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Victory at the Wankhede. Onto Vizag next 🇮🇳 #TeamIndia #INDvAUS.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by 𝕸𝖔𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖉 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖎,𝕸𝖔𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖉 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖒𝖎 on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

The rain has stopped in Vizag and the sky is getting clear. Hopefully an on time match!.


Rohit Sharma - Virat Kohli as a pair in ODI: Innings - 84 Runs - 4969 Average - Hundreds - 18 Fifties - 15 Two modern day greats will be back together in Vizag today..


Good news from Vizag: Clear sky and match will go ahead. (📷 : Vizag Weatherman).

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by Johns.,Johns. on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma loves batting at Vizag - The King & The Hitman..

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by CricketMAN2,CricketMAN2 on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

Australia beating India by 10 wickets in ODIs. -at Wankhede (2020) -At Vizag (2023) #INDvsAUS #CricketTwitter.

Not sure why real estate swelled from Sagarnagar to mangamaripeta in last six months at #Vizag - an apartment that costs at 80 l went to crs @sudeer1972 ?!?.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by Vizag -A Predestined City,Vizag -A Predestined City on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

Last time Virat Kohli played an ODI vs Australia at Vizag this happened Virat Kohli - 118(121) with cramps 🥵.

Agree 💯 Hope there will be few(2-3) @SunRisers Matches at Vizag Stadium next season. #OrangeFireIdhi #IPL2023.

Bean board coffee shop is one of the most exotic places at #Vizag - one need to visit @infraAP @Tourism_AP.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by Vizag -A Predestined City,Vizag -A Predestined City on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

@mufaddal_vohra Gill in Telangana capital #Hyderabad -208 Gill in proposed AP capital #Vizag-0.

Indian top order has failed again vs Mitchell Starc. Suryakumar Yadav bags his second golden duck of the series. #INDvsAUS.

#INDvAUS #INDvsAUS | 2nd ODI WICKET! Sean Abbott takes his second wicket, @imkuldeep18 falls for 4 INDIA 103/8 in overs vs AUSTRALIA FOLLOW LIVE:.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by TOI Sports,TOI Sports on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

Industrial Visit Industry: Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) Vizag Eligibility: pursuing students Diploma / B. Tech / Pharmacy / MBA and etc. Registration Fee: Nill For more information, Mr. Nitturi Naresh Kumar 8897330990 @.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by IBSC,IBSC on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

While in Wankhede, @rajinikanth was watching and though India started badly, finally we won. But not in Vizag. #INDvsAUS.

ippudu cheppu ra lafoot @Fukkard mi hyderabad kanna goppaga jarigindi ma #vizag match.

Not sure what is happening to pema wellness centre at #Vizag but sure one if the best locations in India @sudeer1972 @flyVizag.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by Vizag -A Predestined City,Vizag -A Predestined City on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

लोग ढंग से अपनी सीट पर बैठे भी नहीं थे और शुभमान गिल आउट। #INDvsAUS in #Vizag.


The SKY is cleared at Vizag and no interruptions today. #INDvsAUS.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by KS,KS on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo

It took seconds just to finish reading the tweet . Imagine you have to react to a Starc ball in 1/10th of the time . Phenomenal spell 4-31* #Vizag.

Is Vizag stadium empty…??? So silent… tells you the story of India batting #IndiaVsAustralia #odi.

Aah Mushti Indore, Delhi stadiums kante maa Vizag stadium entha bagundhi ra @BCCI Avoid the scrap in North India. #INDvsAUS.

Steve Smith Catch: पहले जंपिंग जपाक फिर चीते-सी छलांग, स्टीव स्मिथ ने पकड़ा अविश्वसनीय कैच, आंखों पर नहीं होगा भरोसा #SteveSmith.

@kaustats Percentage of run scored by kohli before this at vizag - 31 Runs today by kohli - 31.

@rj_4_all Ayina enduku bro Vizag ani moyyadam, ikkadi valle jagan ki veyyaledu. Veella gurinchi fight cheyyadam waste. They deserve bolli who will destroy them.

@Bhavanisms Maaaa Vizag lo ekkadiki vellina, cheekati padakunda intiki vacheyamantaru.

Asala TDP Government Amaravati Ane New Capital Select Chesinanduke Naku TDP Ante Istam Lenidi. But, YCP Govt Capital Shift Cheyakapothe Vizag Ki I Will Be The First Person To Stop Supporting YCP.

@ysjagan @YSRCParty Save Vizag Steel plant sir. Pls. Stop the Sale of Vizag Steel plant. Pls. Fight for Captive mines to RINL-VSP. విశాఖ ఉక్కు ఆంధ్రుల హక్కు. #stopthesaleofvizagsteelplant.

@Ashok45629223 Team has arrived to Vizag by yesterday dhan la nethe match solradu local irukravane Aduvum Namma alungale Irula BCCI vera tag pannaUma !!.

DHARANI Landed In Vizag 💥❤️ #Dasara #DasaraOnMarch30th.

#Vizag Photo,#Vizag Photo by Deepu Nani,Deepu Nani on twitter tweets #Vizag Photo
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