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एयरटेल का मिनिमम वैलिडिटी रिचार्ज प्लान 24 रुपये का था जो अब 45 रुपये का हो गया है @airtelindia #AIRTEL #vodafoneidea.

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@imashish_m Then the courts are not applying their own ruling equally! If #gail doesnt pay as per the definition, no one should ! #vodafoneidea.

@Neha_trade VodafoneIdea will see new low Last one was around I guess.

@LiberalLalya यायला या व्होडाफोन ची नुसते डेटा ची prize वाढवली सर्विस च नुसता धुरळा #vodafoneidea.

@ActusDei Data is not correct. Uti credit risk exposure to #vodafoneidea shows 17%. Which is not correct.

AGR पर SC के फैसले पर वोडा-आइडिया का बयान-SC के फैसले पर विकल्प की तलाश करेंगे #AGRverdict #vodafoneidea.

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@safiranand Probably government will take Vodafone Idea to the brink of closure and then announce a takeover citing huge unpaid dues to itself and banks. Then merge with BSNL. Unless KMB has some other plans that is not public. #vodafoneidea.

वोडाफोन के ये लेटेस्ट प्लान उसके प्रतिद्वंद्वी एयरटेल और जियो को कड़ी टक्कर देंगे. #VodafoneIdea @VodafoneIN.

#Vodafone Introduces 2 New Plans; Get Up To GB Data With Lots More!  #vodafoneidea.

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#vodafoneidea if raising funds becomes challenging ... The last crowdfunding of Rs 1000 each (in lieu of Rs 6/ share) from 30 crore customers 😊.

So finally Vodafone Idea is headed for insolvency as predicted by its chairman KMB. #vodafoneidea.

Big blow to #telcos. So now will #vodafoneidea shut shop as announced by Chairman causing job loss to employees & hardship to 373 million users OR was it pressure tactics to influence the SC?.

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Mutual Funds that might be hit hard if VodafoneIdea goes down.

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@vodafoneidea, it has been so long taking follow-ups because of billing and network issue over mail in appellate but no respond found. Extremely pathetic customer experience..

#VodafoneIdea reallocates rights issue to pay @DoT_India fees.

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@idea_cares You guys from #vodafoneidea say Our team is continuously working on it for further enhancement.Since last one year only you guys knows what you r working on without any improvement of even 1% please bear with us on humanity grounds & say facts y @TRAI is not taking initiative.

@VodafoneIN It seems nothing can be expected towards solution from #vodafoneidea If it is beyond of ur working level thn simply confirm why wasting my time &why should I pay if not getting proper service.

Hello! Your request for SIM Exchange is registered with reference no. C2-86200111211532132 and would be actioned in approx 2 hour. Request you to pay the applicable charges of Rs. 50 to the retailer. VodafoneIdea limited is a worst service provider ever.

#vodafoneidea @VodafoneIN Hello! Your service registration number 2533661384 is registered on 10-Jan-20 06 We shall respond to your query by Friday 17-Jan-20 06 What is this??? I m facing problem now and you are respond on 17 jan. Why this so much time???.

@VodafoneIN past 15days daily i have been talking to customer care, @vodafoneidea email id+visited the store,we have 38connections&2 of them do not get signal or 2G in my cabin,still nothing has been at Natubhai Vadodara is pathetic.

एयरटेल का मिनिमम वैलिडिटी रिचार्ज प्लान 24 रुपये का था जो अब 45 रुपये का हो गया है @airtelindia #AIRTEL #vodafoneidea.

#vodafoneidea very pathetic network and not being resolved. Is this what you have a hi with tower every hour. Your not even able to provide a normal call facility without our call drops. #TRAI.

@VodafoneIN #vodafoneidea Not response from your end What should i do?? Is it your network 4G??.

#vodafoneidea @VodafoneIN See your network for last one month.

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#vodafoneidea @VodafoneIN I advise that you take action against your officer. i remembered some name of officer like Savik, shailesh, rutvik and many other. If you want proof i have recording the call against all. Give me proper solution immediately.

#vodafoneidea @VodafoneIN 2nd complaint about your executive which behave rudely with me so many times whenever i call 198. Your officer put me on the hold for 20 minutes and other officer put my call without asking me so tell me what should i do??.