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@sreesanth36 love your furious attitude #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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@_user_rahul Bcoz he want To play cricket dear We Indian have less knowledge i think Unhe Cricket ground me sirf Match dekhne jana ho to nahi jane dete , He is fight for his pride bcuz he is not guilty He deserve atleast play for Kerala State team #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@sreesanth36 love your furious attitude #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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@imuday02 Paid he kya ??? Inse to bb ke time trend nahi ho paaa raha tha ..ab kese kar rahe he 😂😂😂 Worst ever bb contestent ever and worst ever human as well #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket ...what a joke.

Ghayal parinda hai tu Dikhla de zinda hai tu Baki hai tujh mein hosla KAR HAR MAIDAN FATEH @sreesanth36 #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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@Ani_Anikutty എന്റെ ചേച്ചി കാണേണ്ട serial ആണ് Saturday sunday ഉള്ളു #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Bus aur kuch hi ghante Bache h uske baad us bandey ki ambition,uski life sab usey wapas mil ka lamba intezaar ab khatam hone Wala Banda aur koi nhi humare @sreesanth36 bhagwan ji Isbaar Unki khushiyaan mat chinna plss #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@sreesanth36 Just love his passion, dedication, determination,style, strength, positivity and offcourse his Aggration. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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@_Offline_Harry No write means hii hello love you sree is also enough #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@omi_anpat619 @Being_Rofique Tysmm 🤗🤗🤗🤗 #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Merciful song, Set her soul free. Unbind the chains of endless sleep #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Hey #SreeFam YOU ALL ARE AWESOME. Keep Rocking. You all can do anything if you decided. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@EktaMehra17 Pehle thanku now sry Crying emoji!!!! #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@belier_aditi @sreesanth36 Tqsm from the bottom of my Participate karne ke liye #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Like your father once said, Life is not what you’re given. It is how you decide to live on the path you have chosen #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@on_silentmode @Jeevan_Jena_G1 Yes thora free ho k hume chat b esa krna tonight #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

I admire those who do good and expect nothing in return. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

On the road to revolution, there are lessons to be learned. All the things you thought that mattered are lost at every turn #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

@romil_yashu Hi yashu ... Sorry exam ke bad seedha yaha aagayi #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

You call it Agression We #SreeFam call it His Passion for his Life that is Cricket. @sreesanth36 #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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If you set a goal and go aftr them with all the determination you can muster, #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

If u happy people jealous about u So never care what others think about u Do whatever u like to do #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

Go to the battlefield firmly confident of victory and you will come home with no wounds whatsoever. #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

बदनामी का डर है वरना ... कुछ ऐसा लिख जाऊं कि तेरी खामोशी चीख़ उठे ... #WeWantSreesanthBackInCricket.

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