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andrew wiggins saw this tweet, instantly got the vaccine and then went on to play the best season of basketball of his career.

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Drafted 1st overall out of Kansas in 2014, 2014-15 #KiaROY, 2021-22 NBA All-Star and now NBA CHAMPION in Year Andrew Wiggins! #NBA75.

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That damn CULTURE of the Warriors will definitely bring the BEST out of any player! That brother Wiggins is the PERFECT example. Carry the hell on….


Steph Curry is averaging more points in the Finals than the next 2 Warriors players combined. — Steph — Klay and Wiggins.

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Meeting the moment. Andrew Wiggins has been on a roll during his first #NBAFinals presented by @YouTubeTV! GAME 6: Tonight, 9 PM ET, ABC.

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“[My daughter] should be able to say that her daddy’s a champion.” Andrew Wiggins sits down to talk about his massive Game 5, how his daughter woke him up to tell him he was an NBA All-Star and how being in a position to win it all is a dream come true..


#CHASINGHISTORY: Wiggins Wills the Warriors Game 5: As the series shifted back to San Francisco, Andrew Wiggins seized the moment – providing 26 points, 13 rebounds, stifling defense and a fourth quarter takeover that propelled Golden State to a 3-2 series lead vs. Boston..

Wolves have 0. KG & Wiggins got 1 after getting moved… Himmy Butler is next 🤫.

The combo of Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Gary Payton on Defense is SCARY HOURS. Oh and don’t forget Klay Thompson 🤦🏾‍♂️ jeez.

Andrew Wiggins at halftime: 16 Points 7 Rebounds 50% FG 😤.

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Andrew Wiggins getting ready for his Iggy FMVP after averaging ppg and rpg in the last 2 Warriors.

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Jayson Tatum vs defenders in the playoffs vs Kevin Durant - 9/19 () vs Giannis - 12/35 () vs Jimmy Butler - 10/19 () vs Andrew Wiggins - 18/48 ().

(e que o Green puxa uma vez por jogo) E o Bjelica? E o GP2? E o Wiggins? Vão meter essa pra justificar o fato do melhor jogador do time estar sendo anulado em quase todos os matchups..

I can not remember a player in the NBA who has changed the narrative about himself as deep into his career as Andrew Wiggins. - @NickFriedell with @DamonAndRatto, giving Wiggins his 💐..

POV: You wanted Andrew Wiggins traded for Bradley Beal and Ben Simmons.

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Game 6 NBA Finals Player Prop: - Jaylen Brown Under Points (-110 @ FanDuel) Under in 17/23 games this postseason, avg. PPG. Under in 5/7 vs. GSW this season, avg. PPG. Klay & Wiggins look great defensively, tough matchup for JB. #GamblingTwitter #NBAPicks.

🔒 Andrew Wiggins le puso el candado a Tatum en el Chase. 🚫 Hoy no, Jay. #DubNation.

Entretiempo. Defensa completamente sexual para forzar 15 pérdidas a los Celtics al entretiempo. Los Splash Brothers con 12 puntos cada uno, Poole con 11 desde el banco y Wiggins con 10. Draymond, GP2 y Kevon dejando la vida en defensa. GSW 54-39 BOS Final 2Q.

NBA writer @McCallum12 pointed out to us on @MaggieandPerl that on March 10, 2020, this was the Warriors starting lineup: Andrew Wiggins Marquese Chriss Juan Toscano-Anderson Damion Lee Mychal Mulder.

FUTURO CRUEL O Minnesota Timberwolves tem histórico com Golden Eles passaram Stephen Curry 2x no draft de 2009, selecionando Ricky Rubio e Jonny Flynn. Não finalizaram uma troca por Klay Thompson, que envolvia Kevin Love. Troca de Andrew Wiggins por D’Angelo Russell..

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Mawnings Der picture is der clue Yep I be 11 years old today.

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SOURCE SPORTS: Andrew Wiggins Leads the Golden State Warriors to 3-2 Lead in NBA Finals.

Either way, Windhorst made a great point after G5: the biggest difference between GS/BOS is the presence of Andrew Wiggins, a product of being willing to pay a heavy tax bill. C’s didn’t pay a cent..

I’m gonna have to hear that Wiggins is the second best player on a championship team for the rest of my life now.

🔒 Décisif dans l’issue de ces Finals, le duel entre Jayson Tatum et Andrew Wiggins a tourné à l’avantage du Canadien. Tatum quand Wiggins a défendu sur lui dans cette série, c’est… ➡️ 𝟐𝟏-𝟓𝟔 au shoot (𝟑𝟕.𝟓%), 𝟖 pertes de balle, 𝟐 contres subis et 𝟏 faute provoquée..

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We seriously have to talk about how Andrew Wiggins straight up locked down Jayson Tatum in an elimination game. If Tatum had 30 the Celtics would have had a chance.

As seen on @timandfriends Andrew Wiggins led all players with a +140 during the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

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Ime Udoka decidió plantear una defensa mucho más agresiva sobre Curry. Eso frenó a Steph, sí, pero desató a Green. Que es lo mismo que decir que el resto pudo conectarse en ataque: Wiggins: 26PTS, 52,2%FG. Thompson: 21PTS, 50%FG. Poole: 14PTS, 50%FG. Payton II: 15PTS, 75%FG..

Then D’Angelo Russell was flipped for Andrew Wiggins. Crazy, man..

Following up from previous poll re Wiggins: so often players are considered “busts” when in fact the system they are drafted into is busted. Same young player could reach completely different level if drafted to different team. Not sure Warriors get enough credit for development.

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