versatile enough to hold weight, clasp or zip close, decent enough drop strap to accommodate my winter puffers & made of a fabric that can take a beating. I also want minimal logo/branding. I want a unicorn basically 😫.

Genesis Unicorn 24: 1 of 24 with White type 1 of 22 with Palmtrees background 1 of 56 with Rainbow mane 1 of 28 with Purple eyes 1 of 15 with Green horn 1 of 28 with Black hoofs #solana.

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@Jairam_Ramesh Really congress walo tum ko sach ma unicorn k MATLAB nai pat Ek aalu dal k sonaa det h . Fir tum log nai kuch chiz k giyan ..

Finalmente tenho essa perfeição 🥺❤️ Box Siempre Rebelde ❤️ @umusicbrasil / #UMusicStore.

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@JoelKeysNI Our politics and policing needs changed. Imo. Threat of UI ruins that hope. Safe union, to run with civic focussed realist policies is what we need. I will get high off of unicorn farts b4 we have that tho..

@CavalierPegasus yeah well the idea kinda came to me from a dream-wolf pony I got well with the tail and I had my old ponyself as a unicorn so why not give it the shiba-inu tail and add the dragon to it to make it pretty special.

Thank you @Sen_JoeManchin, you pain in the ass unicorn democrat from WV. #InflationReductionAct.

New resource bank to prove teachers with recipe for student success and a unicorn..

@sakshijoshii देश का पहला Unicorn पार्किंग में शुरू हुआ था।.

@Valentalae @snowball_fox The Crinklz Fairytale has a soft pink background like you would find in a nursery, some green grass colored vines with fantasy characters randomly placed among them, a babyfur looking cat, a castle, a unicorn, a dragon. Also smalller stars and rainbows and hearts with wings..

@MajiikMontana3x @BbwJulieGinger1 I hope other people appreciate your unicorn jiz as much as I do 😁🙌🏽✨🍬.

@line_art_nfts @TheHCTurk I did, it was a bunch of cats, smothered in Mayo, riding a unicorn with 30 snack packs on a wagon behind them.

@Jawnxwick Imagine being an investment firm that misses out on the next unicorn like this😂 @Jawnxwick 🤡.

@snfhanm1 Kara vicdanlısın sen ama çilekli unicorn güzeli oluşun bütün herşeyi silip atıyor.


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