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Andrew Symonds has passed away in a car accident at the age of 46. This is a huge huge loss for the entire cricketing world. Shane Warne, Rod Marsh now Australia and cricket world lose another giant of cricketing world. Very Sad day for World cricket..

Waking up to the scarcely believable news of the death of Aussie cricketer Andrew Symonds in a car accident. Massive loss for world cricket. First Dean Jones, then Rod Marsh, then Shane Warne and now Symonds 😢 RIP and prayers for his family.

Tragic news in the morning. After Warne, Symonds also departs in a car accident 😭 He is just 46 #AndrewSymonds.

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Dean Jones, Rod Marsh, Shane Warne, Andrew Symonds. Four memorable larger than life Australian cricketers, on and off the field, gone so soon within each other!.

First Rod Marsh then Shane Warne and now Andrew Symonds!! 2022 is a tough painful year for Australian Cricket. Thanks for all the memories guys. RIP💐 #Australia.

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3 महीने, 3 क्रिकेटर… मार्श और वॉर्न के बाद अब साइमंड्स की मौत ने ऑस्ट्रेलिया को झकझोरा #AndrewSymondsDeath | #Sports.

We’ll always have a hot mic’d Andrew Symonds & Shane Warne heaping sh*t on Marnus Labuschagne’s annoying batting style & then referencing the famous “Hogg Pile” where they’d all literally jump onto Brad Hogg for similar annoying antics 😂 Rest easy Roy #RIPRoy.

Used to hate that late 90s - 00s Aussie team a lot but Warne’s and Symond’s death has really made me sad. Legends of the game who could’ve given the game so much for next two decades too..

Absolute shocking. From Abdul Qadir to Rod Marsh to Shane Warne to Andrew Symonds. We lost such lively legends of the game. Symo and Shane Warne had so much to offer but Unfortunate we did not get much of them. Will be missed throughly #AndrewSymonds.

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Marsh, Warne and now Roy. What a very sad couple months 😢 This is tough to handle. Some of my cricket heroes growing up and why i love cricket so much to begin with #RIPRoy.

Shocking : Former #Australia cricket all rounder #AndrewSymonds is no more. Early reports suggest he has died in a car crash, was just 46. Yet to absorb it. Rest in peace rockstar! After Shane Warne and Rod Marsh, now Symonds.

RIP legend First warne and now Symonds. The two legends from iconic Australian cricket team. You will be missed big time Andrew 💔 #RIP #Symonds.

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RIP Andrew Symonds Two great Australian cricketers left for their heavenly abode too soon First Shane Warne & now Andrew Symonds #RIPRoy.

Andrew Symmonds death in a car crash at the age of 46 is another significant loss for Australian cricket, following the deaths of former wicketkeeper Rod Marsh and legendary spinner Shane Warne earlier this year..

RIP Big Man What is happening with Australian Cricketers. Phil Hughes Dean Jones Shane Warne Rod Marsh and now Andrew Symonds .. They lost a lot of stars in these few #AndrewSymonds.

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@FoxCricket Sad moments for Australian and world cricket in past 12 months , Dean Jones, Rod Marsh, Shane Warne and now Andrew Symonds 😭.

Australia has lost another cricket great. Shane Warne passed away in March and Andrew Symonds has died in a car crash at Hervey Range, he was 46 years old. I watched him play at the WACA several times. RIP 🙏🏼🙏🏼💔😭😭🕊.

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Rod Marsh, Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds all in a space of 5 can do one seriously 😔.

@CricketAus Imagine state of @RickyPonting guy who stood with his mates be it Warne be it Symonds such a tragic day for cricketing world #RIPSymonds.

Andrew Symonds like Shane Warne was an incredible entertainer on the cricket pitch. They will be remembered for their caring attitude towards the sport. CA and fox cricket will be much less with them gone. Tragic.

Andrew Symonds, former Australia all-rounder, dies aged 46 in car accident. One of the greatest all-rounders of Australia, played 26 Tests, 198 ODIs and 14 T20Is for Australia and was a two-time World Cup winner. First Shane Warne and now another unexpected death in world cricket.

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Shane Warne earlier this year and Now Andrew Symonds. He was one of my favorite players to watch. RIP Roy..

Another dreary day for cricket. We had just begun to heal from the two-day loss of Rod Marsh & Shane Warne when this happened. Andrew Symonds, the flamboyant Australian cricketer, was a larger-than-life figure with a tremendous physique but a far greater heart. #RIPSymonds.

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Shane Warne and now Andrew Symonds. The cricket world is in deep mourning. RIP legends.

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First shane warne now andrew two dedicated players 👏....RIP Simmo 🙏......

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@NewsArenaIndia Bad times for former Australian cricketers. First Dean Jones, then Shane Warne, now Symonds. Om Shanti..

You literally just never know what’s around the corner do you… first Warne, now symonds. 2 of the best to do it just like that gone!! 😭 it’s a crazy sad harsh world that we live in!.

Feel for Punter. We saw how devastated he was after Warne death. Then his family got covid and now another one of his best friend died tragically. From what I have read and seen, Ponting used to respect and admire Symonds contribution a lot. Always stood up for him.

shane warne and andrew symonds both gone in the same sad year for aussie cricket, rip 🥺.

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