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🍽 TODAY’S FIX | #WednesdayMotivation: The 2006 @ChampionsLeague final, Barça vs @Arsenal!

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SheThePeople ()

From India’s Miss Charming Face to becoming an Army officer, Lieutenant Garima Yadav’s journey is one to reckon with. #WednesdayMotivation #SheThePeople

Oatein ()

Travel Priorities!!!!! You know it makes sense! 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 #supermoon #WednesdayMotivation

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_NewToYou_ ()

Happy hump day 🎉 Let’s kick it into high gear for a great rest of the week #Motivation #WednesdayMotivation

Packing It🎒 ()

Though currently not working, thankful this park is in our village, and the weather has been great 😎☀️ #WednesdayMotivation #sunnyday

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Nandi Tselanyane ()

7)Her primary research focus is in labour law with specific focus on employment status in the gig economy.  She has also done work in access to justice as well as racism in the workplace. #WednesdayMotivation #BlackExcellence

Neil Before Zod™ ()

I had one of those moments today where I realized that since July 2019 I have went from a 3XL to a Large Tall, and 44 pant to a 38 - and that the journey has been as fun and challenging as the rest stop today - as I hope the destination is somewhere further. #WednesdayMotivation

Peace Positivity and Abundance ()

Affirm: I am creative. I am intelligent. I am smart. I am whole. I am confident. I take charge. I grab life by the balls. 😤 ✨🦋✨ #WednesdayMotivation

Rajesh kumar ()

#सतभक्ति_क्यों_ज़रूरी One can reap benefits of true worship by taking initiation from the True Guru. Take refuge in SatGuru Rampal Ji Maharaj and experience the miracles of true worship everyday. #WednesdayMotivation

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Kiran Pal Shekhawat ()

#GodMorningWednesday #WednesdayMotivation God Kabir increases his life, 600 years ago, he extended his life by putting a chopped head of his Gurudev Swami Ramanand on the torso again. Watch Sadhna TV Channel Evening from 7:30 PM @SaintRampalJiM

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Gregg wootten ()

Bin having my wheelie bins stolen so as the council said “spray it” #wednesdaymotivation #StayHome

#KnowYourMenopause Poster Campaign ()

Life changes can make us feel powerless and frightened, but we all have the power to change those emotions and take control. Find the magic within you and make your world a better place #WednesdayMotivation

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MicroLeasingLimited ()

Always be confident and positive about your life. #StaySafe #WednesdayMotivation

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Asjad Nazir ()

There are bright lights at the end of this dark tunnel we are all in: - We will emerge out of it stronger and wiser - We will appreciate our blessings more - We will hopefully stop taking others for granted - We will dream, smile & love more #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayWisdom

Hernán Cappellacci👊🔶💨💛🖤🔥🏁🏆🚥 ()

#WednesdayMotivation GO @RenaultTrucksEs !!!👊🔶🏁🏆

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Dragonfly Handcrafted Designs ()

Morning #earlybiz I love the quality of my Spanish Silver Metal Pendant ..... the longer design is also so versatile #WednesdayMotivation

All India Mahila Congress ()

#WednesdayMotivation #WomenPositive💪🏻 In Congress ruled Rajasthan, women groups at grassroots are assisting the vulnerable households and fighting fake news & misinformation regarding Corona Virus.

Vishal Patil ()

हमारी हर एक सोच हमारे आने वाले कल का निर्माण करती है। #WednesdayMotivation

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Suman ()

#सतभक्ति_क्यों_ज़रूरी There is a proof in the Rigveda Mandal 9 Sukta 96 Mantra 18 that the full divine Kavir Dev resides in the third Mukti Dham Satlok. Where a man is not born again after death. - Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Watch Sadhna :30p #WednesdayMotivation

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Catherine Simpson ()

Did I mention I’m live ⁦@ChatTimeNow⁩ #dreamgirl #WednesdayMotivation come see me babes 💋 ⚡️😘

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Rams Nation ()

#WednesdayMotivation 😤💪 #LARams [email protected] 🙏💙💛🐏

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Ram Singh ()

#WednesdayMotivation कोई शख्स भगवान से बढ़ा नही है ? @SaintRampalJiM

Sumitra ()

#Lord_Kabir_Our_Savior #WednesdayMotivation God Kabir increases his life, 600 years ago, he extended his life by putting a chopped head of his Gurudev Swami Ramanand on the torso again. Watch Ishwar TV Channel Evening from 8:30

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BlueC ()

Coming across a 🌈 always makes me happy and gives me hope 💜🙌😍 #April1st #WednesdayMotivation

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Chef Andrew Gruel ()

Every time you get frustrated today, take a breath and be thankful for what you have. My son poured syrup in my hair today. I took a breath and realized how lucky I am to still have hair. #WednesdayMotivation

Artist_Angie: Sensei of Sarcasm ()

#WednesdayMotivation If you still have a job today, no matter how awful you may be at it if you show up dishevelled and acting like Joe Biden on a bender after every task you can just yell APRIL FOOLS! and it is socially acceptable ALL DAY! YAY, YOU!!!

FC Barcelona (from 🏠) ()

🍽 TODAY’S FIX | #WednesdayMotivation: The 2006 @ChampionsLeague final, Barça vs @Arsenal!


#MustListen_Satsang परमात्मा को प्राप्त करने का माध्यम गुरु ही है। बिना गुरु के हम परमात्मा को नहीं पा सकते हैं। अतः गुरु का दर्जा भगवान से भी बड़ा है। Saint Rampal ji maharaj Must watch sadhna TV 7:30pm #WednesdayMotivation

New Harvest Christian Ministries International ()

#WednesdayMotivation #AprilFools Trust the wisdom of GOD and not man. Call upon the Name of the LORD, the name of JESUS, so that you can be saved and your whole household! (Acts 16:31)

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SheThePeople ()

A Differently-abled Mom Is Haryana Roadways’ First Woman Conductor #WednesdayMotivation #Throwback

Asjad Nazir ()

Open your - Look for the ray of light in darkness - Find hope in despair - See the power of kindness - Discover the hero inside you waiting to be found - Watch over those around you with love and compassion ♥️ #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation

☚ श्री हनुमान #आक_थू_जिहादी ☛
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