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@Maverick41170 Michael Jordan Barry Sanders Deshaun Watson Tim Duncan Patrick Roy Mike Tyson Wrestling? Mickey The Wrestler!.

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@Maverick41170 Michael Jordan Barry Sanders Deshaun Watson Tim Duncan Patrick Roy Mike Tyson Wrestling? Mickey The Wrestler!.

@BrexitCentral @tom_watson Just get on with it and declare that a second referendum and remain is your manifesto position and a third of your voters can switch to the Brexit party..

@BorisJohnson sod the country, save the party. @tom_watson sod the country save the party. They’re all the same, saving their own jobs before the country..

I found today’s stunning speech by Tom Watson inspirational. It captured the true essence of the European identity as I have understood it all my adult life; something to be proud of and rejoice in unapologetically with excitement. Made me feel young again at 72! #LabourParty.

Tom Watson showing the leadership that’s been totally lacking in the current #Brexit Labour Party apologists.

@beaadmires1D I would even more proud if they would have came back together Yeah, thanks.

Well done Tom Watson I have voted Labour all my life but unless they agree to back remain I shall vote Liberal keep up your good work Tom.

@MadMadWorld7 @exocet1722 You can bow your head & lick bums if you want, but don’t speak for us Tom Watson. Does lack of respect & integrity towards democracy come under that too? Because that’s exactly what most MPs in parliament have been showing disgracefully. Labour will fail, you failed your people..

@tom_watson You are so wrong, we had a people’s vote, you have screwed our democracy, there was nothing in that question to say leave with a deal, LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, god help us if you get into power.

@BBCPolitics Finally someone in the Labour camp speaking some sense. They should sack off Corbyn and let Watson lead..

@tom_watson cant you just diet yourself out of existance ? Tom . your a scab and nowt else.

@jer1cha @PoliticsSense I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Watson for giving the brexit party the keys to No 10 due to fact you are trying to overturn the democratic will of the people..

@LeaveEUOfficial @tom_watson Tom is saying you are all confused on what you voted for..

@annaturley @tom_watson Another lefty socialist that hates the Democratic outcome of the refurendum👎👎👎.

@tom_watson 52% voted to leave so that makes the remainers the losers so accept the result because the MAJORITY want to leave..

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