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“As 75% of soldiers will become “unemployed” after four years and their total numbers will keep rising every year, it will give a rise to more disaffection among the youth,” Mr. Gandhi said. #AgnipathRecruitmentScheme.

What I have learned over the last few months is if you are a late enough sleeper you tend to be up earlier than the early risers..

@msisodia 🤣🤣 जाँच कर ली सिसोदिया जाँच एजेंसी ने 🤣🤣.

@AshrafFem ये धर्म के नाम पर अपना लाठी डंडे या पत्थर नहीं चला रहे इनमें इस्लामिक आतंकवाद वाली कोई वजह नहीं है इसलिए इसको सिर्फ़ विरोध प्रदर्शन कहा जाएगा.


@ApnaaVarun He was standing there itself a good behaviour no one from the industry insiders supported bhool bhulaiyaa 2. It can be seen he felt uncomfortable for Varun only he has gone to the stage.

Nain Ta Heere (Video) JugJugg Jeeyo | Varun, Kiara | Vishal S | Guru Randhawa, Asees K | Bhushan K.

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